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Sunday, 1 May 2005 Iran says expects to win bid to buy Basell: “Iran said it was better-placed to buy polymer joint venture Basell than its Indian rivals and expects to be the final winner in the sale process…”( 1 May 05

Monday, 2 May 2005

THE NEW YORK TIMES: A Promise Unfulfilled: Iraq’s Oil Output Is Lagging: “Any major decisions on oil development must also await the results of a technical study, being conducted by British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell, that will chart the state of the country’s oil fields and assess the most promising next steps.” ( 2 May 05

Los Angeles Times: Texaco Aims to Regain Star Status in U.S.: Its parent company is converting gas stations, hoping to ride on the brand’s long history.: “Odd as it sounds, the U.S. arm of ChevronTexaco Corp. is getting back into the business of Texaco.”: “To get their merger cleared by antitrust authorities, the companies sold exclusive rights to the Texaco brand for three years to a group led by the Shell division of Royal Dutch/Shell Group.” ( 2 May 05

The Independent (UK): Shell suffers Oman oilfield setback: “Shell, the oil company, suffered a fresh blow yesterday after it lost the right to develop a large oilfield in Oman after a dispute over how to boost output.”: “The news may come as a setback for Shell, which is seeking to boost reserves that took a hit last year after it overbooked on several large projects.” ( 2 May 05

BLOOMBERG: Occidental Ousts Shell in Developing Oman Oil Field: “Occidental Petroleum Corp., the fourth- largest U.S. oil company by market value, will replace Royal Dutch/Shell Group in a $2 billion oil field project in Oman.” ( Posted 2 May 05 (New Zealand): Pohokura partners in row: “The $1 billion development of the crucial Pohokura gasfield may be slipping behind schedule because of a bitter row between energy heavyweights Shell New Zealand and Todd Energy over operating key New Zealand gasfields.”: “Shell and Todd are developing Pohokura through Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS), a 50:50 unincorporated joint venture, but the arrangement appears close to disintegration with their disputes spilling over into the High Court.” ( 2 May 05

Tuesday, 3 May 2005

Reuters: Shell agrees gas exploration deal with Libya: “Shell, which is grappling with falling production and dwindling oil and gas reserves, said on Tuesday that the deal was an important step in rebuilding its resource base.” ( 3 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell to Return to Libya With Natural-Gas Deal: “The return to Libya may help boost the oil major’s dwindling reserves and strengthen its position as the world’s largest producer of liquefied natural gas, or LNG.”( 3 May 05

BBC NEWS: Shell forges Libyan gas agreement: “The deal is seen as key for Shell, as it tries to rebuild investor trust after overstating its reserves.” ( 3 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell To Delay Repairs To Mars Tension Leg Platform: “Royal Dutch/Shell Group unit Shell Exploration & Production Co. has for the second time delayed repairs planned for its Mars oil and gas platform in the Gulf of Mexico” ( 3 May 05

New Zealand Herald: Gasfield row erupts into Appeal Court: “Todd and Shell have fallen out over their joint-venture company, Shell Todd Oil Services, which is the field’s operator.” ( 3 May 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: With Little Fanfare, a New Effort to Prosecute Employers That Flout Safety Laws: “…Motiva Enterprises, an oil refining company partly owned by Shell Oil, pleaded guilty to endangering workers negligently and committing environmental crimes in Delaware. The company was ordered to pay a $10 million fine and sentenced to three years’ probation” ( Posted 3 May 05

BlueOregon: Screwed by Shell Oil: Welcome to the free market, Brent: “Brent DeHart is a member of the Salem City Council, a former president of the state gasoline dealers’ association, and an independent dealer of Shell gasoline. And by all accounts, a pretty nice guy.”: “Shell is deliberately pricing their gas higher for him in order to drive him out of business.” ( 3 May 05 Website launched to protest Shell’s pricing: “Brent DeHart, co-owner of DeHart’s Mission Street Shell in Salem Oregon launched a website called to protest price discrimination policies”: “One of the purpose of the website is to provide a way for other independent Shell station owners to share their frustrations about Shell Oil.” ( 3 May 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Oil giants empowered, majors weakened: “State-owned oil giants in producing nations are cementing control over much of the world’s reserves…”: “At a meeting of OPEC and oil majors in Vienna last year, the big six majors — ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Total, ChevronTexaco and ConocoPhillips — got a cool reception when they met OPEC and called for easier access to Middle Eastern reserves.” ( Posted 3 May 05

