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Motiva pretense over employee safety

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 Fatal Accident at Motiva Enterprises oil refinery: When a Worker’s Life Is Worth Less Than Dead Fish

Motiva preaches safety, safety safety, but the bottom line, at least at the location where I was employed, was how much will that cost? The company rolls out all these programs with fancy names, such as safe start, barrier thinking, etc. which are supposed to teach employees how to work safely. the courses are O.K. and I’m sure Motiva paid a lot of money to implement them, BUT if the management doesn’t adhere to the purpose of such training, then why bother? as soon as you walk out of the training, it’s back to business as usual! my guess is Motiva will try to hide behind all this training, and be able to say, “we trained these people, but they didn’t do the right thing, so blame the employees, not Motiva” in the event of an incident. what a bunch of B/S. one of the main reasons why I left Motiva. the old saying practice what you preach does not apply at Motiva. and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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