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Crackpot or Genius? Has a Shell boffin stumbled on a scientific breakthrough?

By John Donovan

The Shell “unofficial” website of which I am co-owner – – has gained a reputation for publishing leaked Shell internal email correspondence.  The most recent resulted in a news story in The Times on 5 January focused on what the article described as “gibberish” uttered by Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer.

Today we publish more Shell internal email correspondence – perhaps the weirdest yet.

It involved a Shell boffin John Sinclair BSc, a Principal Electrical Engineer at Shell UK Exploration & Production. Sinclair apparently believes he has stumbled on a breakthrough of great potential significance.

In November 2007 he sent an email to Roxanne Decyk, Corporate Affairs Director of Royal Dutch Shell Plc. She forwarded the email to a Shell colleague Norbert Both (no, I have not made up the name). Sinclair then sent an email direct to Norbert Both.

I posed the question in the headline “Crackpot or Genius?”  Readers can make their own judgement.  If anyone is interested, the email address and website for Sinclair are both provided.

I have removed the email address and phone number for Roxanne Decyk from her email.


—– Original Message —–
From: Sinclair, John GM SUKEP-EPE-S3-104
To: Decyk, Roxanne RDS-ECRD
Sent: Wed Nov 21 11:24:51 2007
Subject: The CO2 Opportunity, some comments.

Dear Roxanne,

I read your piece on Carbon trading etc and was quite impressed but I feel you are missing the point somewhat. I suggest you have a look at my site at for some ideas because try as you might even your undoubted story-telling skills didn’t convince me that Shell are on the right track ……… yet.

I was brought up with the slogan “You can be sure of Shell” and it would be good if children today could hear the same slogan and believe in it. I am heading off for pastures new at the end of this week but feel free to use the ideas including the car flywheel patent idea attached on the site as a pdf file. Better if Shell use these ideas than keep chasing oil down the plughole of history either on one horse ……… or three. Shell can do much better out of oil altogether and this is the beginning of how to do it.

The ideas were reviewed by Shell “Gamechanger” a couple of years ago and they “liked them but couldn’t see what to do with them”. Since then new data has come to light on a couple of Shell platforms in the North Sea that suggest the ideas are indeed along the right lines, ……. perhaps you have more imagination than “Gamechanger” or perhaps the new data will convince them.

Remember if the ideas are correct, I and others believe they are along the right lines, not only will Shell have a new revenue stream from clean energy but it will have the key to getting rid of CO2 or methane or any other gas from the atmosphere, not merely locking them up. But you’d have to read it all to understand how of course. 
Best Regards

John Sinclair
Principal Electrical Engineer
Sigma3 (North Sea) Limited
Registered in Scotland
Registered number: SC224630
Registered office: Cameron McKenna, Migvie House, North Silver Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1RJ
Correspondence address: c/o Shell U.K. Limited, 1 Altens Farm Road, Nigg, Aberdeen, AB12 3FY
Tel: +44 (0) 1224 818101
Mobile: N/A
Email: Internet:


—–Original Message—–
From: Decyk, Roxanne RDS-ECRD
Sent: woensdag 21 november 2007 21:20
To: Both, Norbert SI-CA-CX
Subject: Fw: The CO2 Opportunity, some comments.
Could be interesting….

Roxanne Decyk
Corporate Affairs Director
Royal Dutch Shell plc
Carel Van Bylandtlaan 16
P O Box 162
2501 AN The Hague

Registration: England
Registration number: 4366849
Registered Address: Shell Centre, London SE1 7NA, UK


—–Original Message—–
From: Sinclair, John GM SUKEP-EPE-S3-104
Sent: 22 November 2007 12:07
To: Both, Norbert SI-CA-CX
Subject: RE: The CO2 Opportunity, some comments.

Norbert, a story to set the scene. Sorry I don’t write short notes once I get going.
I got fed up spoon feeding people about the ideas so decided to put them on the site and make the site more of and exploration thing where you have to go raking about for the information, more of a discovery thing like they do with feeding lions in the zoo now, they hide the food to make it interesting for them. That is why the site is a bit of a jumble.

The bit I wrote prior to finding out about all the other things is the second link down on the sheet. The one entitled “Renewable Energy Opportunities for SIGMA3”.

