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The nightmare company, Shell Energy

Extracted from the Facebook Group “Shell Energy (formally First Utility) – the worst customer service ever??” 

Posting begins:

The nightmare never ends ? copy of email to Shell Energy today:

Firstly I repeat and cannot overstate that your company is undoubtedly the most incompetent, bullying and disgusting organisation it has ever been my misfortune to deal with.

Following the Ombudsman’s decision on February 24th and your letter of the same date, I have been expecting a final itemised invoice within the ten days as promised.

However, today THREE letters have been received as follows:

1/ The first letter dated March 1st states that you have tried to contact me on several occasions, which is a deliberate lie. The letter then threatens collection and recovery action from yourselves.

2/ The second letter dated March 2nd states “We are sorry to hear that you want to change supplier. You may not be aware, but there’s currently an outstanding balance of £1360.23 on your account. Until this amount has been paid in full, we can’t progress your switch.”

3/ The third letter also dated March 2nd is headed “We hope to see you again” and states “We’ve been notified that you want to switch your gas supply to another supplier We’re sorry to see you go and we’ll make sure your switch goes as smoothly as possible”.

Are you raving mad?

Following deduction of the pitiful £200 goodwill (compensation) awarded by the Ombudsman for your shortfalls in service and after crediting the account with £820.79 in recognition of your reckless and fictitious 4399kWh overestimate, you stated in your letter of February 24th that the remaining balance would be £1199.50. I dispute this amount and need sight of an itemised statement of account in order to pinpoint your obvious miscalculations. In any event, I am at a loss to understand why you are now claiming the inflated figure of £1360.23 as owing unless you have added another fictitious usage over estimate.

I did, furnish you with a gas meter reading (together with photographic evidence) on January 28th, and based on that figure I paid (Bank transfer) £39.27 which in the absence of a current factual invoice from you I calculated was the total amount owed to that date. It was of course, not possible to settle the disputed charge for the twelve months before November 2019 because which was later proved to be inaccurate by the Ombudsman. Therefore, I had fully paid for the current gas usage to date, yet you continued to hold me hostage by refusing the switch to my new provider.

I now attach a further photograph, providing today’s gas reading (03705.621m3) which I trust you will include in your the premises statement of account, which has been expected since February 24th.

Following all the nonsense of your contradictory letters etc, I am absolutely and even more disgusted with Shell Energy. Although I doubt it will make much difference because usually, such gross inefficiency comes from the top, by a copy of this email I have sent a further complaint to your CEO Mr Colin Crooks.

Please, if not for yourselves but for my sanity, get your house in order, send me an accurate statement of account, which I will immediately settle in order to rid myself of the nightmare company, Shell Energy.

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