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Now after trying to resolve the problem with my account for over 6 months I have just received a phone call from Shell to tell me I don’t owe them anything BUT MY CREDIT RATING IS F**CKED What a load of incompetent fools ( not my first choice of words ) AVOID THIS COMPANY !’

29 July 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

The worst customer services

Shell energy broadband customer services are a disgrace. An on going saga of no service for 3 months, and even the complaints team cannot be bothered to call back at the time they arrange. Despite promises to stop taking payments, money is still deducted from my account. Engineers are sent who can’t fix anything and by their own admission are not trained to do the job they are sent to do, so many days work are lost waiting at home for their visit. Shell then have the audacity to charge you for a visit that that have sanctioned and require without any acceptance of costs or terms and conditions. Managers do not call back despite assurances that you will get a call. I would suggest that you avoid this internet service provider unless you have hours and hours to spend on hold on the telephone, or days and days to wait in for inadequate engineers, and you have no need for any Wi-Fi and you enjoy listening to lies and fairy tales.

Useless broadband and company,40…

Useless broadband and company,40 minutes on hold on phone about my internet dropping all the time, told openreach would come on the Monday, NOTHING no call message or openreach. Sent email wanting to know how long I’ve left on contract as I want to leave them and get another provider NOTHING. I hate ringing up having to wait almost 40 minutes on hold only to talk to someone who don’t have any idea what they talking about.

How to have your credit rating ruined!

Shell took over my account when my supplier green went bankrupt. At the time this happened my property was empty and as a result only 6 units of electricity were used in a 3 month period. Despite trying on several occasions to get a closing bill from Shell nothing happened! After providing proof of the amount of energy used Shell could not and did not bill me but they put my account in hands of a debt collection agency who billed me for £244.22 that I did not owe this has ruined my credit rating. Now after trying to resolve the problem with my account for over 6 months I have just received a phone call from Shell to tell me I don’t owe them anything BUT MY CREDIT RATING IS F**CKED What a load of incompetent fools ( not my first choice of words ) AVOID THIS COMPANY !

Terrible company

Terrible company. All they ever do is increase energy prices to more than you can afford and have no interest in helping you out. My energy bill has risen £200 roughly in two years and i use no more energy than i was. You would still make a profit at the old rate im sure you greedy…………!!

Shell Energy Customer Services not up to required standard in my opinion

I was transferred over to Shell Energy from the Post Office and since transferring have never had caller display working on my landline. I rang and rang their customer services team over several months. Was on hold for 45 minutes on most occasions waiting to speak to someone. Changed provider and on day 1 I got a phone call from Shell Energy, which displayed on my caller display. Have been given the run around, passed from pillar to post trying to ensure I don’t get charged early termination of contract charges only to be told after 1hour+ that I need to wait till my final bill is issued and then ring them back if early termination charges are included. I feel that their customer services leave a lot to be desired.

Ever since being forced onto them been…

Ever since being forced onto them been treated awful, assume they hated having to deal with the extra customers.

My billing has not been correct since day one. I am in a loop of being told it takes 28 days for smart meters to start working…. 6 months in they still spew the same line that this is why they are not working. They open a ticket, close the ticket with it still unresolved.

was about 100th in the queue on live chat, as soon as they get you they then close the window. Would have thought with the billions of profit they have they could invest in providing a basic service.

will move to basically anyone to get away from this complete shambles of a company

Faulty Smart Meter + poor customer service

Shell fitted a smart meter at my home on 17th May, unfortunately the unit has never worked and is obviously faulty as even the on/off switch does nothing. I contacted Shell’s installer (SMS) the next day. SMS advised me that they only fit the meters not repair them.

I have sent emails to your firm, and rung numerous times but keep getting fobbed off.

I am now left unsure on my energy consumption and have no way of ensuring my monthly direct debit payment reflects my energy usage.

I have raised a complaint with Shell via Resolver and would appreciate you looking in to the matter swiftly to find an appropriate resolution.

Thank you

Useless profit hungry

Shell are possibly the worst company I have dealt with, endless issues since I was forced to them when my supplier went bust. not accepting meter readings. customer service was woeful, never read the issues i raised and claimed it was my problem. moved supplier and they gave my new supplier the wrong meters meaning another issues I had to sort thanks to them. Avoid these profit hungry corps.

As stated before absolutely useless

As stated before absolutely useless
And cowards to boot asked me for my account number which I provided
So they could contact me and suprises suprises
Grossly overpaid executives hiding in their ivory towers
These people should never been allowed near a public service shame on the minister concerned


Beware! Shell Energy are money grabbing crooks! We were automatically transferred onto Shell energy after my previous energy supplier went bust. Not one bill has been correct. Only my husband and I live in a 3 bed house, and in one month we were charged over £500!!! What am I heating, a village? Next bill went down to a reasonable amount. And then yet again in the hottest month of the year- where we were on holiday for half of it, we were charged £227.
Shell- why are you robbing people blind? Yes the price of energy has increased but at least make your charges look believable. A household with only 2 people in it, and overcharging on the hottest month of the year when we were barely at home? You are no better than the common thief. Those looking to change energy suppliers- STAY AWAY!!!!

so wish there was a no star diabolical…

so wish there was a no star diabolical company, majority didnt even care, call handlers need severe retraining took me 5 MONTHS to get my £140.00 in credit from old address back, yet they want people to pay their bills ASAP im changing suppliers and cant wait staff seam half asleep, most gave wrong information out, ive had to phone them over 100 times may 2022, totally useless

Shell will do anything for profit.

Shell energy have taken money during a transition from my previous energy supplier Pure Energy and are trying to now explain that it was all calculated and is given in a breakdown. They promised this would be resolved at first but have changed their mind recently. They owe me money. When big companies want to flip us off, they think they can.

Fictional Readings

Shell Energy took over my account when Green Energy went out of business. Since then they told me my smart meter was set up, it isn’t and obviously is not working. They have since increased my Direct debit from £130 per month to £755 per month.

My January bill was in line with my meter reading and then in March they estimated a drop in the reading of approximately 5,000 units. Now that I have submitted another correct reading they are billing me for using the extra units because of their error.

I contacted the live chat and it fills me with no confidence whatsoever. They cant confirm what my actual reading are. Apparently a number of readings have been deleted, they are estimating my starting reading which is a fictional figure, and then billing me accordingly. The person on the live chat then stated they would recalculate my estimated starting reading and got a figure 3,000 units below the previous made up estimate. I have used just over 3.000 units in 8 months and they are saying from September 2021 to December 2021 I have used 9,500 units!!

How are you suppose to defend yourself when they have no evidence of readings and just make it up. Their response is to download the last bill from Green Energy, which I cant as it is on the app and as the company is no longer in business the app is not available.

I asked for a copy of the transcript of the live chat for my records, to show what had been discussed and declared. They were unable to provide this and said I could have a copy of the reference number.

Absolutely incompetent at best!

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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