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A new mis-selling scandal? Budget home insurance mis-sold under the name of prestige brands? 

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.19.34By John Donovan

You only have to Google “mis-selling scandals” to see how the UK public have been conned by a variety of mis-selling schemes. The most prominent being mis-sold PPI. 

I have stumbled across what appears to be another candidate for a flood of mis-selling claims. 

I refer to Home Insurance/Home Assistance Insurance Policies sold under the name of prestigious high street brands. 

Would you not be annoyed to purchase a Home Insurance policy marketed under the Marks & Spencer name, if in fact M&S had no responsibility for the policy? 

Would you not be even more put out to find that your policy is with a budget insurance company that has engineered the terms set out on 30 pages of small print designed to minimise liability, to an extent that provides a false sense of security? In other words, you thought you had ample cover with a prestigious insurer, but discover otherwise. 

What would be your reaction if you had a water leak or a gas boiler breakdown and found that the 24/7 home insurance/home assistance did not provide adequate cover and you were left to pay for the repairs yourself? 

It is analogous to purchasing an unreliable Lada engine hidden beneath the bonnet of a car proudly displaying a Mercedes badge conveying (misplaced) trust, integrity and reliability to potential purchasers. 

Would you not be disturbed to discover that the budget insurance company posing as a prestigious high street institution uses initials in the policy instead of their full company name, which contains the word “budget” in its title? As a result, the word “budget” does not appear anywhere in an entire 34 page policy, despite being administered by a budget insurance specialist. 

In a few days I plan to publish an article on this subject providing an example of what can happen. 

It would be interesting to poll a hundred policyholders to see if they were aware that the high street institution in question has no legal responsibility for the product sold under its name (for which it receives substantial payment).

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