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Utterly diabolical customer service at Shell Energy

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 22 August 2020.

Utterly diabolical customer service

Utterly diabolical customer service. Please avoid at all costs – they are cheap for a reason.

I’ve repeatedly spent hours on the phone to customer service trying to resolve poor internet speed and non-existent customer support. I’ve been charged for engineer call outs when the issue was not fixed and remained open on their systems for a further 3 weeks. I’ve been promised call backs which don’t occur. No accountability on their behalf, no authorisation in customer service to make any decisions or provide any help.

Shell Energy is nothing short of dreadful, please take your custom elsewhere and help put an end to this disaster.

I regret switching to shell…

I sooo regret switching to shell already. Shell appears not to have good customer service, or systems (that’s not a reflection on the individuals themselves).

They have to many departs, are disjointed, and this is very disappointing. The recorded options are poorly thought through, and it also appears to be potluck if you are getting through to the right department. If you do get though to someone, and they are unlikely to be able to help, you get transferred back to the automated menu by the operative and you get to start the whole nightmare process again like a Groundhog Day moment.

Call wait times are diabolical.

The virtual assistant is also pretty useless.

Oh well, at least typing this passed the time 22-min, and counting, that I have so far been on hold (for the 3rd time)

Next level Incompetence I’ve spent…

Next level Incompetence I’ve spent nearly 7 hours over 3 days dealing with customer services who don’t give a s*** . I’ve sent over 50 emails to them and spoke to them through live chat . All i wanted was my new account number, which still haven’t been sent out since trying to sort it in June and they have dont nothing about it. I’ve been unable to pay my bill or put in my meter reading because of it and to top it off they have now decided to send threatening debt collection letters . Absolute p#ss take as it is there mistake so Im now gonna be taking legal action against them
Avoid like the plague otherwise you will be there next victim !!! The company deserves to go bust

“You should have read the print” Sir

My issue is with the offer they try and sell you with 3% off your Car fuel if you buy at shell garage. I am a loyal customer and buy v power fuel and regularly get loyalty bonus for making 10 Car fuel visits etc / spending so much on fuel.

It turns out you can’t use the loyalty bonus for fuel and get you 3% !!!
I was told by shell fuel should of read the small print !! Then contacted shell energy and told should have read all the different company websites small print !!! I had to chase a response to this twice on twitter and again just pointed to terms !!

No one offered to escalate or change anything to make it clear. Surely if you earn one bonus for loyalty for buying petrol and get another for loyalty for buy in electricity contact you should get both otherwise they cancel out and it’s just a con.

Feel like a 1970’s double glazing company “ should have read the small print “and not what I would expect from Shell. How wrong can you be

If I could give them 0 starts I would…

If I could give them 0 starts I would do it..
I have the worst experience ever on the phone with them!

I wanted to discuss a bill we received (we just moved a month ago) and it was stated from 2 months ago.
The guy kept asking me if I wanted to pay so he can close the account or not, that he didn’t really care.
I told him if he can answer my questions but insisted in asking me if I wanted to make a payment.

I told him that the dates that he had didnt match with our letter and I requested an accurate letter and he answered with “not for that amount”…!!!!
Then he told me that if I have an issue I can contact another number, so I asked for the number and he said “google it” woooww wooww

Shell Energy if you really care… the call was made today the 21st of August 2020 at 4:28pm they transferred me to him probably 3 minutes after.

A not so smart meter

As I am disabled, Shell Energy were supposed to raise my electricity meter up so I could take readings. That was December last year. I’m still waiting. The smart meter is faulty but they refuse to change it. No readings have been done since last year. Wherever I accessed my account it stated information was unavailable. I no longer bother to look. Only the gas shows up on the little monitor. This smart meter is not smart it is an imbecile

Don’t think to join this company

Don’t think to join this company. They start you with low payments and then without telling you the payments double and then triple. I live in a 2 bedroom flat and every month I got charged £116 and after 3 months £192.31. I left this company with a total disgust

A very dissatisfied Shell Energy customer

Switched to Shell Energy about a week ago and when the switch was completed Shell sent me an email requesting my meter readings, I immediately emailed Shell with the readings, next day I received a further email asking for my meter readings and again after two days (yes well guessed) I received YET ANOTHER email requesting me to send meter readings. I decided to contact their customer service but after having waited 32 minutes for the phone to be answered the line went dead, redialled and after 19 minutes a prerecording offered me the option of a call back which did not happen. I then contacted Shell Energy’s on line questions and answers for an explanation about their customer communication chaos. I did not get an explanation but was promised a follow up email, which as yet has not arrived

Shell Energy Broadband

I chose Shell energy broadband as it was the cheapest provider. Had a godawful experience getting it set up and speaking to their customer service (on 4 separate occasions to sort this out). Basically the broadband Go-Live was postponed by more than a week without any sort of communication. I had to keep phoning customer service to find out what exactly was happening, and no one was able to point me in the right direction. The default answer was ‘we will get back to you in 24-48 hours’, which to no one’s surprise never happened. This was a truly time wasting exercise with the long waiting times. With the time wasted and the frustration I had endured, I could have easily picked up another shift at work and earned the more than whatever savings I had ‘gained’ from choosing Shell broadband.

