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Horrendous customer service from Shell Energy

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

10 Oct 2021

Absolute hell to get in touch with

Abolute hell to get in touch with. Virtual Assistant is a waste of time and energy. I am already sorry I transfered to them. When I finally got through the lady was very pleasant and helpful.

Not trueful

I have just changed to Shell through one of their agents who came to my house to discuss terms and conditions. The agent was very polite and pleasant and felt he was treating me fairly. He offered me £50 credit on my bill as a referral from my son, who has also just joined Shell, and £50 to my son. He also said my first payment would be one month after joining Shell. Both offers are untrue. When calling Shell they informed me no such offer should be made. I have made a complaint of mis-selling and awaiting the result. I thought this practice had disappeared, but it appears I’m wrong.

We were switched to Shell Energy by…

We were switched to Shell Energy by Ofgem on the 27th Sept from Green who went bust.
We still have not been given an account number and there for can not set up a direct debit payment. In the mean time they are no doubt mounting our bill up. Bloody disgraceful
Way to treat their customers. And disgraceful way for Ofgem to manage the switch over.
Also those daft enough to run up a big credit with green before they were switched are now having great difficulty in getting it back.
That’s why I cancelled my direct debit with green as soon as I knew they were packing up. Better to ow them money than trying to get any credit back from them. Let them chase me!
I have already contacted you numerous times to sort this and have been told by you I will have to wait and it could now take a month to get the switch over sorted

Horrendous customer service

Waiting over an hour for someone to answer the damn phone. The options don’t even work as well! I choose the option for “previous supplier” option and it couldn’t recognise my option and when I choose another one in the same section, it automatically hung up the phone! There’s no tariff prices on the website too which doesn’t help for customers like me who’ve been forced to switch! Very disappointed, don’t think I will continue with this company considering the basics aren’t even covered and a 2.5 star rating says it all really.

Just spoke to someone now named Ben on 07/10/21 and my god this guy was breathing down his mic! I said I couldn’t hear him properly and all he kept saying was “welcome to shell energy I’m Ben” and kept repeating it over me. I said take the mic away from your mouth and he kept breathing louder and making louder noises. It was like I was talking to a child. Kept constantly doing it and didn’t care! Disgusting customer service, two phone calls and have had terrible service both times. Rang someone else to complain about it and all he said was “thanks for bringing it to our attention and sorry, it could’ve been a technical issue.” Then asked him about the tariff then says “doesn’t know”. Incompetent staff, who do they hire and what’s the training like?!

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