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Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets: Introduction

By John Donovan

We have previously revealed how Royal Dutch Shell Group and its founder, Sir Henri Deterding, saved the Nazi Party when it was in danger of financial collapse.

After considerable further research, we have now published in 9 parts, extensive information revealing the variety of ways Shell found to provide huge financial support to the most evil regime in history.

We also provide comprehensive information/evidence of how Royal Dutch Shell (and/or its German subsidiary): –

  • was arguably indirectly responsible for over 30 million deaths in World War 2
  • sold out its own Dutch Jewish employees to the Nazis, some of whom did not survive the war
  • instructed its employees in the Netherlands to complete a form giving particulars about their descent, which for some, amounted to a self-declared death warrant
  • engaged in anti-Semitic policies against Shell employees
  • financed the Nazis
  • appeased the Nazis
  • collaborated with the Nazis
  • used slave labor
  • conspired directly with Hitler
  • got into bed with I.G. Farben, the notorious Nazi run chemical giant that supplied the Zyklon-B gas used during the Holocaust to exterminate millions of people, including children
  • continued the partnership with the Nazis in the years after the retirement of Sir Henri as the Chief Executive of the Royal Dutch Shell Group and even after his death

We also explain why these events still matter, despite the decades that have passed. Royal Dutch Shell was driven by greed then, just as it is today, in continuing to trade with another despotic regime in Iran.

All information is supported by independent verifiable evidence from reputable sources.

We have also published stunning photographs as further evidence of the Royal Dutch Shell/Nazi association.

With the except of the section headed “BRIBERY & CORRUPTION” in Part 7, Shell (via Mr Richard Wiseman) has had advance sight of all nine parts, including associated photographs/graphics, plus the information under the heading “Authors relationship with Shell”.  Royal Dutch Shell was invited to correct any inaccurate information and supply any comment to be published alongside the article on an unedited basis. No response was forthcoming. Some minor editing has taken place as part of the proof reading process. Nothing substantial has changed.

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 1: The Funeral

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 2: Financier of the Third Reich

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 3: Relationship continued after Deterding retirement

Royal Dutch Shell and the Nazis Part 4: Royal Dutch Shell Anti-Semitism

Royal Dutch Shell and the Nazis Part 5: Evidence of Shell/Deterding financial support for the Nazis

Royal Dutch Shell and the Nazi Part 6: I.G. Farben, Royal Dutch Shell and Nazi slave labor

Royal Dutch Shell Nazis Secrets Part 7: Why does it still matter?

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 8: Nazi connections

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 9: Further evidence

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets: Authors relationship with Shell (Alfred Donovan and John Donovan)


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Is Royal Dutch Shell STILL anti-Semitic?: 8 March 2011

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