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Some words of advice for Shell CEO Peter Voser

From “Jo Blow”

Very Interesting!  “Shell to Axe another 1000 employee’s and idle or sell an additional 15% of downstream”.

I don’t know about how they do it in Switzerland, but in East Texas, We find the best way to dig ourselves out of a hole is with a Shovel, not an Axe.  I do not think there is anyone out there that does not get the fact that Shell’s cost structure is heavy.  After painstaking and careful research I have determined that Mr. Voser is not blind, so he must be dumb.  He has surrounded himself with the very same bozo’s that should have been held accountable for the cost structure that is in place now.  Perhaps Mr. Voser should go in the archives and look into the past, He will soon realize that he has not re-invented the wheel.  Shell has ignorantly progressed through this very same cycle many times already, but apparently has failed to learn any valued lessons.  If it wasn’t so sad for so many people that dedicated themselves to this company it would be extremely comical.

Unfortunately for you remaining Shell employees the future holds much uncertainty, ideally the bloodshed continues and Shell finds itself in a ideal circumstance to be acquired by a company that actually understands its business.  The solution to the problem is simple but at the same time virtually impossible.  It would require the board of directors firing themselves, A new board being elected that actually passed “Decision Making 101”, and a complete and total purging of Senior Management.  Now whats the likelihood of that?  I suspect it is about as good as my chances of Ice Skating in hell when it freezes over. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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