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Saturday 1 May, 2004 Shell Worker Claims Company ‘Lied To Community’

Financial Times: In real world Shell is not shrinking

London Evening Standard: Huge profits at battered Shell

Sunday 2 May, 2004

The Independent: Watchdog shakes up oil audits in the wake of Shell scandal

The Times: Cox joins the ‘top table’ as BP prepares for life after Browne

The Times: Profit from the rising price of oil

The Observer: Shell halts crucial Sakhalin pipeline project

UK Bank Holiday Monday 3 May, 2004

Financial Times: Shell reschedules work to help whales

Tuesday 4 May, 2004

The Guardian: Shell hopes Iraq can help to plug oil leak

The Guardian: El Paso staff accused of reserves ploy Shell IT staff will be well placed to find new jobs Land Owners Issue Shell 10-Day Ultimatum

SACOBSERVER.COM: Protestors Force Shell To Close Plant In Nigeria

Wednesday 5 May, 2004

Financial Times: Shell puts Iraq project on hold

Financial Times: Shell prepares for IT jobs in India

Financial Times: Oil giants face uncertain future as tribal clashes over land grow more violent in Niger Delta Shell signs ‘Mother of all outsourcing deals’ Warri Crisis: We’re Losing $20m Monthly – Shell

Thursday 6 May, 2004 Shell reputation reserves close to empty

Sunday 9 May, 2004

The Sunday Telegraph: US pension fund giants lead Shell onslaught

Monday 10 May, 2004

Time Magazine: Spring Cleaning: Europe’s CEOs are biting the dust as a more American-style shareholder activism reaches the boardroom

International Herald Tribune: Shell Concealed Extent of Its Problems to Protect Nigeria Partnership.


Tuesday 11 May, 2004

Financial Times: Score of Shell

TimesOnline: Shell dividends are still flowing

The Independent: Shell paid little attention to its in-house legal team. But as the recent scandal showed, no modern business can afford to keep its briefs unbriefed

The Independent: Intelligent Energy plans flotation to develop fuel cells

London Evening Standard: Hewitt set to sign China trade deals Lowland backs Shell’s recovery

Wall Street Journal: Aggressive Oil Reserves Due To Mediocre Output – Study

Wall Street Journal: Shell’s Brent Delta North Sea Oil, Gas Platform Restarted Sat

TimesOnline: Chinese deals worth £1.5bn announced

Wednesday 12 May, 2004

Financial Times: Shell executives to gather for summit

Financial Times: Added energy for trade links

Newark Star-Ledger: Judge to choose lead plaintiffs in Shell oil reserve fraud case.
(“This is a fraud that was orchestrated apparently at the highest levels of the company, extending over many, many years, and executed knowing that this is defrauding the public.”) Shell Has No Plans To Cover Refinery’s Loss

The Times: BP, Shell and Kingfisher lead the British rush for contracts in China

Saturday 15 May, 2004

The Guardian: Shell in row over executive bonuses

The Guardian: The end-of-the-pier show

The Guardian: Unilever united

Financial Times: Royal Dutch’s options prompt argument

Financial Times: Reserving a seat at Woodlands Resort conference circus

Financial Times: Shell names new head of SEI project

Financial Times: MMO2 chief to head merged Revenue (former Shell UK MD David Varney)

Financial Times: Chemistry graduate charged with devising right formula (Varney Again)

Daily Telegraph: Dutch eye Shell move

Daily Telegraph: City doyen takes Revenue hot seat

The Independent: Pumped up: the winners and losers from dearer oil

The Independent: Varney takes big pay cut for challenge of top Revenue job

The Independent: BP and Shell invest $1.2bn in Chinese petrol station expansion

London Evening Standard: Brown shows bosses the way

The Wall Street Journal: Royal Dutch In Dispute With Regulator Over Bonus

The Wall Street Journal: Sakhalin Energy CEO Steve McVeigh To Return To Shell

Sunday 16 May, 2004

Fortune Magazine: Now If Only Shell Could Find Some Oil …
(Forget the reserve drama: At the current rate, Shell will run out of oil in a decade).
The Sunday Telegraph: Why are gas prices so high?
(Royal/Dutch Shell… declined to comment specifically on whether there was any deliberate manipulation going on)

