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Shell spying globally on its own employees


Shell General Business Principles

We are judged by how we act – our reputation is upheld by how we live up to our core values honesty, integrity and respect for people. Our eight Business Principles are based on these core values and indicate how we promote trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism, and pride in what we do.

The above text is the web page heading on “Shell General Business Principles

Shell trumpets about its respect for people. We assume this is also meant to include Shell employees.  Shell says it promotes openness.

The Shell internal correspondence released to me on 30 November 2009 provides evidence that Shell has for some time been spying globally on its own employees.

This has been taking place at Shell premises in an effort to:-

1. Trace who is visiting

2. Discover the identities of employees posting comments on our Shell Blog. (The only place where they can make their feelings known about changes at Shell and alleged mistreatment.)

3. Found out who is leaking information to us.

How is this covert activity, directed at Shell employees around the globe, compatible with the claimed core principles of openness and respect for people?  It also does not say much for Shell senior management integrity or honesty. Or perhaps it does.

The two most revealing Shell emails are dated 21 March 2007 and 17 June 2009. Both follow on from the Shell internal email of 9 March 2007 which amounted to an unannounced declaration of hostilities against the dreaded Donovans who, from the evidence in other Shell emails, apparently strike fear and apprehension into the hearts of a cowardly Shell senior management, frightened of reprisals by us. Incredible, but true.

More, much more, will be revealed in coming days and weeks.

The “CAS” mentioned in connection with NCFTA (the U.S. National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance largely funded and staffed by the FBI) is in fact Shell Group “Corporate Affairs Security”.  The two top people at CAS are the former British Secret Service officer Ian Forbes McCredie OBE and Richard T. Garcia, a former senior FBI official.

Nice to have connections, but is it appropriate for a U.S. government sponsored specialist facility – NCFTA center – supposedly the world-wide hub of the fight against cyber-crime, to be hijacked by a foreign multinational company to spy on its own employees on a global basis – over 100,000 people – partly with the objective of blocking free speech on the Internet?

That is about as far removed from respect and openness as it is possible to be.

So Shell management is not only breathtakingly incompetent, it also continues to be the most hypocritical bunch of executive directors on the planet.

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