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Shell energy review …… OMG where do I start??

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last day or so on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring theme in negative reviews; the difficulty in communicating with the company. Posted 4 Feb 2020.

Avoid .. awful

I have tried three times to talk to someone about my account today, and the only loop I end up in is your telephone loop. I have asked to be passed to a supervisor/manager, and both Kyle and Shahid on separate calls put me back into your telephone loop, which is never answered. I have emailed customer services and not yet been contacted back. Their chat line is automated, or seems to be, and I am completely unable to chat to anyone who can help me. Their service levels are appalling.

Just answer your phone

Just answer your phone! All I want to do is provide my new meter readings after a home move. I’ve tried 4 times to get in touch, I’ve been on hold for hours, the line has gone dead, the callbacks have never happened. Get more staff & answer your phone!!! Thanks for your reply Becca, unfortunately the home move cannot be completed online as per the information on our account… I wish it was an option as I wouldn’t waste my time on hold. I will email you now, I hope to get this resolved today.


AVOID SHELL ENERGY – 0/10Since joining shell energy 3 years ago I’ve had nothing but a nightmare service from them.If you want extremely high energy bills, sudden changes to your account plan, sudden changes to your bills, poor communication and stress then this is the energy provider for you.When I joined I was quoted £45 for a one bedroom / one person house. (Which is reasonable) this was on a fixed tariff.Jump to 5 months down the line, my fixed tariff was removed and I was subsequently paying £85 a month- without warning.I have been paying £85 a month for a year !
And according to shell this is correct based on my metre readings (false)I’ve switched over to A different energy supplier who are half the price of Shell energy and more reliable.Do not waste your time or money with shell energy, go with a more reliable, cheaper provider.

Diabolical company

Have tried on 4 occasions to ring up and pay , automated service out of order, been on hold over 40 minutes, no email sent as have no password for online account, diabolical company, glad I changed to a different supplier, if someone would like to call me I can pay.I have used email before and know to check in the junk email, thanks for your really helpful reply

Me again this company is a Bunch of…

Me again this company is a Bunch of cowboys a joke of a company ask me call 01789 405060 to pay a balance which is incorrect and been waiting for someone to call .e back as promised for last 2 weeks , the person answered and as usual cant help as system is down this company should not be in business they are rubbish

Shell energy….. Further response

Shell energy…… OMG where do I start??

My elderly mother took over a supply with Shell energy from a tenant in her rental property. As soon as the tenant left (18th Dec 19) my Mum phoned and advised Shell she would now be paying for the energy at the property and gave them her details for billing/correspondence. On Sat 1st Feb she received a letter from a debt collection

agency which she then rang to be told she HAD to pay £79 by card instantly or she would be taken to court forthwith…… What!!

She has had no correspondence from Shell whatsoever to ask for payment/discuss bill as she would have given any meter readings and paid there and then.

Following this both she and I have made several attempts to ring Shell on Saturday (1 hr per call) before giving up. I have then tried again today (Mon) and waited an hour and 50 mins before giving up. No online help available, automated response by email. Discusting treatment of customers.

This is probably the worst company I have had the displeasure in dealing with! I say dealing with but you will not be able to deal or speak with anyone at all, even to pay your bill!

Thank you for your reply below Becca,

It’s a huge shame that Shell energy can make effort to reply to a trust pilot review but can’t answer the phone! I have tried again this morning as you suggested, no contact details are available on your website other than your virtual assistant (which BTW is next to useless) and I have spent another large part of the morning hanging on the line again with no joy!

No good enough by half!!

You have sent a debt agency to bully an elderly disabled lady without even contacting her about her account/bill and its an absolute disgrace!

Never have I dealt with such an horrendous company that are uncontactable.

customer service a joke

Dont have anything to do with this company

since the beginning of december 2019 i have been trying to get a bill that they sent me for over a £1000 for one month sorted out .

Having sent them readings to conferm that the meter is set up incorrectly (as requested by them) and following up and waiting on the phone for over an hour each time i ring thay still have not sorted this out.I only found out that the readings had not been passed to the correct department when i called to find out about the progress of my complaint.

After being assured that it would be put on hold i have received two demands for payment without any breakdown/explanation of the bill even though i have continued to pay my avarage bill throught this process, in fact the bill has gone up by £400.The departments do not appear to talk to each other.

all you get if you press the contact us button is a virtual assistant

(computer) not a real person so you are forced to ring and wait for over an hour to speak to somebody.


WHITE COLLAR CRIME- ROBBERSMy smart meters were installed on the 2nd July 2019, and I can swear it. But Shell and SMS Plc pretend they were installed on the 14th May, they have done all the paperwork corresponding to this day and recorded it with Ofgem, they have faked all the records. The meters have worked only for 10 days, on the 12th July the electricity meter stopped working. So I am OVERBILLLED, my energy usage is now based on estimation and they keep increasing my monthly payment. The final reading of my old meters has been done on the 2nd July, they pretend it was on the 14th May, to charge me 45 more days of energy usage.
I am switching suppliers even though the £30 exit fees. I am not feeding white collar robbers.Shell replied (just read below their answer):
“the engineer will leave a card which confirms necessary details”
A fake day is written on the card and on the sticker on the meter, they took care to arrange the appointment over the phone, and confirm with phone text messages, and I discussed my case with Shell before publishing the review. It is ORGANISED WHITE COLLAR CRIME.

Well I have never been treat so appallingly by a utility company and I guess that in itself is saying something. Not only did I not choose for my Gas to be supplied by this company (it was a take over of first utility) but I was then threatened with court action for not settling a small outstanding bill. This was despite having explained that in the coming 3 weeks I would be vacating the property and wished to wait and provide final metre readings and payment together. This was not to their satisfaction and they chose to ignore all of my correspondence and proceeded to email and text me daily with a call every 2 days for good measure. Only after raising a complaint with management did the harrasment stop until my move date. And then only until my move date…upon which i got 2 emails and 3 texts. I am now currently trying to call to give final metre readings as promised and pay my bill but alas no one will answer the phone. I have been and called 3 different numbers for them, one of which answered but of course wrong dept so now on hold again. Have proof of almost 76 minutes on hold via screenshots and still no answer. I have managed to write this whole review whilst on hold. It is a joke. Stay away.Update 4/02/20 – i have now provided final meter readings and been told it will take them upto 6 weeks to provide my final bill?! Ridiculous. And to top it off I am now being charged for moving home and not taking the supply with me under the guise of an “exit fee”. I signed no contract, no agreement and agreed to no terms and conditions this year. I have made no payments or commitment to shell Energy in 2020 and have in fact done nothing but complain and yet I am in an apparent contract until December. Be careful to everyone. I am going to have to take legal action purely to avoid a charge for moving home and not wanting them to supply me. Not to mention I am moving in with my partner who is willingly in contract with another company so to move in together one of us will be penalised by a utility company. This is one hell of a corrupt system. Appalling.

No show to install, now we have no broadband.

Shell Energy were supposed to turn up at 1pm at my parents’ house on Friday, but simply never showed. Called their helpline several times on both Friday and Saturday but kept being passed from department to department (until the helpline closed due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ at 4.30 on Friday). No communication from them whatsoever. This is especially cheeky since if you’re not in for the appointment they charge you £65. Appalling service.

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