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Latest news from Shell Geelong Refinery in Australia

Latest News from Shell Geelong Refinery in Australia

By John Donovan: 2 June 2012

It appears that the intervention of Royal Dutch Shell Company Secretary Michiel Brandjes, initiating an investigation of allegations we brought to his attention as a result of information given to us by a whistleblower at the Shell Geelong Refinery in Australia, may have resolved the matter.

Shell investigates alleged IP theft at Geelong Refinery

Stirring up a Hornets’ Nest at Shell’s Geelong Refinery

Printed below is the latest information from the insider source.

Hi John,          

This is an update on Diana Newman.

Shell Geelong Management have given her some recognition for her achievements, but as you would expect with ego’s and pride at stake, they have gone about diluting her contribution by suggesting she was part of a bigger team who achieved this break through, rather than the fact of Diana’s abilities knowledge efforts and understanding of the problem, which solved a long and costly issue, resulting in millions of dollars savings.

The same management were quick to try and give credit to a Rod Maze, with mediocre abilities and achievements, and rumor has it he nearly fell into receiving a Vice Chairman award???? for taking credit for Diana’s work, but for underlying tensions within the refinery.

Interestingly also is a distinct level of concern by employees in the refinery that their phone conversations are being heavily monitored by Shell management as part of their witch hunt, to ferret out that evil individual who would dare relay to the world another sordid Shell misdeed.

May your good work continue.

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