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Shell Energy Review on Trustpilot: ‘What Customer Service? Deserve no stars: AVOID AT ALL COSTS’

Some extracts from current customer comments posted on Trustpilot: What Customer Service? Deserve no stars: AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 16 JAN 2021.

You don’t answer the phone

You don’t answer the phone, and I still haven’t recived what you promised in the contract

What customer service?

Paid my bill by Standing Order on 4th January, as I thought, only to be panicked by the arrival of a reminder, saying it had NOT been paid, on 7th. When I checked with the bank I found that the Standing Order had been paid correctly on the 4th. Phew! I assumed there had been some sort of delay caused by the holidays and relaxed.
HOWEVER, another reminder arrived on 14th January for a payment which had been made. When I phoned Shell, their operative told me that “Yes. It has been paid. I ca”n see it on your account paid on 4th.”
Apart from a mortgage (many years ago now) we have NEVER been in debt to anyone so to get reminders is extremely worrisome. When I emailed Shell to ask for an explanation, I was treated to a generic email which did not address the issue but did offer a brief disingenuous apology. Most unsatisfactory customer service. Deserve no stars.

Absolutely ridiculous company

Absolutely ridiculous company. Been trying to contact them for 5 months as my daughter moved into a property supplied by them they will not let her switch suppliers and never answer the phone she has no way of paying the amount they are asking and still won’t allow the switch. I will be contacting the financial ombudsman about this. Stear clear


I changed my tariff to reduce my monthly payments, I was on a fixed tariff and was on the understanding changing to the new fixed tariff would not incur an early exit fee only to find out that my monthly payments had not gone down as I was playing catch up to compensate for the duel fuel early exit fee which they charged me for changing tariffs. Very misleading….and my duel fuel tariff now fixed until August 2021 with early exit fees of £30 each, I don’t think I will be staying with Shell Energy.

Started the switch back in September

Started the switch back in September. Initially they only switched the electric even though I had asked for both. Very very difficult to contact, waited approximately 1.5 hours eventually on the phone. Gas eventually got switched as well. Now waiting for refund from my previous supplier (over £400), who say they are waiting for meter readings from Shell. Totally unable to contact Shell by email or phone even using the complaints procedure. Wish I had never switched to Shell, customer service is non existent. Next step is to get my daughter to start tweeting about them, don’t usually resort to this but they have made me very cross!

A very average energy supplier

A very average energy supplier. Price currently ok but initially said that as a new customer we ‘must’ have a Smart Meter fitted but have been unable to offer a fitting date…….not a big surprise given where we live.
I have also had issues with them trying to hike the monthly direct debit for the winter rather than running an average through the year. I resisted this of course. They are currently competitive on price for my area but I would not hesitate to switch from them as nothing about their offering on line is different or distinctive. I also use Symbio at another property and they are well above Shell in terms of ideas/app design features etc etc and also offer to bill monthly actuals at very good prices.

Why give money to a petroleum company who kills nature every moment of every day?

Terrible company who do not keep records of any communication. Inflate direct debits by triple in anticipation of winter. Do not answer the phone. Take weeks to reply to email, snd that was from the customer complaints team. I did not want to join them. I was automatically switched over from green star who were quite bad too.
I would never pay a company who drills for oil, dumps in the sea, kills fish animals and birds. A multi trillion industry who cannot answer a phone correctly. Disgusting industry.

Disappointing service

Very disappointed in service since I switched to Shell Energy back in November and some 8 weeks later still not finalised.
Despite one lengthy online chat and four emails still not resolved. Formal complaint registered 14th December with first reply taking 16 days and since then no replies at all. First reply was non- sensical suggesting that firstly Shell had ” forgotten” to supply the end readings ( on Smart Meter which they had confirmed they could read) to the previous supplier who are still taking direct debits and that secondly their response only covered the electricity supply not the gas! Beginning to wish I had never transferred.


Appalling. Ever since been with shell had nothing but problems. Bills that were not actually mine and on one occasion 6 different bills all dated dame day but all with wildly different amounts. I had threatened to go to the energy ombudsmen as it’s hard not knowing if a bill is even yours. Shell did compensate me £150 for calling me a liar claiming they never sent any bills so I had to send photos. I was made the offer in agreement that I wouldn’t go to the ombudsmen which I accepted. However shell didn’t fix the problems I still get up to 8 different bills a month so I complained again and was told “we don’t like serial complainers so we are not going to investigate your complaint but we will add £150 to current bill by removing the credit we applied 7 months ago. Shell did this on Xmas eve. Basically they paid me not to report them to ombudsmen, waited until I closed the complaint and nothing more that I could do and then just added £150 to my bill and even sent a bailiff to my property to threaten removal of goods if I didn’t pay the £150. IS THIS THE SORT OF COMPANY YOU WOULD TRUST????

Unbelievably terrible service

Unbelievably terrible service. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I have been trying to leave for two years. Every time we are close to clearing our debt and being in credit, they submit erroneous bills with outrageously high charges that plunge us back into debt. To give an example. In one month (bear in mind we are a household with 2 adults), we were in credit. The next, we got charges of £1790 on our account. The next month, another £785. Short of installing a hot tub in every room it would be literally impossible to use this much energy. I have been on the phone now for 2 hours. I have spoken to 5 different people – each one makes me tell the sorrowful tale over again, only to promise to connect me to someone more competent, and amazingly, fails to press the right buttons so transfer me to a dead line, a mailbox, or the main switchboard. It is absolutely disgusting. Each one has admitted there is some wrong with the bill, but cannot help me get the to bottom of it. Why? Because they want to trap customers who are diligently paying their monthly bill (never missed a payment by the way) so they can’t leave. Fortunately I’m in the position to clear to £450 imaginary bill just to get rid of these absolute morons, but many families aresn’t and are being caught up in this mess of shoddy admin. Shame on you Shell – I have never ever experienced such a disgrace of a company.

Awful customer service

Awful customer service, I was advised that I would be receiving a refund and got a letter to confirm this, 6 weeks down the line , no refund, they now said it was an error and I will not be getting the refund. The people on the phone are rude and lie, the queues are long and just an overall bad company to be with, I would avoid like the plague.

Appalling customer service in credit…

Appalling customer service in credit due to me overpaying for the last year 950 owed to me you have without my permission rejigged my bill to keep my money! On hold for a refund currently 1 hour in! a customer service advisor has asked me what I am holding for when explained put me back on hold!!

cant get to talk to anyone even on live…

cant get to talk to anyone even on live chat, smart meter display has not been working and I can’t get throught to anybody just automated hopeless replies.

Appalling service

Appalling service. No one, no one ever returns calls, gets back to you or e mails, been with them since they started and took over the previous supplier. They send e mails saying my tarrif is expiring and yet despite every effort on my part ( 6 contacts over five weeks) they NEVER get in touch, just send ‘sorry we are busy and will get back to you asap’ but they don’t!!!

For a multi national company it is appealing none existent service… and what crazy is all I want to do is take up a new tarrif and pay them about £1100 a year ! If they can’t recognise me as a customer I shall take my custom else where…crazy service in anyone’s book!

Just another time wasting annoyance we have to put up with

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