The ideas started off as purely a flywheel for cars idea, see pdf file at left hand side under “View Patent Letter”, but one which was highly novel and which Professor Bradley at Abertay University thought would work. I chased funds for this for years and got nowhere so decided to build one out of sheer frustration so that I would have something I could carry about and explain to non-engineering people, something they could touch. The unit was badly built, those are the pictures of the unit you see on the site made out of old lifting weights etc. When I was trying to do the measurements on it to prove the concept worked the carbon from the brushes shorted out at just the moment the disks were both running down very quickly due to excessive friction due to the bearings being attached skew. I had run the disks up with a power drill along the edge of each disk one after the other back and forth to get them up to a very high speed and they were counter-rotating, at precisely the moment I put the drill down and was about to do the measurements for the last time the brushes shorted out with a huge blue flash and the whole unit jumped vertically upward around 200mm or thereabouts with a “Vrruumm” sort of noise and then fell back down when the light stopped, or at least that is what it seemed like to me. It came straight up, not tilted or anything, straight up. I was of course annoyed as this meant the end of my chance to prove the concept would work with this machine and with my kids sitting watching on a nearby couch I decided to take the unit apart as it was jammed together, it could have hurt them had I fixed it and tried again. I forgot about the machine I’d built for a couple of years but continued chasing the idea with Abertay University but no development funds were obtained. Some years later in August of 2003 I suddenly had a series of ideas, like a mind dump a friend described it as, as if I’d been carrying the ideas for years and they suddenly came out for some reason. I had been very interested in quantum mechanics and astronomy since I was a teenager and I knew of all the holes in the various theories for these at the time. The stream of ideas I had seemed to plug all these holes at once. I found this rather strange and thought how could I possibly have done this when no-one else had, it didn’t make sense to me as I am not a Physicist. I thought back and it became apparent to me that what I had seen my unit do during the blue flash was the key to these new ideas and probably no-one else had ever seen anything like that before so I had a piece of the puzzle that no-one else had and it had been filed in the back of my mind ready for something to unleash it.

I wanted to give you the background to the ideas and that is it, they didn’t come out of nowhere, many many years of thought have gone into this since I was very young but suddenly I found a way of expressing those thoughts in an engineering way.

Now what the ideas actually mean.

If you take two magnets with opposing poles and try to push them together they push against you. Imagine that force could somehow be strengthened and the range shortened. So instead of finding they push apart at 10mm they don’t, at 5mm apart they still don’t push, at 1mm they still don’t push, …….. eventually down at 0.00001mm they start to push apart. Now what would you see? Imagine your hand was one pole and the table was another and you tried to push against the table. You would feel exactly the same thing as if you were pushing the table with your real hand. What I am trying to explain is that what we call mass and the effects it has can be mimicked by very small but very concentrated fields and lots of them, there is actually no need to assume there is anything more than fields, we have ASSUMED there is more to it, I am saying that assumption is wrong. Remember a few hundred years ago if I had talked about magnetic or electric fields I would have been accused of witchcraft but now we can measure them and the same could be said of the spin field until we develop sensors for it, …. we all have one at home called a plughole.

Think of a pond of water. It is flat. I push a bulge of water along with my hand and it keeps going. You see nothing strange about this, I see nothing strange about this, the bulge information is passed along from one part of the surface to the other the water itself doesn’t move forward but the bulge does, that is the information about how to make a bulge does. Now think of the vacuum of space as a “flat” pond with nothing on it. I push a bulge of that vacuum along with my hand and what do you see? Nothing. There is nothing there for me to push. Now I take a stone and I push that through the vacuum, what do you see? The stone carries on going just like a bulge on a pond, it moves along and doesn’t change just like the bulge on the pond. Now assume that what I have said about the magnets above and about the bulge is what happens with the stone. What if it consists of tightly bundled (knotted) fields and the flat fields of the vacuum sea the electro-magnetic-spin sea rise up like a bulge of water to “create” the stone and fall back down flat again after the stone information has been passed on to the next part of the vacuum pond’s surface? What would we see if that was actually the case? We would see EXACTLY what we have always seen but we would now be thinking about it in the new way. The stone is made of knots of field, electrons, protons, neutrons, ….. EXACTLY as we have described Physics up to now except they move not by moving through space but by twisting the space by transferring their information,….. they have no real existence but their information does. And this information reacts with other knots if they get close enough and there you have the essence of the ideas.