The Guardian (UK): Europe adapts to globalisation and investor unrest: “He insisted that even the most stringent rules would not prevent scandals. “In the US we have just seen the scandal at insurer AIG and it was Sarb-Ox compliant. We will still have the WorldComs or Enrons or Parmalats or Aholds even when laws exist with codes on top.”: “companies like Shell and Unilever are adopting this system and giving up the two-tier system…” 3 May 05

Wednesday, 4 May 2005

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell, BASF Near Plastics-Venture Sale: “…to an Indian group for more than €4 billion ($5.14 billion)” ( 4 May 05

The Guardian (UK): Shell steps on the gas as Libya comes in from the cold: “Malcolm Brinded, Shell’s executive director of exploration and production, said his company was “delighted” to be back there.” ( 4 May 05

THE TIMES (UK): Shell plans to pump £340m into Libya for gas exports ( 4 May 05


FINANCIAL TIMES: Shell hopes loss of Omani field is just a warning: “Royal Dutch/Shell’s loss of the right to develop the Mukhaizna field in Oman is a serious blow to the oil company as it tries to recover from last year’s reserves overbooking scandal.” ( 4 May 05

Lloyds List: Halliburton wins Shell contract: “HALLIBURTON has secured a $24m contract from Shell Exploration ‘ Production to provide integrated drilling services in the Gulf of Mexico for two years.” ( 4 May 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: ChevronTexaco Overhauling Aid to Nigeria: “ChevronTexaco Corp.’s statement follows a similar admission by Shell last year…” ( 4 May 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Shell, Libya Reach Gas Exploration Deal ( 4 May 05

Thursday, 5 May 2005

The Guardian (UK): US lobbying scuppers Shell sale to Iran: “Shell appears to have bowed to American pressure and backed out of a $4.4bn (£2.3bn) plan to sell a chemical business to Iran, for fear of damaging its extensive US interests.” ( 5 May 05

Financial Times: Bounty hunters: “Royal Dutch/Shell employees in the UK will qualify for a £1,800 payment, before tax, if they refer a successful candidate to fill vacancies for experienced technical staff in exploration and production.” ( 5 May 05

Financial Times: Total frustration: “A few weeks earlier, Total boss Thierry Desmarest scotched speculation he was interested in bidding for Anglo-Dutch rival Shell.” ( 5 May 05

Financial Times: Access close to €4bn deal for Basell: “The Access-led team is understood to have beaten National Petrochemical Company, the Iranian state-owned oil group, to win Basell after fears emerged that a deal with Iran would contravene US sanctions. ( 5 May 05

THE TIMES (UK): US ‘forced’ Shell and BASF to reject bid from Iran: “SHELL and BASF succumbed to pressure from Washington when they turned down a €4.4 billion (£3 billion) Iranian bid for Basell, their chemicals joint venture, said the managing director of Iran’s National Petrochemical Company (NPC).” ( 5 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: SEC Asks Total, Hydro To Disclose Iran Payments –Source: “According to a person familiar with the matter, heavy pressure from the U.S. has in recent days deterred Shell from selling its Basell petrochemical joint venture to Iran’s National Petrochemical Co.” ( Posted 5 May 05

Friday, 6 May 2005 Shell ‘no comment’ on US blocking NPC purchase( 6 May 05

Daily Telegraph (UK): Iran loses race for Basell due to US pressure ( 6 May 05

Financial Times: Basell sold in €4.4bn deal: “Royal Dutch/Shell and BASF have sold their plastics joint venture, Basell, for €4.4bn ($5.7bn) to a consortium led by Access Industries of the US and India’s Chatterjee Group.” ( 6 May 05

The Independent (UK): BP’s Russian oligarch buys Shell plastics joint venture for £3bn: “Shell and BASF had looked set to sell the business to Iran’s state-owned National Petroleum Company, which offered the highest price in the auction.” ( 6 May 05

Financial Times: Digital dawn for black-gold diggers: “In a darkened room, a group of Royal Dutch/Shell technical experts don virtual reality goggles and reach for their keyboards to direct the drilling of an oilfield thousands of miles away. They are in the oil company’s exploration and production headquarters in the Netherlands, but the oil lies beneath the Gulf of Mexico. ( 6 May 05

The Guardian (UK): Shell sells plastics unit to Russian billionaire: “Shell yesterday sold its plastics business for euros 4.4bn (pounds 3bn), appearing to bow to American pressure against selling the group to Iran.”: “Shell was keen to sell Basell since it was an important part of a strategy to dispose of up to $15bn worth of assets as it restructures following the oil reserves scandal last year. Last year, it emerged that Shell had overstated its reserves by almost a quarter, resulting in the departure of chairman Sir Philip Watts and a pounds 17m fine from the Financial Services Authority for misleading the markets.” ( 6 May 05

