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Trustpilot Shell Energy Review: Just a dreadful, dreadful company and by no means the cheapest

Extracts from current Shell Energy customer reviews posted on Trustpilot in the last 48 hours: “Awful, awful company. Avoid at all costs if you possibly can.”: “Just a dreadful, dreadful company and by no means the cheapest.”: “The interaction from Shell has been ultra aggressive, completely unwarranted…”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted in the last 48 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 03 April 2021.


Awful, awful company. Avoid at all costs if you possibly can. Took over from First Utility, who in turn were the supplier of last resort following the demise of Usio Energy. Failed to provide accurate final billing for Usio customers, thereby keeping me on Shell’s not as favourable tariff for months. When the billing finally arrived it was incorrect. Tariff information not correctly displayed. Unable to sort out their own mess. Don’t think the regulator will help you out either – their take was that though it was obvious Shell’s billing was rubbish, it wasn’t a problem. When I complained, Shell wanted me to take the matter to court in order to avoid paying the court fee. Finally failed to provide the information in relation to billing and customer service when served with a SAR, so got rapped over the knuckles from the ICO. Having worked out what was due myself, I offered to pay this to Shell in final settlement and they declined on the basis that I owed them an amount they had “estimated” for my final bill. Just a dreadful, dreadful company and by no means the cheapest.

Poor customer service/poor website/poor app

Poorly designed input screen for meter readings, and I still can’t view my tariff details. I’ve repeatedly requested clarification of which are Day/Normal and Night/Low input boxes (I have Economy 7) so my opening readings are correct but I receive no response to a simple question. It just shows Register #01 and Register #02 with no explanation of which is which. The app is hopeless, and so is the Virtual Assistant. I should have stayed with my previous provider and will probably switch back if things don’t improve. Awaiting my first bill with trepidation. First impressions therefore have not been good.

Not very smart!!

They book you in for smart meter fitting and then after leaving you sat at home all day they don’t even bother to turn up. No phone call, no apologies, no rearranging of dates, nothing. Absolute joke

I am so annoyed with this company. I…

I am so annoyed with this company.I made a switch to shell and was so mislead, first the amount they told me I would pay each month was great until two months went by then they wanted to increase my direct debit by 3 times the amount. When I received the bill the traffif was increased, the smart meter my last company put in cannot be read by shell so now I have to read the meter each month for them otherwise they estimate the amount of energy I’ve used and of course it’s much more than I actually use. I am so disappointed that I ever moved companies! The way the enticed me to change companies was so deceptive its infuriating!

avoid they overcharge and ignore you im…

avoid they overcharge and ignore you im just glad im still within my 14 days cancel date i will just go else where

Very poor experience

Unfortunately we were transferred to Shell Energy after Greenstar Energy were taken over by Shell Energy. Since the transfer I have to say they are a none learning none customer focused organisation with very poor and aggressive communications.

The problems started when I had mistakenly registered my Greenstar Energy account with my works email address. When I changed job after I changed to Shell Energy I tried to change to change my email address to a personal address. Impossible, rang up Shell and ask them to change it after going through various security checks, unable to change. So I asked to change to paper bills, these did not materialise. During the transition my Direct Debit was cancelled. As I could not access my account I could not set this up, so I was transferred to a higher cost energy tariff and payment on receipt of the bill.

Instead of receiving a bill, I got calls chasing me for the payment. I explained that I needed the bills and that as they would not change my account details I could not receive email bills to pay. They said they understood and would send me the bills, instead I starting getting letters from debt collection agencies chasing me for Bills which I had not received! I called Shell to explain that that I wanted to see my Bills and we agreed again to get paper bills and also that would not call anymore. This repeated over multiple months. I said please do not call me, please send me the bill and I will happily pay it. Every time, yes we will update our records and only contact you in letter and no calls. Then the calls would happen again.

I transferred over to another energy provider and sent my final meter readings to Shell. I then received a letter saying they were sorry to see me leaving and they would send me the final bill. I then chased this after 2 weeks, nothing. Then yesterday I got a call saying we were late paying our final bill…..what Final Bill! So as I stand today. I have a final bill to pay, which I have not seen nor can I verify and no doubt we will get the chasing calls for payment on this bill and then get a letter from a debt collection agency.

The interaction from Shell has been ultra aggressive, completely unwarranted and when some of the calls have been received by my wife which have left her upset. There is no need for this whatsoever, we are blameless apart from changing my job and changing my email address.

The whole affair has been very poor, I would not recommend Shell, especially in such a competitive market. They are without doubt the worst energy companies that I have dealt with and probably one of the worst companies that I have dealt with.

Messy switchover from previous supplier

Failed to find meter on National database

Failed to agree handover readings with previous supplier

Failure to inform me expected monthly payment or set up direct debit.

Worst switchover via U-Switch ever

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