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Grand Canyon of the North (Telegraph Creek, b.c.): Why pollute a non-polluted area?

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When I was 11 back in the early 90’s, I went to the Grand Canyon of the North (Telegraph Creek, b.c.) with some people were First Nation tribal people.  They were very hospitable people with big hearts.  We went hiking, fishing, hunting, camping.  One thing I found to be really neat and amazing is that you could walk over to any stream and drink from it and you wouldn’t get sick.  There is no air pollution, it actually smells sweet..  nothing around the whole klappan area to have ground pollution.  In Washington state, USA.  or pretty much anywhere else,  you would not be able to drink water from a stream or well and drink of it and know it to be 150% pure and safe. 

It confuses and saddens me to think that ROYAL DUTCH SHELL wants to make the water impure with thousands and millions of gallons of chemicals and run-off.  Believe me, I know and have seen construction and mining sites and I know the leaking and dripping of diesel, hydraulic, 15-40 oil, antifreeze, detergents, gasoline, exhaust (unregulated red diesel fuel) shall I go on……..need I say more. 

I am not a college student and I am not Einstein, but I know that the chemicals will not just flow down stream and that’s it.  It will stay in the riverbeds and everywhere the runoff goes. If you do this it will take a millennia until the land is pure again.  Why pollute a non-polluted area?  I don’t know why you can’t find another area NOT populated by people who take care of their land and eat and drink from it and have before SHELL even existed.

My skin is white, I am not blood related to the Tahltan people.  But I am family by the acceptance of the TAHLTAN people and the beauty of the Land.  Could you please bring yourselves down to HUMAN level and think twice or three or as many times as it takes to realize the effects the klappan mining would have on the Tahltan people and surrounding people for generations to come. 

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