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President Obama Scuttling the good ship UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 15.55.11By John Donovan

I am a UK citizen and therefore have no say in US politics. 

I am just an observer who has travelled extensively in the USA over many decades and as a result grew to love America and its people. 

President Obama seems like a thoroughly nice man with a lovely family.

That’s the positive bit.

Some fanatical right-wingers have claimed that he is not a US Citizen.

Some have suggested he is a Muslim hell bent on the destruction of America.

All ridiculous, but the truth is that his misguided liberal/socialist/pacifist policies seem to be having a far more destructive impact on the USA than any terrorist group. 

Immigration is out of control.

Russia is out of control.

The US Internal Revenue Service is out of control. 

The US economy remains troubled, with a huge ever-growing deficit.

Obamacare is now seen by the majority of Americans as a wrong move in the first place, which was then incompetently executed. 

And there is one scandal after another; Operation Fast and Furious, the Benghazi shambles and cover-up, the Veterans health admin debacle and the IRS being used for political purposes. All occurring while the President is preoccupied either with touring overseas apologising for America’s past conduct, playing golf, vacationing, or engaged in political fundraising. 

The man doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, while we all watch the good ship UNITED STATES OF AMERICA slowing sinking in power, prestige and respect. That is not good for the freedom loving people of this world. 

The USA still remains the sole superpower, but not for much longer and its decline will continue and perhaps even accelerate if it remains on the current downwards trajectory.

In frightening contrast, China is growing in economic and military strength at breakneck speed, as is its territorial ambitions. 


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