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Shell Motiva VP Tom Purves falls victim to his own Game

By Joe Blow

It was with some elation that I heard of Mr. Purves’ fall from grace with his superiors. In fact I popped the cork on a fine bottle of wine that I have been saving for just such an occasion.  As I sipped my wine and imagined what must have happened, many theories ran through my mind, “Did Botts suddenly grow a brain”, “Did Williams realize what an idiot Purves was”, “Did Voser finally listen to the people”.  Unfortunately for so many, this is a measure of justice, not the absolute Justice we deserve.

It is no secret to people who have read past comments posted on this blog, Tom Purves is rotten to the core. The destruction he has wreaked on the gulf coast is unimaginable.  It has been mentioned that Tom will see this move as a reward, that is a clear sign of the delusion that he lives in.  The remaining world can clearly see that Tom is being brushed aside so that he may be promptly blamed for the albatross known as “CEP”.  I find it quite comical myself. When Forrest managed CEP it was failing from lack of management, Tom will cause a complete 180 and bring his signature style of micromanagement to the project which should accelerate the projects failure.

The important message in these moves is clear.  Steve Rathweg is being sent in to restore some integrity in the VP role.  The key for Steve is to understand the damage Tom has done in his time, to recognize the remaining threat that Tom’s minions pose, and to figure a way to neutralize and re-engage the people of the gulf coast sites that have been so severely de-moralized.  Steve is a good guy and I expect that he is more than capable of fulfilling this tall order.

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