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The End of Oil



The following link provides access to information and graphs that may be of interest to some of your readers.

PDF] “The End of Oil”

It shows, for example that it took almost 150 years for the world to produce and consume its first trillion bbls of oil. Today, at current rates of consumption, we shall consume the next trillion bbls in a little over 30 years. Needless to say, consumption and flaring of natural gas will follow the same trend.

In that same time period, about 150 years, the carbon dioxide levels of the Earth’s atmosphere doubled. Suffice it to say, in the next 30 years we shall most probably dump as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as was dumped in the last 150 years.
Given the advances in drilling technologies it is highly probable that the trend will continue for another 30 odd years, at least. So, in the next 60+ years we can look forward to a doubling of the atmospheres current CO2 levels. That is bad news. One can only imagine what this portends for climate warming, i.e., a continuation and acceleration.

Nobody seems to be taking climate warming seriously, so I would say that we are all in for an interesting ride. I wonder what our grandchildren will think of this generation ??.


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