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Shell internet goes down every few days

…appalling service – internet goes down every few days. No help online or telephone whatsoever. Please avoid

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Reviewer OntheCoast: Location Wales UK: Date 2023-05-19


Shell bought out the Post Office broadband in 2021 and my contract was automatically transferred to Shell. I’d been with the PO for over a decade and they were brilliant. Shell steal their market and within a few months the speed deteriorated. Over the last two months, it has has dropped to below 1Mbps. I work from home and this is simply not acceptable. I complained and they sent me a new router which made no difference. An IT expert told me that there must be a fault on the line was my speed was so bad. Shell denied this and said that I was not entitled to super fibre because I was on a ‘basic copper wire contract’ and wasn’t entitled to anything over 1MBPS. This is absolute rubbish. My contract is for superfibre. The replies to complaints are the usual meaningless drivel about how they value your feedback blah blah. Laughable. They now want me to pay extra to get the speeds that I’m legally obliged to under the contract. I have told them to shove it and am switching. Disgusting. A greedy exploitative company. What do you expect? It’s all part of the Great Rip -Off by the corporatocracy.

Reviewer do not buy shell: Location manchester: Date 2023-05-16


utterly trash. frequent signal outages. over half the time, the signal will be gone entirely, flick back on for a few seconds, then be gone for a good 10-20 seconds. the speed isn’t remotely close to what it was advertised and, using speedtest-cli, i lost over 80% of my packets. would not recommend, ever.

Reviewer Wendy barnes: Location Morpeth: Date 2023-05-16


Been a customer 1 week
Phone doesn’t work
Broadband doesn’t work
Communication awful
Engineer didn’t turn up
Wish I could give a minus rating

Reviewer alex: Location n77RR: Date 2023-05-16


appalling service – internet goes down every few days. No help online or telephone whatsoever. Please avoid

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