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Leaked Shell Emails Discuss Despicable Treatment of Stanlow Refinery Workforce

Hugh Mitchell, Shell’s Chief Human Resources & Corporate Officer and member of the Royal Dutch Shell Plc Executive Committee

By John Donovan

We are in possession of current Shell internal emails involving senior Royal Dutch Shell executives, including Tom Botts Shell’s Downstream Executive Vice President for Global Manufacturing and Hugh Mitchell, Chief Human Resources & Corporate Officer (and member of the Royal Dutch Shell Plc Executive Committee).

The emails reveal disgust at how the proposed sale of the Shell Stanlow Refinery was leaked to the press and refer to the “despicable” treatment of the Stanlow workforce.

Once again, Shell employees are being sold like slaves in a public auction. Last time it was 3,000 Shell IT staff.

An article containing detailed information will be published on later today.

It will contain comment from Shell insider sources whose identities will of course remain secret.

It must be dawning on Shell employees around the globe that they are working for a particularly ruthless and callous senior management, which views employees as mere commodities. and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

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