Why change to this way of looking at things? Well for one it plugs ALL the gaps in the present theories and it predicts that matter on the electro-magnetic-spin sea can be changed, it can be made more easily in one place than another if we learn how to do it and purely by accident the doubling of the magnetic losses in a Shell machine on the Tern platform seems to be doing just this. Think of a 100% efficient motor. What does it do? It turns a shaft and that is ALL it does. But what if the machine is only 99% efficient or 98% or whatever what does the motor do now? Up to now we would have said the motor turns the shaft and heats up but the Tern motor seems to be showing us that it not only heats up but that some of these extra losses create washes like the washes of a boat on a pond and it will affect how the bulges of water move around the pond. But remember in reality it isn’t a pond and it isn’t a bulge of water and it is not a stone it is anything that can be made from the vacuum that will be changed in some way, anything around the machine and the piping stubs on the platform were vibrating at 30Hz, …. as they should to some extent, but they were “vibrating” massively more than they should have and without sufficient physical vibrations coming out of the machine and they were doing this with the machine running uncoupled. The 30Hz normal vibrations were masking the vacuum washes normally but the Tern machine has such high losses and the forces it is producing on surrounding pipework were so strong it ripped the pipes apart within two weeks of operation. This seems to be because one section of pipes is in a wash area and other sections aren’t so stresses are set up. The resonance figures measured simply don’t make sense thinking about all of this the normal way and this has been confirmed by Professor Bill Thompson who has years of experience in this area and whose PHD was on vibration in machine stators. He though the results were anomalous. In checking another Shell platform the measurement company found similar anomalous results but at much lower levels but the machines on that platform have normal efficiencies. After seeing all this I checked the literature and found that around 100 years ago “weird” effects were relatively common around electric motors but that efficiency improvements had removed these. In effect it seems the rotating fields in the motors create electro-magnetic-spin washes and they make it easier to produce a metal stub here, then there then here working in a circular motion and looking as if a huge hand were trying to twist them off but not vibrating in the real sense of the word, but being recreated to look like a vibration.

Where does this leave us? What is possible if this is correct as the Tern results and the experiments of Laithwaite and Pons and Fleishman seem to show it is?

1. Gravity reversal is possible, think solar flares, sprites above thunderstorms and earthquake action

 2. If mass is actually knotted electro-magnetic-spin fields that move by passing information on we can learn to modify that matter so removing cancer cell or viral components

 3. If we can modify matter we can learn to copy it as seems to happen by accident when shaking jars to make homeopathy remedies

4. Matter “unwinding” releases the information forming matter producing heat in the process

5. Since the fields are “only” concepts anything you can conceive of doing with them we can learn to do

6. The concept of distance is shown to be an illusion of sorts that can be manipulated, spin may be how we see things getting smaller as we move away from them but in the theory distance is seen as a secondary effect and so is truly an illusion, see the moon illusion link on the site

7. etc

8. etc

9. etc
Remember if we don’t live in a conceptual (a field based) multi-verse quantum computers couldn’t work as they do. These ideas give us a basis for understanding how quantum computers do what they do.

Sorry to ramble on but you said you were non-technical.

I explain it better face to face but Shell has the machine on the Tern. What would it cost to experiment with it as I had wanted to do at the time but wasn’t allowed to? Or what would it cost to have “Gamechanger” or Cegelec try to replicate it and see what it did to test piping stubs put around it?

I have only scratched the surface of what is possible if we can copy things as I think we could learn to do. Einstein said he thought he was very probably wrong just before his death, all I am doing is agreeing with him and showing you why he was wrong.

Can I be “Sure of Shell” as I was taught as a boy? We’ll soon see. But the tennis ball is well and truly back in your court. I had thought the car flywheel patent would give ypou breathing space to develop the rest of it but we’d have to build one first to prove the concept, Abertay thoght three years of development but they wanted to get money into the University for the longer term. The proof of concept could be done within six months of starting if you went to a motor manufacturer like ABB who have research facilities.

I could go on and on but I won’t.

If you need any furher clarifications I’ll be on as of Monday next week.

Best Regards

John Sinclair
Principal Electrical Engineer
Sigma3 (North Sea) Limited
Registered in Scotland
Registered number: SC224630
Registered office: Cameron McKenna, Migvie House, North Silver Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1RJ
Correspondence address: c/o Shell U.K. Limited, 1 Altens Farm Road, Nigg, Aberdeen, AB12 3FY
Tel: +44 (0) 1224 818101
Mobile: N/A
Email: Internet:

This website and sisters,,,, and, are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia segment.


  1. Bertie Evans says:

    Well it goes round the houses a little bit but I guess that is just how he writes. The patterns running through it all seem very hard to refute it seems to me. I wonder what Shell are doing with it now? From one of the links it looks to me like the CEO actually knew all of this the year before and he was sitting on it until Roxanne put her foot in it by responding. Of course if it is correct you can copy a grain of rice as simply as copying a molecule. Maybe that is the real reason Shell are sitting on it, does anyone remember the film “The Man in the White Suit”? It was about a similar technology that would make everyone redundant but that technology didn’t promise us free homes, free cars, “spaceflight” to anywhere in zero time etc ……. no wonder Shell is suppressing it.

  2. Rholen T.Tangonan says:

    I have this comment.
    I am thinking and thinking over and over. Why does the energy sources creates pollution? My answer is exactly we are not on the right path in selection process of which source of energy we have chosen because of limited resource at the start of sourcing out oil as energy. This is same true with technology, if we didn’t choose or if we don’t have what the experts says as “pathfinding” that will stem out problem like global warming because we have chosen the energy source with environmental impact. This is Shell’s way-think the unthinkable,know the unknowable-I hope they will fullfill this. Thanks!

    Rholen T. Tangonan
    Former R&D Technician
    Intel Technology Development

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