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Paddy Briggs: ‘The Tragedy of Corrib’

Paddy Briggs: The Tragedy of Corrib Gas

Paddy Briggs: ‘The Tragedy of Corrib’ 

Paddy Briggs’s  remarkable report on the ill-starred Corrib Natural Gas project “The Tragedy of Corrib” has now been published and is available from the publishers at a cost of £4.30 (plus p&p). Click on the following link for further details and/or to place an order:   

In February 2008 Paddy visited County Mayo in Ireland to meet with some of the key players in the long running Corrib Natural Gas saga. He spent some time with those active in protesting against the project in the local community in Erris, along with some community leaders and employees of Shell Ireland – he was also invited by Shell to visit the gas processing plant construction site at Bellanaboy. Paddy’s original intention was to gather material for a reputation management case study but his concern about the risks of a further escalation of the mutual antagonism present on both sides of the dispute has led him instead to produce a report which seeks both to analyse the principal features of the project and to suggest a way forward.  “The Tragedy of Corrib” is that report and it is now available (at cost) to anyone interested in the project and/or in the wider issues involved. These wider issues include the vexed point of how major corporations should act in a socially responsible way; how they should seek consent from local communities; how they prioritise when there are conflicting objectives between various stakeholders etc. 

“The Tragedy of Corrib” is not a polemic and whilst highly critical of some aspects of Shell’s management of the project it does not take sides in looking forward to the possible resolution of the conflict. Paddy believes that with goodwill on both sides a resolution is possible – but time is running out and the dangers are acute. and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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