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Zero stars for Shell Energy on Trustpilot Reviews

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 21 February 2020.

I would give this company zero stars if i could.

I would give this company zero stars if i could. This company has hiked up my payments. They were great when they were First Utility. Even their cheapest offering is useless. My marketing preferences are by email but they keep trying to phone & message me. I complained to them by email & they agreed that they should contact me by email only, yet they carried on contacting me by phone even though i told them that i’m profoundly deaf. They passed all my details on to SMS even though i asked them not to. SMS have been hounding me stating that ”Shell Energy are upgrading to the next generation of meters & have arranged SMS to complete your installation”. How on earth can Shell Energy arrange for a meter to be fitted without consulting me? I have blocked all their calls. Shell are using bully boy tactics. I’m now moving to Octopus. Shell could not come anywhere near the prices that Octopus have offered me. Shell & SMS should hang their heads in shame for using bully boy tactics. My data is being shared even though i asked it not to be. They are also STILL trying to contact me by phone calls & text messages even though my marketing preferences are email.

Avoid Avoid Avoid!

Please avoid this company. they will bleed you dry on every single penny in your bank account, I am going through a bad month and did not have the money available at the time, so the direct debit did not go through (17th Feb) to them with a £5 admin fee on top.It says they will charge me again in 10 working days which is understandable.

However, evidently this company does nothing but lie. They’ve decided to try taking the money again today (21st Feb), and i am sure they will add yet another £5 admin fee on top.

And GOOD LUCK getting through to Customer service to try and talk to them, its actually hilarious that they claim to even have any “customer service”

I also forgot to mention that they keep saying they will install a smart meter yet they have NEVER honored this. This company is only professional in lying, stealing and chatting complete and utter rubbish. They will go to great lengths to take as much money as they can from you.



Appalling service, avoid like the plague

Used to be a First Utility customer a few years ago and customer service was awesome so I didn’t hesitate to go back. They soon re branded as Shell Energy although the App is still branded First utility a year on.

Firstly, they deliberately miss-sell by projecting monthly payments way below actual amounts and this meant that monthly payments had to be increased significantly within a few months… So was I still getting a good deal? I have no idea, what choice do I have, Im locked in for a year!

Then the smart meter harassment started, it was relentless, calls every day, multiple times a day. I complained and they seemed to stop until a few months ago.

Then the threats – to move to a more expensive tariff if I didn’t succumb to a smart meter.. They gave me 2 days, YES 2 DAYS to arrange an install before bouncing me on to a standard tariff and all within my fixed pricing period. Whats more, they have charged me £100 exit fees for the privilege even though I haven’t even left them yet. Disgusting.

First Utility used to be a great company to deal with but the cowboys have taken over. There seems to be a long wait for customer services, 40 mins and still listening to cheesy hold music, if and when I manage to speak to someone, I am sure they will reminded me about the small print, this is a nothing more than day light robbery!!

This company has stopped doing what it was good at, cant even get through to speak to anyone anymore!

Very bad they fluffed up the day I…

Very bad they fluffed up the day I moved out so had no supplier being billed suddenly today when I left in October last year (19) and my mum had no bills for months and I told them her smart meter isn’t working yet nobody has come out to set up a new one! and still over billing her very bad company. Shame First Utility sold to these cowboys

Automated service is terrible

Automated service is terrible Wanted to have a call back but didn’t respond when I pressed 1 for a call back waited over 20 mins to get through to someone to give a meter reading I’m a new customer and was t impressed