To top it off, the company had closed my formal complaint without any investigation or probe into what went wrong.

You get what you pay for. You have been warned.

Reply from Shell Energy
Hi Chow, thank you for taking the time to leave your review.
We are sorry to hear about your experience in regards to the delay with your broadband connection and about the difficulty you have had contacting us. We are experiencing high customer demand so our wait times are longer than we’d like. We do wish to resolve this for you, for us to look into this please can you email us at [email protected] and my colleagues and I can assist. I look forward to hearing from you. – Pooja
Response to Shell Broadband:
No thank you, I will rather just be on my way, than to engage with the your atrocious customer service department. Your company needs to learn how to update customers when problems arise, not pretend everything is working fine.

BEWARE of Shell Energy

BEWARE of Shell Energy – They will tell lies to protect themselves this company needs to be exposed . They only want to put you into debt by placing you on the most expensive tariff. PLEASE PLEASE Be ware !!!!


I recently called them about moving & they couldn’t supply fibre broadband at my new address, i found one guy on cancellations very helpful,but another on sales very rgid & unhelpful if not curt in attitude, i had to go through sales to confirm that they couldn’t supply fibre, they still want to charge me a cancellation fee even though i took out a contract for 35mb fibre & noiw they can only supply 6mb copper broadband, i thought that i might get a response if i raised a complaint through Resolver,but nearly 3 weeks later they seem to have ignored me, well stuff you shell energy i’ll steer well clear of you in future

Poor customer service/very long time to close an account

Moved supplier from Shell – mainly because their customer services are inept and indifferent – long story; I have power of attorney for my mother, who was also a Shell customer until she moved into a care home, but they lost the copy of the POA I sent to them (they signed for it as it was sent via Royal Mail special delivery) and then refused to talk to me which was a significant issue as I was trying to close the account following the sale of her house (moving a parent with dementia into a care home and selling my family home was stressful enough without having to do battle with an energy supplier). They promised me they would investigate, given the document contains sensitive information which could be used fraudulently, but since my mother’s account has been closed (in May) I’ve not heard anything more and it is clear that they have no intention of following up my complaint.

Anyway, that significant factor that influenced my decision aside, I have changed supplier. It takes Shell 11 weeks (just shy of three months) to issue a final bill and refund any monies owed, during which time they continue to take the monthly direct debit from your account despite the fact you are no longer a customer. A shockingly excessive period to close an account (and in my experience much longer than the industry average).

In the meantime, they have emailed me to tell me I’m being moved onto a different tariff from the 1 October!

Overall, a really poor experience.

Update: 21.08.20
Provided all the details to your complaints team in May, exchange of messages then nothing more. As far as I’m concerned the complaint is still active. Maybe a referral to the Information Commissioner for the breach of GDPR might chivvy things along…. but I very much doubt it, as it is clear that you are not interested in resolving it – if you were you would have been in touch!

Before I signed the contract

Before I signed the contract, they said I will get smart meters in maximum two months, one year passed and still didn’t get them. This company is a joke


3! Hours to sort anything been told my smart meters are going to be fitted on this date when I have repeatedly said I don’t want them
Then I get a cocky answer why don’t you want one.
My reply is I deal with these meters daily and they are a pain in the but. There reply is “oh”
Don’t be fooled you don’t need to swap meters , you won’t save energy it’s a con it just saves you reading meters

Really bad customer service

Really bad customer service! They are cheap then put your prices sky high when out of contract.


Shell will deliver your energy efficiently and as long as you don’t need to communicate with them all should be well. However, they failed to acknowledge my switch to a new tariff, failed to answer my tweet to remind them of their error, only offered a bot-style virtual assistant which is utterly useless and couldn’t answer my phone call (to bring their own failures to their attention) within 20 minutes. Hopeless

No customer service

I set up a new account six weeks ago for a new meter supply i was told it would take three weeks, six weeks later still no word they do not reply to @`s and you cant call them virtual assistants do not have the answers avoid avoid avoid unless you like being wound up and having no electricity there cheap because they do not have any staff, there offices must be a one man band

Shocking service

Shocking service. Smart meter fitted a week ago, still not working. Call centre a waste of time , contacted them several times and no further forward. Also emailed a week ago, guess what no reply. Avoid this company, as soon as our contract ends we will be leaving

Very bad provider

Very bad provider, problems all the time internet kept cutting out and the blamed me for not setting up the router properly after the engineers came they fitted new lines and now my property has 4 phone lines? My contract came to the end so I did a uswitch but because I now had 4 phones lines uswitch did the switch onto a new line and shell remained on the old line, then I went over the period where I could cancel my contract for free and now I have to pay £15 to cancel them. Then Shell put me onto there best broadband priced at £55 a month from where I was on there cheapest. There complaints team are incompetent
when I made the complaint they said you just started a contract
, so this is your mistake not ours! Shell is a complete joke of a company stay clear of them

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  1. annieh says:

    Trying to discuss my final bill to no avail. I’ve been promised a smart meter for 2 years but nothing forthcoming. Switched to Utility Warehouse & expect meter next week. Very disappointed as trying to be loyal as I’m a Shell pensioner.

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