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Don’t buy Shell Broadband. It takes 3 days to download a game! Always buffers on Netflix and keeps stopping films

Some extracts from current customer comments posted on Trustpilot: “Don’t buy Shell Broadband. It takes 3 days to download a game! Always buffers on Netflix and keeps stopping films”: “Zero level of customer service and massive price hikes on broadband. Steer clear.”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 28 December 2020.

Don’t buy Shell Broadband

So, I took our shell broadband from carphone warehouse 1 year ago. As I was fed up of my Sky bill being unaffordably high every month!. The guy suggested Shell as it was in my area and the cheapest at £17.99 per month, Sounds amazing at that price I thought!!. Well it turns out that cheap price means cheap service!! It takes 3 days to download a game! Always buffers on Netflix and keeps stopping films.

This is without doubt the worst utility…

This is without doubt the worst utility company I have ever had the mis-fortune of using. Cant wait to dump both gas/elec and broadband. Never again. Zero level of customer service and massive price hikes on broadband. Steer clear.

It’s so poor I can’t even rate it

It’s so poor I can’t even rate it! Stay away from them! They rip ppl off!


OK, all utility companies seem to be terrible – is it really so hard to provide good customer service in this sector – I have tried many, the last was First Utility who were very bad and when Shell Energy took them over, I thought ‘good – a big company, they must be better’ – but no, far worse…
I regularly enter my electricity meter readings online which are always completely ignored – they would much prefer to bill you with vast estimates and then threaten you if don’t immediately pay them. I have been told their software can’t cope with my electricity meter readings, so I have to email them – and I often still get estimated bills.
I paid the last estimated one [£415] by credit card online and ‘payment not received’ flashed up, so i did it again and the same happened, so I luckily gave in – only to find that both payments [£830] had actually gone through even though their systems said neither had. I’m told I might get one [£415] refunded in 10 days, well after Christmas – I need it now.

There are regulators who are supposed to ensure these companies provide a good service, but none of them do – so what are these regulators doing, they have strong powers to fine and prosecute these companies [they obviously just don’t care] – for many people gas and electricity are amongst their biggest monthly bills and they deserve a MUCH better service.

I recently switched to Shell Energy and…

I recently switched to Shell Energy and I have to congratulate them on being absolutely incompetent on pretty much every front ever since.

The people are all very friendly and try their best, but it’s been five long months (since becoming a customer in August 2020) and it’s one farce after another.

To begin with they sent me an incorrect bill based on make believe (“guessed” readings). Then, in order to tackle this, I had to engage in a protracted and agonising game of phone tag with them that meant expending 5-6 hours over several weeks to try to resolve. No one had answers, no one could do anything, everyone had to “come back to me” and yet no one ever did (so I would have to chase them, spending yet more time waiting).

I could give you the full version of the story, but just imagine a modern day Shakespearean farce, only even more incompetent and unbelievable.

Suffice to say, after extensive effort on my behalf to decipher their incompetence, I finally got a correct bill (still heavily biased in their favour based on “guessed” readings), which then finally arrived today. Which is a secondary point, don’t ask them to post anything, that is far too complex a task to resolve.

To conclude the farce, I then went to pay, only to try four times to get the automatic payment system to work. Every time I entered the numbers from my postcode, it would say “just searching” (approx) and then get confused and hang up. Eventually, I had no choice but to login and pay online, needing to remember yet another website password instead of simply being able to pay my bill.

In conclusion, if you’re a “straightforward” case OR if you don’t ever want or need to talk to anyone (so can and want to do everything online), my guess is you’ll say they’re good or great (deducing that from some of the five star ratings). However, if you need autonomous and helpful people who can simply and swiftly resolve things, where you don’t want to waste hours chasing them and holding on dreadful automated phone lines, then please, please go somewhere else. Sadly, I’m stuck with these absolutely incompetent clowns for a period of time (or have to pay for the pleasure of leaving early), but if you’re wondering if switching to them is a good idea, don’t. I’d suggest that chewing broken glass might be a more enjoyable experience.

The single worst customer experience of my life, which is quite an accomplishment, so congratulations Shell Energy, I tip my hat to you.

Their customer service is pathetic

Their customer service is pathetic. They are so arrogant and dismissive as they know your in a contract they can talk to you like dirt.

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