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Interesting round of discussion this morning!

BY Jo Blow (real name and background information supplied)

Interesting round of discussion this morning!

Stu,  you asked the following question “Also, which member of staff has been “escourted from the premises” under their current restructuring. Please name one.”  I can name several in downstream that were stripped of the company property in their possession, refused the right to retain their personal belongings from their offices, and then escorted to the gate.  I will refrain from listing their name out of respect, but rest assured that it did occur, and I doubt it was isolated to the US Gulf Coast.

Claire,  In most situations I would be inclined to agree that people should not remain in a situation that they are not happy with or have become disgruntled about.  That said, I think you misunderstand the recent blog activity, In my humble opinion this has progressed past the point of disgruntlement.  When people are treated with such contempt and apparent disrespect in the face of the corporate code of conduct, it is a betrayal.  Shell has been a great company in the past, and still has thousands upon thousands of great employees and managers that can restore it to its former position, however as long as the behaviors that are currently being exhibited by several senior managers persist this recovery will not occur.  If you read the posts carefully, and weed through the inflammatory comments, you will begin to feel the hurt and betrayal that these people are feeling.  It is quite disappointing to all of the sudden realize the employer that you held in such high esteem is !
not quite what you thought.  I have said this before, and expect I will say it many more times, People can understand when tough business decisions have to be made, what they cant understand is why they have to be implemented in such a disrespectful and disgraceful manner.  In defense of Shell, I will say that they did take pains, and are at a high cost ensuring that they do provide a generous severance plan, but that does not lessen the pain a person feels when he is escorted to the gate and denied the opportunity to leave with dignity!

Finally, I would like to share my thoughts about the Donovon’s.  I respect their conviction and dedication towards holding a corporation accountable to its ethics and conduct policies.  In my opinion what motivates them to this end is irrelevant, it doesn’t matter if they are motivated by revenge for a perceived wrong, or for any other reason.  Where would this world be if everyone walked away from a wrong, and nobody stood up to ensure that people who did wrong were held accountable?  I dont always agree with everything that John post’s, I expect he does not always agree with what many post, but he does post everything in its entirety without editing.  I appreciate the fact that John and his father provide this forum, perhaps some day Shell senior executives will take the time to understand the value of this forum, and begin to investigate the meaning’s of many of the post’s that find their way on this site and blog.  In the end I think that everyone knows “Where there is Smoke, There is most definitely fire.”

Many Thanks,
Jo Blow

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