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How to Safely Store Your Fuel At Home

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How to Safely Store Your Fuel At Home

Fuel is best stored at the service station or inside your car tank. However, there are times when you find yourself needing extra fuel to keep for different reasons. If your car run out of fuel away from the gas station, it means you have to fetch the fuel with a container and take it wherever you left your car, sometimes storing the fuel for the night in your home before proceeding to where you left the car. If you own a generator, you will need to store extra fuel at all times in case the generator runs out of fuel. If you rarely use your generator, you may be forced to drain the fuel inside the tank and store it somewhere as keeping the fuel inside the generator tank may cause severe destruction to the internal parts. If you find yourself in any of these situations or any other that may force you to keep fuel at home, you must always remember the following safety precautions on how to store your fuel.

Best Kept Outside the Main House

Fuel is highly inflammatory meaning that if there are fumes even in a distance, a massive fire might just break out. As such, it’s advisable that you keep any fuel you want to store outside the main house. The best places to keep t outside the main house being the outside garage, storage barn or a tool shed. The danger of keeping fuel in the main house is that some people use gas stoves in the kitchen and fumes coming out of the gas stove may trigger a huge fire if they find their way to where the fuel container is lying.

Using an Appropriate Container

There are specific containers that are specifically manufactured to store fuel. It is these containers that you need to use if you want to store fuel at home. While we all know that fuel is highly inflammatory, these containers are intricately designed to help keep any fumes away from the fuel inside as such, they add an extra layer of safety. Appropriate fuel containers are pricey but you can play some profitable games at to earn the extra cash you need.

Away From Children

We all have been children at once and we all know how curious children are. As such, it’s highly advisable that you keep your fuel away from the prying eyes of children. Keeping fuel away from children is more about their safety than you losing your precious fuel as such take the initiative to protect your children. 

Keep Away From Ignition Sources

We have already stated that the reason why you should not keep your fuel inside the main house is that there is an ignition source inside every kitchen be it a gas stove or an electric stove. However, just to reinforce this, ignition sources come in many forms including light bulbs, fireplace, space heater and water heater. As such, wherever you are keeping your fuel be it in an outside garage, storage barn or tool shed, you need to ensure that the fuel is well away from ignition sources.

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