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Please boycott SHELL ENERGY

“This is a prime example of how Shell energy is extorting money from vulnerable and elderly customers. Is it any wonder how their FAT CAT GREEDY owners and management are able to share billions in profit while ordinary folk has to choose between food and heating? Please boycott SHELL ENERGY and stop these greed-ridden fat cats from getting fatter and wealthier while ordinary people starve and freeze in the dark!!!”: “Support Ukraine, support planet Earth, boycott Shell.”

15 APRIL 2022

The content above and below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.


Pathetic, incompetent, ignorant useless company. You thought Post Office Broadband was bad? Shell are even worse. Should not be allowed to operate in the UK, they’re on the level of a backstreet spiv. Avoid.

I was moved over to Shell when my last…

I was moved over to Shell when my last energy company went out of business. I then had to wait for a couple of months until they got around to talking to me. I then had both Electric and Gas pre-payment meters fitted. I got my electric card within 2 days but, after 5 months, I am still waiting for my gas card. My smart meter does not work and they are demanding that I pay them an estimated bill of £290.00. I have spoken to them and explained that I cannot possibly owe anything like the amount they are demanding and I also asked why my Gas card had not been sent to me. However, they are not interested in the mistake they have made, they are only interested in forcing me to pay £290.00 which they know is simply extortionate. This is a prime example of how Shell energy is extorting money from vulnerable and elderly customers. Is it any wonder how their FAT CAT GREEDY owners and management are able to share billions in profit while ordinary folk has to choose between food and heating? Please boycott SHELL ENERGY and stop these greed-ridden fat cats from getting fatter and wealthier while ordinary people starve and freeze in the dark!!!

Absolute shambles trying to contact…

Absolute shambles trying to contact them, phone line takes you round in circles then cuts you off, email unable to send as a drop down box doesn’t register and chat waited over a 90 minutes went from 56 in que to 18 ….then waited and waited then went back up to 54 in the que.I had been switched from Post office broad band to Shell Broadband in some kind of take over. Bill went from £23 to over £63 , when i was told it would only increase by £2…..

Expensive for Everyone

It’s not cheap if UK taxpayers have to pay £18 billion in decommissioning costs for Shell oil and gas fields. We already paid $100m over lockdown, while Shell paid no UK tax and fuel prices went up. That £18 billion will go up if they open new oil/gas fields (which they are planning to). Climate experts have said we have until 2025 (32 months!) to reduce emissions and avoid catastrophic consequences. The money being spent on oil extraction could be invested in a renewables transition instead but this is a company that puts profit above common sense. Not cheap for Ukraine either, considering that Shell promised they would stop buying Russian oil, but a loophole in their terms & conditions means they still can. Google “The Backdoor That Keeps Russian Oil Flowing Into Europe”. TLDR; Support Ukraine, support planet Earth, boycott Shell.

Absolutely awful company!

Absolutely awful company! I have the displeasure of dealing with this company at home and at work. I was switched to them at home when my provider went bust and I have never had the full credit I had at the beginning applied to my account. After 2 months chasing, I gave up!
The work problem – Tenants moved out 03/01/2022 and I am still trying to sort out an accurate bill!!!!!!!!!!  It is 13/04/2022.
Avoid this company at all costs. I truly believe them to be the worst and I deal with a lot of utility companies. If I could give a zero score, I would!

Absolutely abysmal – still waiting to be connected after 3 weeks

Absolutely abysmal. Ordered SuperFast Broadband plus on 25th Feb to commence 25th March. It’s now 14th April, the day before the Easter weekend and after THREE orders from Shell to TalkTalk/OpenReach to activate the fibre line, I’m waiting for the third order to be cancelled and then reordered. My case appears to be stuck in a time loop and even once a new order goes through I’m either a) going to have to hear it needs to be cancelled AGAIN and reordered AGAIN (4th time) or b) wait up to FOURTEEN days IF (IF!) the order goes through this time.

I’ve spent over £60 on mobile data in order to tether my work laptop to it as I work from home (mentioned numerous time to Shell) and over 10 hours on the phone (see below – usually at least 30 minutes on hold before getting to speak to someone) trying to get this sorted, only twice have I been called to be updated, every other time I’ve had to ring up to find out what the ‘progress’ has been.

I’ve had to go through what’s happened everything every single time because I’m talking to someone different every time and they all have different knowledge (two were able to call OpenReach for an update, another said they aren’t able to talk to OpenReach, one person could talk to a supervisor about the case, another said that’s not possible, that I would need to wait 48-72 hours to have a call back from a manager, there’s more where that came from).

Mostly the people on the phone were as helpful as they could be in the circumstances but clearly hindered by a messy system as I had to tell people what had happened in my case before they were then able to ‘find’ that piece of information hidden away somewhere.

Twice the phone call just dropped off while I was on hold and I wasn’t called back, even after I sent a follow up email to request a call back. This particular time I was on the phone for nearly TWO HOURS.

Oh and the cherry on top – my direct debit is still due to come out on time, they kindly remembered to email me about that…

If this isn’t sorted extremely swiftly and as a priority my next stop will be the Ombudsman, cancellation and compensation.

