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More on Shell diddling shareholders already defrauded by Shell


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Royal Dutch Shell still diddling its shareholders

I have a similar experience. I did fill in the requested forms with data obtained from my bank and sent it all to the administrator. I then did receive a notice from the settlement administator claiming the figures did not tally and I should provide evidence when I had bought/sold shares RDS over a certain period (7/1999 – 3/2004). And they added I would therefore not qualify for any compensation.
I then checked the data on the notice they sent to me: I started with a balance 0, received 2x 2400, sold once 2300 and ended with a balance of 2500. So, I made a scan of their own document and informed them I could not find a fault with the tally.
Then I received a notice I should provide proof of buying/selling the shares. However,  I do not keep records for 9 yrs so I don’t have them and my bank could not provide these either. In the end I did find an overview via the website of the agency that administers the option plan on behalf of Shell. A copy of that was sent to the settlement administrator and sofar I have heard nothing since.
To me it appears that there probably is some bonus scheme going: the less you pay to shareholders, the bigger will be your bonus. Have we seen similar happenings before????
Paddy Briggs recently also wrote a similar experience, thereby strengthening my hunch there is something evil going on.

Best regards
A retired Shell man

Shell pensioner Poverty and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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  1. #1 Paddy Briggs
    on Feb 11th, 2009 at 20:49

    Quite why small shareholders, including the many of us who got our shares through staff schemes, should not qualify for the compensation payment is quite unclear. I filled in the forms properly and they were initally rejected. I replied pointing out that I had given all the information required my next letter from Shell’s lawyers told me that I didn’t qualify anyway. So why did they write to me in the first place?

    In response to the post by “Guest ABC” it would certainly be impossible for Shell to rob the UK pension fund in the way that he suggests (a la Maxwell!). Whatever else the greedy b******s at the top of Shell might do I think that even for them that would be a step too far! I hope that I am right!

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