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Shell broadband understaffed, under-equipped and under trained

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

10 Oct 2021

Shell broadband are the worst ever

Shell broadband are quite simply a complete con. My live date was 24/8/21 and all I got was sorry this and sorry that for the reasons they couldn’t connect it all up. It’s now 6/10/21 and I’ve just had to cancel it all together as it’s still not fitted up or connected. I advise anyone to not use this company as they are literally thieves. They are the worst service I’ve ever ever seen . There live chat and phone operators are incompetent to athe highest level. They push you to every department passing the buck all the time. It’s a shocking service and I have contacted bbc watchdog to make them aware of it too. Avoid this at all costs

Avoid Shell Broadband

This in fact is about Shell Broadband, which isn’t listed but is part of the company. It was set up recently to milk that market and is understaffed, under-equipped and undertrained. Shell was supposed to take over my phone and broadband on 8 September, but never did. They failed to answer emails (sent from a cafe’s wifi) other than with automated replies and took a minimum of 40 minutes to answer the phone (from a neighbour’s landline). When I transferred to another provider they threatened me with early termination fees! Their abysmal behaviour left me without these services for a month. It is the worst ‘customer service’ I have ever encountered, which is saying something. The new provider solved the problem within 36 hours of taking over from Shell.

[The company replied thanking me for letting them know about my broadband, though I have been telling them about repeatedly over a long time. I want considerable compensation for my long loss of services and the time and effort I have wasted. (They are sending a cheque to arrive by the end of the month to repay me for the expense of a mifi and payg mobile phone expenses.)

Hidden charges everywhere

Fibre broadband contract has come to its end so I have now switched provider. During my contract we had the monthly price raised, to switch provider I have been charged a £12 termination fee despite seeing out the contract in full. Then I receive an email reminding me to return my old router or be charged £35 when I haven’t even received an email telling me I need to. I should also add that every single night for the duration of the contract the internet goes down at around 9:30pm. It’s only a very short outage but non the less extremely frustrating when you are trying to do something.

Don`t do it, you will regret it

I have never heard of Shell Energy before, so I was hopeful that it will be a good experience and good customer service.
However the reality is far from my expectations and definitely not what I have expected at all.
I have signed up with Shell Energy for a broadband and was meant to have my broadband installed today. But this didn’t happen and now I need to wait for another two weeks and as I was told hope for the best. Such a poor customer service.
Apparently open reach has cancelled my order on the 26th of September and hasn’t informed me of the Shell Energy and Shell Energy didn’t even bother to follow up and see what’s happening. When I have contacted Shell Energy today they have informed me that the order has been cancelled. Dah!!!!! that’s what I am calling. Such a poor customer service and lack of care that the customer is expecting to have the broadband installed on the day agreed. When I have asked what is my solutions here I was told that I need to reorder the broadband router and wait for another two weeks to hopefully get that set up. I have felt that the person on the call didn’t care at all about my situation and didn`t try to find the solution for it.

I am very disappointed and regret choosing Shell Energy for my broadband. Did really expected more and definitely better service than what I have received.

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