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Allegations against ‘Ogoni Leader’ Ledum Mitee

Allegations against “Ogoni Leader” Ledum Mitee

Dear Mr. Ledum Mitee,

When would you stop deceiving yourself, the less informed in Ogoni and the world concerning the Ogoni struggle?

Ordinarily, it would not be a problem to make comments such as those credited to you in respect of the Kiobel, et al v. Shell, in the current VOA article: “Ogoni Leader Welcomes U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Shell Case

You were informed of the Wiwa, et al v., and Kiobel v. Shell case (the former, in which I am involved), but you lied to and dogged the lawyers when they traveled to Nigeria/Lagos for deposition. Lawyers are wondering what kind of leader you are, that claimed to have been a principal witness tortured by the Nigerian govt. and Shell, yet refused to join in these suits.

You also may not have contributed to the Bodo case in London, but were the first to comment as though you meant well.

You keep making claims shamelessly as if you’re an active leader doing his best. Are you not a lawyer; when would you lead Ogoni to court against $hell; or a mere dream on my end that you one day may? Yes, it is!

Please, stop the lies or deceit; the world know you’re lying and didn’t play any role in these cases yet you claimed you’d first hand experience regarding torture in jail. Stop now!


Ben Ikari.


COMMENT BY JOHN DONOVAN: MR LEDUM MITEE IS WELCOME TO SUPPLY A RESPONSE FOR PUBLICATION HERE. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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