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Shell Energy Thugs & Bully Boys (Trustpilot Reviews)

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last 6 days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 03 April 2020.

Thugs & bully boys

Thugs & bully boys, will not use them again ever. I signed up to first utility and a week later it was taken over by shell energy! they then wanted to up my monthly direct debit, I said no !!! I said my monthly DD was based on my previous usage and if I owed any money at the end of my contract with them I would pay them.
I have now switched to another energy supplier, and shell have been slow in producing my last couple of bills without an explanation and saying i owe them £76, I owe them about £76 and it said on my statement I have till 7th of April to pay, I have asked them for clarity and have received a reply. My main disgust with the company is the amount of e-mails and text messages, basically threatening if the account is not settled, and threatening ,please see extract ” Your account is now due to be passed to a debt collection company, this could incur extra charges and may end in a default being registered against your credit file” I at first thought it was an April fool prank, as I said the debt is only payable on 7th April, so they can wait! I could understand all of these tactics if it were a debt on £000s but £76, get a life shell energy.
Reply shows it all-I was only with 1st utility about a month”so how would you know what I had used in the previous year”So how could you have current accurate usage.
I have smart meters so once the final reading is made it can easily be worked out well before, instead of sending a bill for 3 months without full information.
E-mail sent in March, still not had the information from Shell energy :-
“No need for threatening emails in the current climate.
When I have worked out your bill, I will pay you, not before.
You can help by sending my gas meter reading at the start of my contract with First utility, and my end reading, in KWh not M³.
That way I can verify my gas account, I have already verified my electricity account, which is correct.”
Hope everyone takes this into account Thanks Peter

Disaster company with no scruples

This company promises cheaper bills with full knowledge of what it has to beat when quoting. It gives you the feeling of achievement by signing you up with a cheaper Direct Debit…..and then after your cooling Off period has expired… increases the Direct Debit as it wants. This company should never be used by anyone who hates stress or being hung out to dry !

Shell have the worst customer service…

Shell have the worst customer service ever. They charge you extortionate prices for their energy and when you try to resolve it they are not willing to budge or negotiate or admit their fault. they are currently charging me £2700 for my annual energy usage. Even Buckingham palace wouldn’t be paying this much. I have been a first utility customer since 2016 and had no problems until Shell took over and have my life hell. I have had the issue with Shells billing since October 2019 and to date they are not able to resolve it. I will be taking the company to court and also will be going to the papers to let them know that Shell continue to rip people off despite paying a hefty fine already for overcharging their customers. Please don’t join this company as they will rob you and won’t let you leave either. They are not willing to set any reasonable payment plans and expect you you to pay over £400 a month for their energy. There are many companies out there who would charge a quarter of the price that Shell have charged causing a lot unnecessary grief and stress. STAY AWAY PLEASE.



It’s my 2nd year with Shell and I really wish I switched energy supplier.
First utility seemed half decent but were taken over by Shell half way through my first year.
Usually I switch energy suppliers every year to avoid their Cons because they’re all at it!
I figured staying with them would be easier but in hindsight its probably going to cost me over a £180 just in standing charges for the year which had I realised I would of definitely switched!
After a month of starting my 2nd year with Shell I realised my smart Metre was going up around 30p a day for Dual fuel despite not even being home (I live alone) so not even using any extra energy and they confirmed that they were charging me a standing charge which was around 20p per day and now has gone up to 50p per day so a 150% price increase and what for? NOTHING!

Ps If you’ve noticed Shell replying to every customers review its because they want to appear to care to prevent deterring other customers but the Truth is they are very Cunning and care only about their own money not the customers hence all the negative reviews of hundreds of other P*ssed off customers!

Avoid shell energy at all cost they are…

Avoid shell energy at all cost they are the same company as First utility they just rebranded they have not been taken over! Same staff, same customer service, same levels of stupidity and ignorance. First utility wrote the wrong postcode on my account (even though I emailed it to them as opposed to a phone call) and as a result of this I could never pass security to enable me to pay my bill. I have never been able to access the online portal until now because despite providing them with my name and address they still kept telling me I wasn’t a customer and therefore could not access the portal. Despite contacting them to set up a direct debit this still wasn’t done and I was told to do it on the online portal which I had already told them I did not have access to. I was unable to update my email address or phone number because I was never able to pass security because they wrote the wrong details. I even asked citizens advice to help me find out about a prepayment metre as the only way of being able to pay my bill due to not being able to access my account but the prices were ridiculous especially for the debt that they would be deducting. They’ve now left me with a bill that’s over £2738 and expect me to pay over £312 a month to clear the arrears and the current debt which I will not be doing. I’ve already raised this as an issue on resolver and despite them admitting there have been “some shortcomings” in regards to staff they are not accepting full liability for this issue and are still expecting me to pay arrears off. They have forced me into a position where I have a debt with them which is strongly against my religious views. It should not be difficult to open an account with an energy company, have the staff use the correct details that you provided, and then set up a direct debit straight away to avoid any debt which is exactly what I have always done but first utility/shell energy are too incompetent.