BLOOMBERG: BASF, Shell to Sell Basell to Access, Chatterjee (Update4): “BASF AG and Royal Dutch/Shell Group agreed to sell their Basell NV plastics joint venture for 4.4 billion euros ($5.7 billion) to companies controlled by Russian- born billionaire Len Blavatnik and an Indian entrepreneur after bowing to U.S. pressure to reject Iranian offers.”: “Shell is increasing spending on exploration after it last year said it had misled investors on reserves for years.” ( Posted 6 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell, BASF Sell Plastics Venture To Consortium for $5.7 Billion ( Posted 6 May 05

Saturday, 7 May 2005

Financial Times: MONEY – INVESTING: High oil price offsets reserve fears: “Given its travails over the past year and a half, it is surprising that Royal Dutch/Shell has so many fans in the investment community. The company was forced to cut its level of proven oil and gas reserves, a key measure of an energy group’s underlying health, by a third last year. This led to the acrimonious departure of its three most senior executives, $150m of fines from US and UK stock market regulators and several class action lawsuits. Shell replaced just one in five of the barrels of oil and gas that it extracted and sold last year, another sign of how poorly the company is doing relative to its peers.”: ”…while the short-term rationale appears compelling, the longer view is more murky. Merrill Lynch harbours reservations on “re-investment quality, strategic direction and management vision”. Shell’s production of oil and gas has fallen and is expected to be stagnant at best for the next few years”: ( 7 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Libya Govt Gives Go-Ahead For New Energy Auction-Official: “Monday, Royal Dutch/Shell Group reached a comprehensive agreement for gas exploration and liquefaction with NOC, its first major project in the country in 30 years. The return to Libya is seen as a way to boost the oil major’s dwindling reserves and strengthen its position as the world’s largest producer of liquefied natural gas.” ( Posted 7 May 05

Sunday, 8 May 2005

THE BUSINESS (EU): Shell’s change of tack puts it back on course: “For the first time in what seems an age, the good news for Shell is beginning to outweigh the bad.” ( 8 May 05

The Independent (UK): Power to the people in the fight against corporations. Fed up with a product, service or company? Then share it with millions online: “Richard Dobbie, a graphic designer, started a site – – last year to protest about the problems he claimed to have endured with the pluspoints loyalty scheme operated by petrol station giant Shell. ( Posted 8 May 05

THE TIMES (UK): PERSONAL INVESTOR: The best isn’t too much of a good thing: “This summer, Shell will, barring accident, lift its weighting from 3 per cent to 7 per cent of the FTSE all-share index when it merges with its Dutch bigger half.” ( Posted 8 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Chavez: Venezuela May Charge Oil Companies Back Taxes:  “The tax hike on operating agreements hits a number of foreign companies including ChevronTexaco (CVX) and Royal Dutch Shell (RD,SC), among others.” ( Posted 8 May 05

Monday, 9 May 2005

Process & Control Today (UK): Shell Agrees Libyan Exploration Deal: “Shell’s Executive Director for Exploration and Production, Malcolm Brinded, said: “We are delighted to be back in Libya and honoured to work together with NOC to develop a modern LNG industry, and explore for and develop gas in the prolific Sirte Basin.” ( 9 May 05

Asia.News: Shell/Total venture cautious on Saudi gas hopes: “Saudi Arabia’s first international joint venture gas exploration project has only a one in five chance of finding commercially viable gas reserves in the vast Empty Quarter, its chief executive said on Sunday.” ( 9 May 05

Fort Worth Star Telegram: American policy, courtesy of Beavis & Co.: “Exxon Mobil’s profits are up 44 percent, Royal Dutch/Shell up 42 percent, etc. According to the business pages, the biggest problem that oil executives face is what to do with all their cash. So why give more tax breaks to the oil companies?”: “American energy policy — written by Beavis and Butt-Head.” ( Posted 9 May 05

Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Lloyds List: Shell to begin life on Mars after respite in ocean conditions ( 10 May 05

Lloyds List: North Asian gas import prices will rise as demand increases: “Peter de Wit, president of Shell Gas ‘ Power, Asia- Pacific, said the industry was witnessing the emergence of a more inter-connected global LNG market which was likely to lead to ‘greater volatility in the Asia-Pacific market and higher prices.’ ( 10 May 05

Yahoo Business News: Shell Transport & