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Shell to Sea will not attend Corrib Gas Project Forum

Friday 5th December 2008

Shell to Sea will not attend the Forum for Development in North West Mayo because of its refusal to deal with the manner in which the existing consents for the Corrib Gas Project were given to Shell.  

This event should not be called a Forum as attendance is by invitation only.

The Ministers have refused to address the substantive issues involved which are:

  • Building a refinery within the catchment area of our regional water supply.
  • The imposition of  Shell’s  raw gas pipeline upon a non-consenting community
  • The continued giveaway of our oil & gas to private companies, at a time of great public need.

Instead Shell to Sea will attend a People’s Forum also to be held in Broadhaven Bay at 10am on Friday 5th of December.  The People’s Forum will be open to the public, to discuss their views on the Corrib Gas Project.

Shell to Sea would wholeheartedly welcome any open forum if it was willing to deal with Corrib Gas Project in its totality.  Shell to Sea also object to the pressure various community & development groups in the area have been put under to take part in the Government sponsored event.

Shell to Sea spokesperson Maura Harrington stated “While Minister Eamon Ryan accepted that undoubted mistakes have been made in relation to this project, it seems that he doesn’t want these mistakes to be discussed and corrected.  This forum is not allowed to address the health concerns of the people of the area, the unsuitability of Bellanaboy as a refinery site or the great giveaway of our gas and oil”.  

Ms Harrington continued “This media event tries to intrinsically link Shell’s Corrib Gas with the proper and sustainable development of the North West Mayo region, not only is no link possible, they are mutually exclusive”.

Terence Conway stated “We have been seeking proper dialogue for 8 years now, and the only dialogue the Government have sent our way, is the boot and the baton of An Garda Siochana.  The local community has been raising the issue of Shell polluting the local water supply for over 3 years, and yet State authorities are turning a blind eye to all Shell breaches of environmental law.” 

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