Date Time Duration HOURS
26/03/2022 10:40 00:38
01/04/2022 10:29 00:42
01/04/2022 11:47 00:08
04/04/2022 10:13 01:12
04/04/2022 11:26 00:01
04/04/2022 11:29 00:39
05/04/2022 15:45 00:58
08/04/2022 11:33 01:08
11/04/2022 16:01 00:50
12/04/2022 13:17 01:48
13/04/2022 10:01 00:58
14/04/2022 11:08 00:06
14/04/2022 11:17 01:09
Total 10:25:07

Shell got in touch after I registered a…

Shell got in touch after I registered a complaint with OFCOM. Emma was very professional and helpful. I explained the reason why I complained and that due to the incorrect billing since January and again having calls being cut off when you put on hold to sort problems out has lead me to change provider. I am now going to be charged an estimated £275 for leaving the contract early, which is due to Shells mistakes. Don’t even think of moving to this company, it’s not worth the stress and lost time dealing with Shells mistakes.

Landline service with Shell Energy – not to recommend

Our attempt to cancel our contract for a landline has been far more difficult than it should have been. Firstly, the website leaves you in a loop. When eventually we spoke with the Customer Service, cancelled our contract we have now received another monthly bill that , as it happens is double what it has been previously. We don’t want to waste another 3/4hour waiting for someone to answer the phone, so we’ve sent an email to record our complaint. Least likely to recommend this provider.

appalling customer service facility

Although the actual system works well, god help you if need to contact their customer service. At least one hour phone wait before they pick up. The same for the chat line. Never less that 30-40 people in the queue.Needed them to solve a simple phone problem. 2 weeks and not solved then they email me that it was solved but it wasnt and still isn’t. I have had enough and am moving the lot, to talk talk.I got through to their chat line instantly. They are cheaper and I am confident that their customer service works. Shell simply do not have enough people on the job and expect their customers to waste hours of their time sitting around waiting to talk to them.It’s a disgrace.

Two accounts both screwed up

We have two properties that are with Shell Energy, our own house was transferred to Shell when Green went under and all was fine until a confusing bill arrived and we wanted some clarity on it. We rang the customer help line and used the call back option which is a point in their favour, we asked for a new bill that covered the entire period and the young lady started to do the calculation and after holding for 37 minutes she came on the line and said she would call back. It took three weeks and many phone calls to finally get this bill, but in the mean time despite internally telling accounts to not sent demands I received three text demands and a letter from debt collection company. It seems each department does not talk to anyone else. Our rental property was vacated in December and the boiler was found to have been broken for some time. There is no other gas appliance in the house so no gas was being use while we got the house ready for new tenants. Shell estimated that the gas usage was £650 per month and despite the house agents and myself emailing and calling it took three months for them to email that they finally have the right bill, but still have not received it! Absolutely appalling service

Dreadful service from day 1

Moved to Shell when Green went bump and not had a hood service since. Green had wrong usage so my estimated bills are over £4000 a year! Some to them several times because o cannot submit a reading below what they expect. Full comment started for this but they simply don’t respond.

Online and in tbe app I cannot access my account, simply get a failed message.

Smart meter booking system does not work and had to phone up, they get same problem so I escalate a complaint and suddenly an appointment is found. BUT, start meter readings show usage and no cost. Is it now free? Of course not but 40 minutes in a chat queue and I get cut off after 2 sentences.

Service is so bad so I will look for somewhere better.

shell energy make it as hard as…

shell energy make it as hard as possible to contact them, chat appears to have been turned off, emails do not get answered and phone just rings, no access to account summary so still do not know what my new direct debit will be as they have not told me , need to know what is going on !!!!!

Incompetence, Inc

Since Shell took over my energy supply from Green, I’ve had one positive outcome – they installed smart meters within a week of requesting. Sadly, five months and many emails and phone calls later, they STILL haven’t fixed a serious data problem relating to gas usage. So many promises, so many failures. In fact, it was only when I escalated the case to the Ombudsman that they started taking it seriously. In normal times I’d have left them promptly, but there’s nothing else to do except wait… and wait…

Very poor service

Very poor service. After submitting my meter readings over and over again they still charge me for their estimated readings which was way out causing a huge bill. Rang last month to sort it and nothing as been done

Getting charged after contract ran out

Impossible to contact and actually get to speak to someone useful, Cancelled my Account over month ago, still getting charges. Cannot access My Webmail either, says wrong password, I know it is not.

Just pitiful ‘service’

I suppose the simple summary would be that I had to wait more than 6 months for the return of my credit balance from a previous supplier. Shell wouldn’t answer correspondence or calls. I finally got Resolver involved and magically, I started to get replies. Unfortunately these were vague and unreliable and even included the old chestnut ‘the cheque is in the post’ followed by ‘it must have been mislaid’. ‘We’ll have to start again’ Yeah, right’!

Without Resolver I imagine I would still be trying to get MY the balance returned. There was nothing unusual, complicated or difficult about the situation. I would guess that Shell were simply managing their cash by manipulating customers’ accounts.

A very sad performance from a large company – but they have all the clout and individuals don’t matter a damn. I at least have my money back (assuming their cheque clears) and one particular employee (Emma) seemed to take matters seriously.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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