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Plea to Shell from students of the International School of the Stockholm Region

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Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 15.52.14Plea to Shell from students of the International School of the Stockholm Region 


Dear Shell,

We are students from the International School of the Stockholm Region and we are writing to express our concern about how your company is affecting our environment. Each year you release an enormous amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which lead to catastrophic consequences. It is predicted that in 15 years, mankind will have emitted enough carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to rise Earth’s temperature by at least 2 degrees Celsius; exceeding the limit agreed by several governments in the Copenhagen Accord. Petroleum companies are one of the major contributors of these emissions, and your corporation is likewise enriching the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, we have brought it upon ourselves to urge you to come forth with an applicable plan which could reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

Although there has been a growing awareness around this issue, the amount of actions taken by nations, individual citizens and corporations is not nearly enough to reduce global warming. Companies who emit greenhouse gases claim they are taking actions and are reducing harmful activities. However, greenhouse gas emissions still increase on a yearly basis. According to the United Nations, greenhouse gas emissions grew nearly twice as fast over the past decade as in the previous 30 years, and it continues to rise and accelerate progressively.

We are aware that it is not an employee or a single head of a department inside a large corporation that will be able to propose a plan of action to curb emissions of the company, but it’s a seed to start a process and make the change we require. Actions your company can take are to reduce your greenhouse emissions and start using renewable energy sources. For example, you could reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by switching to vehicles that are more environmentally friendly.

Petroleum companies have been digging wells and seeking oil and gas for generations. It’s time to take action and take responsibility of the Earth we live on.The only reason we are dealing with these issues is because of the mistakes humans made in the past and are continuing now. It is not too late to make a change. Take this initiative to spread awareness and reduce global warming. Tell your colleagues, your family, your friends. Spread the message. Share the facts. Save the Earth.


Names and contact information supplied.

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