The Sunday Telegraph: Cut-price chairmen are best avoided

The Sunday Times: Chemical reaction reflects shift to capitalism

The Sunday Times: Shell coy over £1bn refinery in China

Monday 17 May, 2004

Financial Times: OBSERVER: Road to Damascus

Financial Times: Dutch regulator exempts Shell pay packages

The Times: Need to Know: Global Business Briefing

The Times: Job file: If you have been overpaid, be very, very scared

The Wall Street Journal: U.K Regulator Weighs Becoming More Public

Tuesday 18 May, 2004

The Wall Street Journal: State Lawmakers To Probe Reason For High Californian Gas Prices 

The Wall Street Journal: Despite Oil’s Heady Climb, Finding Winning Energy Stocks Isn’t So Easy

Daily Telegraph: India fall eclipses Cairn’s oil boost

The Independent: India success makes Cairn a worthy hold

National Post: Shell Canada CEO Linda Cook leaves after a year to head Royal Dutch Petroleum Royal Dutch Petroleum Company: Directorate Change Shell insider to join top board

Wednesday 19 May, 2004 At least three die in Shell Nigeria oil well fire

The Scotsman: Cook joins Shell’s MD team to free Brinded for E&P role

Daily Telegraph: Shell shift

The Wall Street Journal: Shell to Name Cook A Managing Director

The Wall Street Journal: Business, Agencies To Standardize Their Benchmarks

The Independent: Shell moves to plug holes in management board

The Wall Street Journal: Street Sleuth: Oil-Price Forecasts Seem to Miss Upward Trend

The Times: Need to Know: Global Business Briefing

Houston Business Journal: Cook being considered for high-profile Shell job

Financial Times: Canada candidate for top Shell job Task Force Stalls Closure of Shell Operations

Sacramento Bee: Shell denies greed spurs the closure

Thursday 20 May, 2004

The Guardian: Responsible attitudes

The Times: A global threat buried

The Wall Street Journal: New Californian Senate Panel To Examine Gasoline, Diesel Pricing

Oakland Tribune: Boxer pointing finger at Shell

Los Angeles Times: Shell’s Refinery Shutdown: Standard Business Practice

Letter from Alfred Donovan to Lord Falconer, Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State

Friday 21 May, 2004

TheGlobe& Cook’s tenure at Shell Canada far too brief

The Times: Drug company finds the right remedy for fat-cat headlines

The Wall Street Journal: Shell NZ Sells Pohokura Gas To Contact,Genesis, Multi Gas

The Wall Street Journal: Argentina Fuel Price Deal Leaves Refiners In Tight Spot

Daily Mail: American woman for Shell board Shell Confirms 3 Dead in Oil Well Fire

Saturday 22 May, 2004

Financial Times: Shell investors near governance pact

Financial Times: Governments are considering ways to shelter accounting firms from ruinous lawsuits but lawyers specialising in class-action suit

Financial Times: A diplomatic antidote to Dutch helm disease

The Wall Street Journal: Shell Nigeria Reports Second Pipeline Fire In Week

Sunday 23 May, 2004

The Sunday Times: The only way is up for oil prices

The Sunday Times: Business Letters

The Observer: Amec and Koreans in $1bn Iraq deal

The Sunday Telegraph: Shell gives Watts a £1m golden farewell

The Sunday Telegraph: Corporate governance? Buy British Shell gives Watts a £1m farewell

Oil & Gas Journal: Shell, JV partners start oil, gas production from Llano field in Gulf of Mexico

Monday 24 May, 2004

Financial Times: Royal Dutch/Shell severance deals not agreed yet

The Wall Street Journal: Shell NZ Sells Pohokura Gas To Contact, Genesis, Multi Gas

The Herald: Watts walks off with £1m at Shell

The Guardian: Calm after the storm in the pay wars Shell NZ Says Sells Pohokura Gas To NGC Holdings -2-

London Evening Standard: Shell slashes reserves again

CBC News: Shell reduces reserve estimates for fourth time this year

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Makes Fourth Downgrade Of Oil Reserves This Year

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Royal Dutch/Shell Says Will Publish 03 Report May 28 Press Release from The “Shell” Transport and Trading Company, p.l.c.

