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Shell Broadband awful slow internet

“Awful. Slow internet, barely reaches half our rooms. Frequent downtime, poor customer service…”: “No wonder it’s cheaper – it doesn’t work…”

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Reviewer: Mr unhappy: Location – West midlands: Date 2021-12-22

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Reviewer: adam: Location -Salisbury: Date 2021-12-22


awful. Slow internet, barely reaches half our rooms. Frequent downtime, poor customer service, tried to charge me for not returning the old router when i did. Just an all round terrible experience, please avoid!!

Reviewer: Gerald Dowd: Location – Cheltenham: Date 2021-12-20


Useless company want to double my bill after 8 months with them customer services totally crap cut me off twice when I found another supplier they want to charge me £118.76 to terminate contract they can do one do not touch they are useless

Reviewer: Natasha Papadopoulos: Location – London: Date 2021-12-20


Absolute rubbish worst ever sub contractor I have ever come across don’t loose your health stay away from this useless subbie make internet like they replace hot water in there costa machines absolute waste of time greedy heartbreaking incompetent lying suppliers don’t use shell fit broadband they haven’t got a single care for there customers only for there poorly educated so called broadband call handlers I am surprised people still sign up for these monsters

Reviewer: Adrian Green: Location – Somerset: Date 2021-12-18


Going with shell Broadband was the worst decision I have ever made. From day one it has continued to fail I am unable to watch Netflix as it constantly go’s off and takes hours to re enter using the ridiculously long password. When customer services have been contacted they have not helped after waiting and waiting to talk to someone they don’t have any answers to the problem you then get passed on to the next person who clearly has no idea how to solve the problem.
I asked to speak with a manager this was refused.
I demanded that I be released from my contact as I am not receiving the Broudband I am paying for, I was told I would be charged, ridiculous shell Broudband is not fit for purpose you will possibly like me spend hours on the phone to them achieving nothing that’s when your not spending hours trying to get it to work on your TV. Avoid Shell altogether it’s not good and customer service is nonexistent.

Reviewer: Jas Gulati: Location – Northwood: Date 2021-12-18


Do not touch this company with a barge pole!!! I signed up with Shell Broadband on the Superfast package. The connection kept dropping and after complaining on numerous occasions they finally sent an engineer out for which they charged £65. In the end I got Ombudsman involved who then got Shell to send me a letter of apology. At one point they agreed to waive the engineer’s call out fee of £65 but then they retracted their offer and debited my account with £65. Stay away from Shell broadband–rubbish broadband and even worse customer service!!!!

Reviewer: Mr Ramin: Location Manchester: Date 2021-12-17


I was initially with post office, and by chance my energy company changed gym Green to shell energy. Thus i though I was being charged for energy. However when i called they told me that the energy has not started to charge me yet.

When i study further my bank details, and bill i findout my Internet has changed from post office to shell brand band, without me knowing anything,

My cost was £23.5 now gone up to £37/month this has been going on for 4month. I’m so annoyed and disappointed with both company that how come i have not beem informed. I will take this further.??

Reviewer :Sue M: Location – North West: Date 2021-12-16


Despite having problems since our contract started (8mths ago), Shell Energy has not fixed our problem. There is nothing wrong with the BT line, that is always reliable, the problem is with the ‘not fit for purpose’ wifi router that Shell Energy provide for their customers. No wonder it’s cheaper – it doesn’t work. We are not totally without broadband for all our devices except for this laptop where I have plugged a wire into the router. We call Shell Energy today and used their call back service. They haven’t called back. We are beside ourselves and have no choice but to source a provider and pay two providers – one Shell for a non-service, and our new provider who we know will be more reliable and we moved from them to save £3 per month by moving to Shell. Worst broadband mistake we have ever made

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