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Shell tests at old site


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Terrace Standard (British Columbia): Shell tests at old site

May 14, 2008

SHELL CANADA spent several days at the foot of Eby St. where it meets Hwy16 West last week taking soil samples to determine its state.

Shell Canada spokesperson Jana Masters said the company was testing soil at different depths and on several sites on the property to determine if any contaminants were present and whether cleanup is needed.

“The site is a former petroleum operating facility and it’s not uncommon to have some hydrocarbon impacts,” she said, referring to the possibility that the fuel previously stored in underground tanks may have leaked into the soil.

Depending on the soil conditions, the company will choose how it will go about remediating, or restoring, the lot back to its original state, she said.

The result could mean removing any contaminated soil and replacing it with fresh soil just as Shell did last year at its Kalum St. location, formerly owned by Giannino Pretto.

“The important part is we are taking responsibility for any hydrocarbon impact by our operations,” said Masters, adding the oil giant isn’t planning to sell the land right now.

The city leases it as a parking lot for the Millennium Trail and Kwinitsa ice cream place – but Shell is taking measures to ensure any contamination is cleaned up.

The goal, said Masters, is always to clean up properties, if necessary, so they can be used productively whether the land is later leased or sold.

Last year, workers removed underground tanks at the Petro Canada site at Gobind Mall, smoothed the ground and paved it.

No word on whether the former oil giant will be selling the land. No gas tanks remain on this Shell site as they already would have been removed, Masters said.

Drilling may be done at the Kalum St. location to make sure there’s no residual contamination, she said. and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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