Tuesday 25 May, 2004

Australian Financial Review: Shell makes more reserve revisions

BBC News: Shell trims back reserves again -Can Shell draw a line under the scandal? Shell cuts oil reserves for fourth time

Financial Times: Call to UK companies on risk controls

Financial Times: Shell accounts get signed off at last  

Financial Times: Shell restates 2002 reserves for the fourth time

Daily Telegraph: Shell slices still more off proven reserves

The Guardian: Shell forced to make fourth downgrade

Toronto Star: Oil giant Shell downgrades reserves again

The Independent: Shell seeks to draw a line after fourth cut in reserves

The Times: Shell shock will be hard to dispel

The Times: Shell Legal Director “kept in the dark”

The Times: Crude prices surge near to 21-year high

The Times: Shell cuts reserves for fourth time Reserves Crisis Flares At Shell

Daily Mail: Vanishing reserves  

Wednesday 26 May, 2004

Houston Oil & Gas Journal: Royal Dutch/Shell trims its 2002 reserves again

The Scotsman: Shell wipes 120m more barrels from reserves

The Wall Street Journal: Shell Says Bought Back 1.2 Mln Own Shares

Thursday 27 May, 2004 Kansas, other states’ pension funds involved in Shell litigation Shell temporarily shuts down 106 stations,3604,1225548,00.html

Friday 28 May, 2004

Financial Times: Shell executives paid no bonuses in 2003

Financial Times: Shell aims to Shed arrogant reputation  

The Observer: Oiling the machinery of war

The Wall Street Journal: Shell Annual Report: Co Vows To Regain Trust Of Shareholders

The Wall Street Journal: Tiny SEC Staff Monitors Data on Oil Reserves

The New York Times: Raised Sulfur Levels in Gas Reported

London Evening Standard: Shell boss missed £2m payout Shell Says It’s Reviewing Timing of Canada Reserves Revision

Saturday 29 May, 2004

BBC News: Disgraced Shell bosses lose bonus

Financial Times: Shell goes for the ultimate in transparency

San Jose Mercury News:Shell Reduces Earnings by $203 Million TEXT-S&P may still cut Shell Group entities

The Guardian: Apologetic Shell promises culture change

The Independent: Sacked Shell chief keeps 1m options

The Independent: Where to invest and still have a clear conscience

The Telegraph: Shell’s Sir Philip still connected to the pipeline

Daily Telegraph: Watts’ pension pot tops £10m

The Wall Street Journal: Ousted Shell Executives Won’t Get 2003 Bonuses

The Wall Street Journal: More Oil Co Reserves Shocks Unless Rules Tighten -Banker

The New York Times: Shell Discloses a Large Pay Package for Its Former Chairman

The Times: Oil price bubble will burst, but fear of shortage remains 

The Times: Shell withholds bonuses from ousted directors

The Scotsman: Troubled Shell’s board bonuses axed

Arizona Republic: Shell reduces earnings for ’03 by $203 million

The Sun Herald: Shell shuts pumps in parts of South

Sunday 30 May, 2004

Houston Chronicle: Former SEC leader Levitt notes irony in Shell’s troubles

The Scotsman: Shell Shell Oil replaces sulfur-tainted gasoline

The Observer: Saudi horror sparks fears of oil crisis

The Observer: Shell’s ground zero

The Observer: Don’t vote before you read this

The Times: The Andrew Davidson Interview: Life’s a gas for BG supreme

The Independent: Shell chief faces investors’ wrath over reform at annual meeting

The Wall Street Journal: Hostages Are Released After Saudi Crisis Ends

The Business: Shell UK bosses join push for single board

The Business: Benchmark Column: Shell

Monday 31 May, 2004 UK Bank Holiday: USA Memorial Day Holiday Shell cuts earnings $285m

BARRON’ Winds of Fortune

Mail on Sunday: £150m bonanza for Shell auditors and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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