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Motivaman for president!

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OK, lets talk a little about a few things going on at Motiva, Convent.

First, my last post, which was over a month ago, was about a salary person violating a few of the 12 rules and nothing being done about it. Well another salary guy was caught violating the 12 rules, he was caught taking pictures in a unit without signing in or having a permit. This time Motiva terminated the employee. He was caught violating only one rule unlike the prior incident. Why was this treated different? No one knows. We have a definite inconsistency in the discipline of  these rules. I hate for anyone to loose their job, but I think this the handling of this is more along the lines of what should have been done with the prior incident. I have heard the guy whom was let go last week has lawyered up and will sue because he was fired while others were not. Motiva management is playing favorites and I’m glad they are about to get burnt!

Second, A guy by the name of Ray Blank was forced into retirement because he questioned management on why he didn’t get a certain job he put in for. He was told that he could either retire or he would be retired.

Lastly, an employee by the name of Darren Miletello who worked in PHA, quit his job after a lot of his findings found that there were many unsafe and dangerous processes and equipment present at Motiva, Convent. He pitched a lot of ideas of how to fix these problems, but Management refuses to listen, they are just sweeping these findings under the rug. Darren Left and said he would rather quit than be sent to jail when something bad happens. He left on his own and doesn’t have a plan yet on what he will do, but at least he won’t be rotting in a cell and he had the guts to do what he did.

Motivaman for president!


I want to post my  feelings to all of my union brothers and sisters, mostly at Convent but also to all the Motiva sites.

Brothers and sisters, I attend my union meetings and sit there and look around. The same 30 people attend every month.
Brothers and sisters we need to wake up. We at Convent have a membership meeting every month. It is easy to remember the day, it is always the first Tuesday of every month. At Norco it is the third Tuesday.

Earlier this year we ratified a new contract. Some of you didn’t even read it, but voted for it. Yet you sit there every day and whine and complain about it. Shut up, its what the membership wanted, even if a few of us knew what it really was. I don’t blame you, it is our heritage. We along the river are all very friendly and most of us would give our shirts to help others. Some of us came from poverty and had  to rise up to get the job we have. We love to ride in our new cars and have our big houses and all our other materialistic things. Some do not want to rock the boat and some think that they are lucky to have a job. Some just want to do the best for their employer.

Some people never go to THEIR monthly meeting, but show up only to ratify a sub par contract. You might as well stay home then too!

You did not read anything or attend any meetings during the year.

People we need to wake up, You need to go be an active member of YOUR union.

In a perfect world we would not have a need for a Union. Employer/Employee relationships would be wonderful and we would all be treated fairly and just! We do not live in a perfect world. Think about it, if you owned a company, wouldn’t it be to make money? Wouldn’t you try to reduce your costs to increase profitability? If you say no, your friggen stupid. So why wouldn’t Shell/Motiva do the same?

Every day that goes by, management is in their offices figuring out ways to reduce costs. Job consolidations, job cuts, less samples, more work on operations, contractor cuts. Believe me, they can’t wait for our president to pass a public option for health care, because then they can either drop what they offer or raise the employee cost and tell you if you don’t like it, go get government insurance.

We need to stick together! If we all do the same, no one can beat us.

If you do the math, we only have 12 regular meetings a year and shift workers might make 8 or 9 of them. You trying to tell me that you can’t go for 2 hours 8 times a year? Yet you sit and whine and complain. Everything the union does may not be right, but at least go to the meetings and express your discontent. You can make time to go to football games, basketball games, go to concerts, or other things, but how do you pay for these things? Your Jobs!

This is how we earn a living and have/do the things we do. When we hear about  layoffs, a few others come to the meetings. Its ashamed that it takes a person being directly affected to make people wake up. If we are not proactive, it will be to late by the time people wake up.

We have about 300 union members, so 150 are able to be at these meetings, yet we get 30? I can understand 50 having legitt things to do, so we should bring in 100 ever month.

We need to start educating ourselves. Read a little about Shell. Read that they said refineries break even at best and how they make their money at the well heads. Think your jobs are secure, believe that we should be happy with the constant headaches we get at work everyday.

Brothers and sisters wake up. Don’t sit at home on the first Tuesday and never attend a meeting, but come running to the union when you are affected in some way. Come to YOUR meeting, express your approval or disapproval. Think about the futures of our children and their children. Don’t wait until you need help and then come crying. Come stand up for our safety and rights!

Motivaman for president! and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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  1. #1 motivadog
    on Feb 15th, 2010 at 16:42

    amen union brother! I am the union delegate at a motiva distribution terminal in the northeast region. we only have 9 employees, but its the same story. myself and the shop steward are the only metting attendees, and then the next day, everyone wants to know,what happened at the meeting, or how much of a raise are they offering etc. I hope they know we do this on our own time, with no compensation whatsoever. I have traveled to other states to attend meetings, and all we are asking is that they come once in a while to see whats going on for themselves! I’m sure this is true at most other locations as well. ps. just came across this site a short time ago, and can see that most of the problems that exist at other locations are the same ones were having here as well.

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