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Appeal by Friends of the Earth Netherlands to support campaign

Email received 19 December 2006

Dear Web-editors!

I have seen the website of RoyalDutchShellplc and I think its contents match with the new campaign of Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands) and other ngo’s around the world. That’s why I write you this e-mail.

On the 1st of February, Royal Dutch Shell is going to publish its annual financial report. By publishing a number of large (page filling) newspaper-advertisments in Dutch and British newspapers, Milieudefensie is going to ask Shell to invest part of the annual profit in improving environmental and human conditions of their production of oil around the world.

To find the people necessary to support this campaign, we are looking for places on the internet to place a banner which links to the website I would like to ask you to place this banner on your website.

When you don’t place banners on your site, maybe there is a possibility to place this item on a news-page or a mailinglist. For this I provide you with a press-release, attached to this email.

For this campaign it is crucial to find as much people as possible to support Milieudefensie and the other ngo’s. It would be very nice if you could help us, thank you very much!

Kind regards,
(name withheld)

The Press Release
Why an advertisement about Shell?

Shell is one of the world’s major producers of gas and oil. In 2005 the giant earned the highest annual profit in Dutch business history. The losers however were the environment and people who live near where Shell carries out its activities. With the money it’s earned this year, the oil concern could put an end to the many environmental and health problems which accompany its projects.

Milieudefensie [Friends of the Earth Netherlands] is starting an advertising campaign, together with its sister organisations around the world. On the day that Shell announces its 2006 annual figures, we’ll run full-page advertisements in a number of British and Dutch newspapers. These will call upon Shell to spend a portion of its 2006 earnings to solve the problems caused by the company.

Public opinion matters to Shell. Please join us!

For more information and signing on your name, please check:

Dr Saro-Wiwa (brother of Ken Saro-Wiwa who was executed in 1995):
“I do believe Shell knows that they are gassing the community and no company in this world should be allowed to gas its community.”

Zakiya Kihia Khan (South Durban Community Environmental Alliance)
“We have problems with cancer of the blood (leukaemia). And we have a cluster in the South Durban Community where I live where the incidence of this type of cancer is 24 times higher than the national average. And people of every block in the area are affected. It is very widespread and it is obviously related to the emissions.”

Dmitry Lisitsyn (Sakhalin Environmental Watch):
“It is a great danger that the whales may completely disappear.”   

Hilton Kelly (Community In-power Development Association):
“The Shell company is like a big octopus. They have their hands on every business in the community and if they do not like something that someone says, many people are intimidated and are afraid of losing their jobs. So they keep their mouths shut.” and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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