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BRITISH PATHE NEWS film footage has come to light which shows the huge importance Hitler attached to his fundraising vehicle for the Nazi regime. Royal Dutch Shell founder Sir Henri Deterding was by far the largest single donor, sending 7,000 railway wagons full of Dutch food produce. Despite criticism in the news media, specifically linking the money saved on food to Nazi rearmament, Deterding continued to donate Dutch food to Nazi Germany.

By John Donovan

In December 1936, there were global news reports about Royal Dutch Shell founder Sir Henri Deterding’s massive food donations to Hitlers Winter Relief Charity fundraising project in Nazi Germany.


Article published 31 December 1936 on page 10 of The Sydney Morning Herald


Reason for £1,000,000 Gift.

LONDON, Dec. 30. 

Sir Henri Deterding, director-general of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company, and a director of the Shell Transport and Trading Co., Ltd., who has given £1,000,000 for the purchase of Dutch produce for export to Germany, apparently intends the gift as part of the campaign against economic restrictions and Communism. “The main object of the Communists is to prevent co-operation between the nations,” he says. “They therefore started to create trouble in Spain six years ago, and the result is now visible.

“Britain can be thanked for her policy of non-intervention, which has prevented greater trouble among other Powers, whose further co-operation will be the quickest remedy against infectious Communism.”

Reviewing the economic conditions of Holland, Sir Henri Deterding expressed the opinion that the only solution was the diversion of the surplus products to a country where they were wanted. Restriction on trade between Germany and Holland could then be safely cancelled.

He criticised the present gold policy, and urged that not gold but the products of labour would have to serve as the means of exchange.

He asked for financial and other support of his scheme under the motto, “Western Co-operation.”

Already 30,000 pigs and thousands of tons of bacon have been bought with the gift.


It is expected that Sir Henri Deterding’s scheme will slightly increase dairy produce prices in the United Kingdom, of which Holland is a substantial supplier. Australia will undoubtedly benefit to some extent, but the increase In British purchases from individual nations is likely to be small.

Australian circles hope that a considerable part of Sir Henri Deterding’s gift will be devoted to buying Dutch eggs, which strongly compete with Australian eggs. This would be of marked assistance at present, and would go far to ensure a successful Australian export season.

A new institute has been founded n Harlem, by which a periodical will be issued under the editorship of Dr Dyt, the administrator of Sir Henri Deterding’s large estates in Mecklenburg (Germany).

The Tass Agency, Moscow, reports a big decline in Russo-German trade, because of the impossibility of obtaining full value in foreign exchange for goods exported to Germany. The statement is clearly intended to answer French complaints that Russia Is exporting raw materials to Germany for the manufacture of munitions.
Official figures show that Russian exports of manganese to Germany fell from 130,000 tons in 1935 to 11,000 tons in the first 10 months of this year.

SOURCE (Trove digitised newspapers)

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