Royal Dutch Shell has announced two new research agreements on biofuels with experts in academic institutions in China.

These are part of a growing program of agreements designed to complement Shell’s own biofuels research and development, and to accelerate results.

The research program investigates new raw materials and new biofuels production processes, focusing on improving efficiency and lowering costs. the research agreements will last between two and five years. The Chinese institutions are, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology.

This announcement builds on Shell’s long heritage in biomass R&D, with continuous investment over 30 years. The dedicated biofuels research and technology team now works out of centers in: Thornton, Cheshire, UK; Westhollow, Houston, USA; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and Bangalore, India.

Dr. Graeme Sweeney, Shell executive vice president Future Fuels and CO2 said, “Shell’s in-house biofuels R&D is longstanding, leading and globally coordinated. However, we know that adding to our knowledge through genuine and nimble partnerships with top experts worldwide will be critical to speed and success in the fast-moving area of biofuels.”

Dr. Li Yin, researcher of the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, stated that the cooperation with Shell is important to the Institute’s international cooperation in science and technology. Developing biofuels is one solution to realize the diversification of energy supply and to ease the future energy pressure of China. The cooperation, which is beneficial to both the Institute and Shell, is expected to be the beginning for the long-term cooperation between the two.