I have been trying to pay my final bill…

I have been trying to pay my final bill since December 2019 and they still can not generate a revised bill based on the meter reading due to an internal issue. Their contact centre instructed me to email a photo of the meter reading, I did this exactly as instructed with the reference only to receive a reply several days later from their customer solutions mailbox who had no idea what to do asking me to explain the reason why I was sending this mail in. The next contact was via phone, they spent 45 minutes trying to articulate that there was an internal issue preventing them generating a final bill. It’s now April and this has been going on since December, all I am trying to do is pay my bill! Perhaps the most shocking part is they told me there may be debt collection notices issued, which they say they have no control over being sent. This is really poor misconduct by the company when a bill is in dispute, simply because it’s been estimated and the readings have been provided. A whole lot of drama for no reason, and it remains unresolved. I sent another email asking for escalation, and hoping they finally deal with it.


Joined shell after being Miss sold by door to door salesman.
Please do your research before joining this company, there are plenty of groups on Facebook that shows you that they overcharge people, lack costumer service, lie, etc. Some of the stories on their own FB page and others are disgusting and this company should have an internal investigation.
I have had on going issues and only joined them last October, already owe almost £300.
After a ridiculous amount of chasing, complaining and stress. I have had to take my case the the ombudsman, please persevere with this as at first they did not accept my complaint.
I have been able to leave my fixed term contract without paying exit fee. I have now found another company that is charging me half of what I was paying with shell.
I still have concerns about final bill, which I have heard is always higher than it should be And they continue to chase and threaten people for debts that don’t exist, so just waiting now as I am sure I am yet to be free of SHELLs shocking service.

PLEASE, do research, if you do you won’t join them!!!

complaint in process

I’m currently in a complaint with this company, which I have taken to the ombudsman. Initially went with first utility via a salesman at the door, who told me my bills would be £100 per month based on my usage and that I was owed £400 as I was on credit with my supplier, after reading a bill. This was incorrect and I actually had to pay my previous supplier around £400, this was the first issue! My first bill with the company was £103, which I felt was reasonable for the house size, usage an compared to the previous supplier.The company changed to shell an my bills increased first £132, then £163 and then £171. I complained to the company did a week meter reading however no offer of an explanation, simply that’s how much I use.

There is no one in our house all day was we work full time, previously I worked at home everyday however my bills were still lower. I also have solar panels, so am confused as to how am using so much electricity.

I’ve queried this and was previously told if they was to come an check my meters they would charge me, I have since gone on to smart meters which suggest I should pay £130; despite on the phone being told I should pay £75 then being told by the complaints woman I actually owe £246. I have lost all confidence in the company, they have offered me £55 as a good Will gesture and are happy to waive the fees for me to leave to company. However I do feel that I have paid more than I should and am waiting for the energy ombudsman to look into this.

It’s an absolute joke this company who charge over and above for energy. Whilst the person dealing with my complaint has tried to be helpful, there is no real explanation for the consumption or offer to help understand why it’s so high.

Shell constantly changes your ip and…

Shell constantly changes your ip and requires you to pay for a fixed one. If you want to use your computer for ip gaming, or accessing a server e.g. for work expect to need to be whitelisted and update your ip at least once a day

I started off with first utility which…

I started off with first utility which became shell energy half way through my energy term.
First utility weren’t too bad but now they’ve became Shell, they’re coming across very poor!
I Tried to get an explanation to why I was being charged an extra 50p per day despite not changing my energy consumption and was given no Logical reason but silly excuses like “Your fridge freezer is left on” Your smart metre uses energy to” just absolute BullS**T to be honest!
The person in the online chat I was in with had poor english & a complete lack of knowledge on how to answer the questions I was asking so all in all Shell seem like a RIP off company, with unprofessional & uneducated employees.
I will not be renewing my contract with them after this!

Absolute rubbish

Absolute rubbish! Got an issue with an unintended cease of contract because of my neighbour across the street gave my adress instead if theirs when switching the providers, so ended up in having the line cut, got email with fees for ending the contract earlier than end date, bill paid days before this happened and after spending hours and hours on phone with unprofessional agents, they told me I’ll have to wait at least one month for an engineer to come and sort this,said I’m not entitled for a refund for the month paid but no access to any services. Definetly don’t care about their customers and I’ll try to switch all my services from them asap, shame!

Truly awful company

We will never use this company again, try to switch to a much better offer and before we know it we receive a letter from a collections company for a bill already paid! They blocked Scottish power from taking over and act like this, truly unbelievable. AVOID.

I have seen your reply which is ridiculous, this is not as administrative cross over as the bill had been due for less than 24 hours. Also threatening me with credit reference issues makes my blood boil. I have no need to contact you regarding a debit balance as my bill is fully paid, do not try to defend your position just admit that you were wrong. I will be pleased to see the back of you.

Please avoid this company!!

I’m a landlord, and when the tenant vacated Shell Energy tried to fleece me for the tenant’s unpaid debts to the tune of 2 grand. Only when I threatened to go to the press did they write it off. Now they are trying to charge me for rent of their gas meter even though I have signed no agreement with them.
A real bunch of crooks- AVOID AVOID AVOID

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