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KIERON McFADYEN: Bad boy made good

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By John Donovan

A number of people have contacted me about an article by Andrew Kellock published by the Aberdeen Press & Journal a few days ago under the headline:

Oil boss buys luxury mansion for bargain £1.85million (£1.65m LESS than the asking price!)

The “oil boss” is Kieron McFadyen, Royal Dutch Shell Plc executive vice-president of health, safety and the environment.

The “bad boy made good” phrase comes from an article published about him in September 2006, when Mr McFadyen admitted that at the time he left school, he was a complete waster.

From the comments I have received in the last few days, it is fair to say that he has his fans and his detractors. (For comments about Mr McFadyen see foot of article)

I suspect we are all united in our jealousy at the magnificent house he has purchased.

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Seems like Kieron has the grand country mansion befitting a true oil baron, but not yet the CEO job title to go with it. Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.06.28

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In the 1970’s I almost bought Ridgemont House in Torquay with two acres of wonderful gardens overlooking Tor Bay. I did not do so because my late mother felt uneasy about the property. The fact that it was near a cliff edge may have had a bearing. Most of the house and its gardens have subsequently fallen into the sea far below.

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If you are conducting a poll, you can add my name to those who have worked with Kieron, and always found him to be a decent, hardworking and competent engineer. I haven’t seen him in a while, but he’s definitely one of the better people in Shell. My only complaint from the time we worked together was that it was always difficult to get him to leave the office and go for a beer – he almost always started early, worked late, and then went straight home to his family…

If he hasn’t made it to the top it is perhaps only because he doesn’t have the psychopathic qualities of those who would follow the Reverend Phil…

All I can say with respect to the article is that Kieron has put his working life into Shell, and at least he now has something worthwhile to show for it. Good luck to him!



Interesting article on last Fridays Aberdeen Press and Journal.

Kieron MacFadyen was one of Malcolm Brinded’s front men in the cover up of the Brent B fatalities scandal.

Looks like he has done very well out of being a “yes man” in protecting his master!

I wonder if such people have a conscience?



Kieron worked for me many moons ago and it was clear early on he had exceptional qualities. Realising from the background he came from he was very protective of his family and has ensured his children did not make the same mistakes as he.

Very hardworking, good sense of humour and not scared of anyone. He told Phil (yes, the astronaut) to stuff it when offered a nice posting with a promotion but to a bad country. One had to have balls to do this since this was in the days of Phil the bully and not like nowadays of forgive and forget or turn the other cheek…

He always got on very well with the workers at the coalface. Remember, he was a certified welder one day!

I agree with the statement above that he does not have the psychopatic character required to be the head honcho. I always found him someone reliable and who could be trusted.

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