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Trustpilot Review of Shell Energy: Avoid like Coronavirus

Extracts from current Shell Energy customer reviews posted on Trustpilot: “Avoid like Coronavirus”: “I can’t wait until my contract is up and then good riddance.”: Switching ASAP – awful company. I’ve never had to contact an energy company so much in my whole life!”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 4 March 2021.


Well we went with you, gave all the information and now because we have a smart meter you can’t seem to get our readings and we are not sure how to Fido this manually! Frustrating is a polite word to use!

Avoid like Coronavirus

On the day their meant to provide an incoming land line with fibre optic broadband nothing happened. I cancelled it and they want a termination fee.They didn’t provide anything so how can they terminate anything? Furthermore when I try to go with Plusnet they want £165 to ‘re connect my phone line as it’s been stopped at the exchange. This number is for my company.Ot will take 3 weeks to get my phone back and not with the same number. Avoid at all costs

Damaged property

They use a third party engineering device for smart meter installation. Engineer damaged the frame of the external cupboard and left without completing the job. Shell Energy referred complaint to said engineering co and washed their hands of it. Disgusted service, avoid like the plague.

Absolutely dreadful

Absolutely dreadful. Continually trying to increase direct debits, despite being in credit, the application is unable to read the smart meters that Shell installed, the ‘support’ team seem to have no response other than to suggest you delete and re-install the app. I’ll be switching energy suppliers as soon as possible. Following the response from Shell below – you can see they’re completely missing the point. It’s just an endless loop…..

dispite repeated appointments for…

dispite repeated appointments for someone to read my meters no one has has ever been they do not need to come in the house so would be covid safe my meters have never been read since rejoining Shell Energy I shall be looking for another supplier when my contract ends. The latest appointment not kept was on 25/02/21 the ref number given was 1330819701 there was not even a email or phone call to say they would not be coming

Been with Shell 6 weeks ..up goes the…

Been with Shell 6 weeks ..up goes the tariff. A year lock down .a year of extra heating bills .so shell as a thankyou decide they need even more profits …greedy company come to mind.

Wish I’d never changed to shell .ive a…

Wish I’d never changed to shell .ive a smart meter but ever month ive yi give my readings.ill be changing back soon as I can.

Switching ASAP – awful company

I’ve never had to contact an energy company so much in my whole life!

I hadn’t been able to access my online account for months. Asked an assistant in the online chat to flag it, he said that I would “just have to wait” for someone to contact me and no one did. I had to call them myself today – three or four weeks after that online chat.

I’ve also had previous experiences with being lied to about certain offers, the call handler I had today was very unsympathetic with regards to my payments/readings during the pandemic, and the company decided to whack up my payments without properly consulting me (multiple generic/personalised emails, but not one phone call) eventhough I was meant to have a payment review as it has been a year since I adjusted my payments due to the pandemic.

I inherited this energy company as ‘First Utility’ when I moved into this house and I cannot wait to get rid of it… and I bet you any money there will be some kind of issue there too!

EDIT: In response to Sara’s reply below, I’m not going to e-mail you because I’ve already started the switching process and I’m not coming back. I also don’t need you to flog a smart meter to me – it’s not about the meter or how much my DD was, it’s about customer care and proper communication in these trying times. I had some very specific situations over the last 3 years and none of them were handled correctly.

Horrific service

Dreadful service

Dreadful service moved house and forced me to pay £30 exit fees the agent didn’t want to really help Lauren said made a complaint but didn’t wanna know overall very disappointed

Ongoing issues months in…

Firstly we had issues joining with Shell as they messed up our application, along with a lot of other customers as they had told me once I chased and chased with them to get it fixed. We are also 3 months down the line now of when we were supposed to have our smart meter, after 2 engineer visits we are still without a working meter, as the 1st engineer fitted a faulty unit, which I appreciate can’t be helped (the engineers have been great, we are just frustrated with the service we are receiving from Shell). However, after 3 months of this now & being told we’d need to book in yet another visit from an engineer (after waiting a month for the 2nd engineer to come & tell us the unit is faulty) I’m having to leave this negative review which I’d normally refrain from doing but please do be aware of the very poor customer service you may receive with Shell-like we have. I’d love for anyone from Shell to reach out to me so we can discuss how to get this resolved & so we can help minimize this poor customer journey I’ve experienced in the future. Be aware that we tried to get blamed at first for this meter not working saying we needed to wait and be patient, as confirmed this unit is faulty & now after 2 months of having it, we are still unable to use it.

Inadequate customer service Shell broadband

We have Shell Energy for broadband. The Internet is fine but quality of customer service is really poor. We are moving house which should not be a difficult task for a multi-national company. Since Thursday I have has 2 phone conversations and 3 live chats, (it is closed at the weekend). I have been promised 2 call backs; neither has materialised. In that time they have managed to stop the broadband when I move out but I have not even been able to have a conversation with anyone about the supply in our new house. Really poor.

“Refer an Enemy”

I’m a Shell energy customer and decided to “refer a friend” to get a bonus. It turns out that the friend had to choose an expensive rate in order to get the bonus. It works out more expensive, so it should be called “refer an enemy”.

Specifically broadband

Specifically broadband. I swapped as I use them for my energy. The router they provide technicolor DWA0120 is well below market average and not very good. Their service is worse. My connection drops out repeatedly and it makes trying to play games online a nightmare, you play a round or two then you get kicked out due to your connection, rinse and repeat frequently for some periods of more or less every day. Most of the time its fine streaming Disney+ or netflix, but even that sometimes plays up, though admittedly not often. But today I’ve had 5 attempts to watch an episode of family guy to be kicked off due to no internet connection. BUT most importantly “IF” they have ANY technical support it is very well hidden and inaccessible. Log in to your account, try to get technical support, you go to a virtual assistant whose answer to anything to do with internet is that it hasn’t been trained to answer that yet. Ask for technical support and it hasn’t been trained to answer that. Ask for a human representative and it hasn’t been trained to answer that. Ask for a phone number for support and you get nothing also. Click on contact us and you get the virtual assistant again. There is also a drop down for links to problems with electric or gas but nothing what-so-ever to do with your broadband. I’m logged into my broadband account and whilst its happy to sell me an upgrade, or extra services, I can’t find technical support support any where. It seems an actual usable internet isn’t one of the services they provide either. If it works for you I suppose it works, but if you ever have a problem they do not support that or offer any help. This is a repeat problem I’ve had for months, for over 6 months I have tried to complain that the connection keeps dropping and I can’t play online games very well. I’ve emailed them numerous times at every email address I can find (most of which are for their electric and gas service) No one ever ever responds. I got through to their phone support once (Its not available after 4pm Saturday until Monday morning, not available evenings, both of which are when I want to play online games and when I need support. Also you can only find that number if you click on leaving them) after a ridiculously long wait in an hour plus queue, and was told I was being put through to technical support, fifteen minutes later the line went dead. I tried again but after almost another hour had to hang up and go to work. I have managed to get them on the phone twice in 6 months, and having exhausted the usual basics, restart your router, connect via the plug socket inside the main telephone socket, ie the master socket, purchased new filters, which despite telling them I had just done they made me do again, to then say oops nothing they can do and they will refer me to next tier support, whom I have never heard back from. I can’t wait until my contract is up and then good riddance.

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