I so wish I had read the Shell Energy…

I so wish I had read the Shell Energy Reviews for their Broadband Customer service before deciding to go with them.
AVOID THIS COMPANY! Their customer service is absolutely appalling!
Wanting to charge me for the broadband that I NEVER even had installed and saying they won’t cancel the pending charge?????
BAD BAD BAD. unbelievable.
I think you need to take a look at yourselves Shell Energy.
Customer satisfaction ?? you are clearly lacking it and what about “the customer is always right?”
Don’t argue with your customers it will get you nowhere and eventually you will go down the pan…..
Its the customers that pay your wages! Learn from it if you want to be a success. Became one of their costumers on the 3 February for my disgrace I tried to cancel twice the broadband because my house which is rented and has been renewed were the engineer said he could not do anything because there was no open reach cable present to call them which I did, they twisted things around stating continuously I missed the appointment when then before I was told that it took the engineers 48hours to upload they result on the system and all of the sudden she kept on saying I had the cost of £65 to pay for missing the appointment always talking over me saying she wanted to help but I would let her put me back on hold or another 12 min to come back to me I should be glad thee were no other extra costs for WHAT? the broadband was not installed, it did not go life I did not miss any appointment with the engineer and I SHOULD BE GLAD..IS THIS THE JOKE OF THE they say it is 14 days to get back to them to cancel WE HAVE 28 Days People, they are BLOD SUCKER.. I have been sending emails and phone calls to cancel one thing that I didn’t use it. LIKE I SAID I SO WISH I HAD READ THE REVIEWS. They still hassle me with emails to re arrange an appointment with the engineer AFTER ALL THIS there has not been an email with the cancellation email.
They are a bunch of parasites.

Please avoid this disgusting company by…

Please avoid this disgusting company by all means!!!!!

I’ve switched and am still waiting for my substantial refund to come. What made me angry is that they sent the final bill with a different rate of standing charge, as a result they overcharged £13. When I asked for this to be rectified, they replied that’s because of the different days. Please train your staff properly to understand customer email, I’m talking about the rate of the standing charge, and I’ve clearly listed my calculations!! Hopeless!!

Reasons to prompt me switch – I have over £280 credit and I can’t change the monthly direct debit amount, why should my hard earned money sit in your account to earn you interest?? It’s ridiculous that they take at least 7 days to generate a monthly bill, is your system still in the 80s???


This company took over first utility, ever since they did, they tried to back bill me with over £5000, after numerous emails back and forth with Dan they pulled it down to just over £2000 only after i got some advice that they could only back bill for 12 months only. none of it still makes sense as they were trying to back bill for over 4 years. One of the worst companies. Stay away

Utterly dreadful

Utterly dreadful, keep away they are probably the worst energy company I have ever dealt with.

My only ever online complaint… That should say it all!

I have always made payments on time and sent meter readings on time for pleasant transactions – equating to roughly £70 per month. However, this is not reciprocated by Shell Energy. Their customer service is woeful to the extent that I have called everyday this week and have been kept on hold for almost an hour a time, then passed through to another department and kept on hold. I decided to leave and join a different company. Shell Energy have now demanded £250 (of which I paid again on time), and have said they did not receive – despite several forms of evidence that I have. They have decided to pass through to the “Collections Department”, which seems to be a form of bullying tactic for me to pay more money. My partner and I are both worried about having to pay even more as we substantially impecunious.


Shambolic – this is all I can say. Ordered their broadband over the net but once speaking with them today decided this was not the company for me. The customer is at the bottom of the ladder in terms of experience.

Absolutely woeful customer service. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

Absolutely woeful customer service.
Received an email saying they were sorry I was leaving. First I heard about it so rang to inform them. It took multiple phone calls, most of which was spent on hold, or being cut off. Took hours to finally get somebody to understand the situation.
However it didn’t get resolved and my energy ended up being switched to another provider without me having anything to do with it.
I was moving house and out of contract but ended up being tied in with Shell for months because they weren’t able to return my address back to my account. It meant that I couldn’t rent the house out either as nobody could get an account registered to the address.
I also had major concerns about data protection as I had the names, address and account number of the people who had been assigned my address in error, and were able to find out their new energy company, all via emails from Shell. They denied giving my information to anybody else but clearly people’s personal data is not being looked after and I have absolutely no faith in them protecting my personal data.
The customer service I received was absolutely shocking and they did absolutely nothing to restore any faith in them. It was awful from start to finish. Shell admitted that they were in the wrong but just said sorry and that wasn’t good enough. I was left thousands of pounds out of pocket in rent, spent hours and hours of my time trying to call them, unable to change to a far cheaper tariff, and was told that I would get sweet FA in compensation. Avoid like the plague.

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