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Royal Dutch will damage fishing

Royal Dutch will damage fishing

Letters to the Editor
June 04, 2008

As an owner and operator of a steelhead angling guiding business in the Skeena Watershed, I want to formally register my opposition to Royal Dutch Shell’s proposed coalbed methane development in the Klappan (also known as The Sacred Headwaters).

This area is the very headwaters of the Skeena river itself. It is through this magnificent river that all of the steelhead and salmon who ascend those tributaries must pass.

This project has the potential to damage all of the many businesses such as my own, that rely on healthy runs of wild steelhead and salmon. Ours is a sector of the Wild Salmon economy here in Northwest B.C. that makes a very significant and, more to the point, truly sustainable, contribution to the region. The Wild Salmon economy makes annual revenues of $110 million, and comprises a wide variety of users and stakeholders, from the sport fishing industry, First Nations food fishery, the commercial fishery and many other tourism based businesses.

Now is the time for the premier of this province to make the right choice for the residents and business owners of the Skeena watershed and stop this ill-conceived project before it begins.

Todd Stockner

Kispiox Valley


It is now official. The Enbridge pipeline plan to ship Alberta tar sands oil to Kitimat is back on the drawing board with announcement that Roger Harris has been hired by Enbridge as vice president for aboriginal and community partners.

Mr. Harris at the announcement was quick to say and I quote “this is an exciting project” and that “it will be environmentally safe and environmentally sustainable” and “there will be benefits for all of those who live along the route.”

The combination of the Pacific Trails natural gas pipeline proposal and the planned Enbridge oil and condensate pipelines, together, will cut a huge swath through a wild, pristine wilderness, across many streams, and through many wetlands.

Regardless of how Mr. Harris and others want to spin it there will be an enormous environmental impact. I will concede that Enbridge will do everything possible to reduce that impact and use every mitigation tool at its disposal.

Unfortunately nothing can or will replace the wild, natural piece of northwest British Columbia that will be torn up by these pipelines.

As the battle heats up, much will be said pro and con about this very controversial project. And yes, I predict there will be many people from around British Columbia who express their anger over the plans for gigantic oil tankers to ply their way through North Coast waters to and from Kitimat.

With the progression of the debate it will be made very clear whether or not all of those who live along the proposed pipeline route and the waters where the tankers will travel will, Mr. Harris states, benefit from this project.

Jim Culp

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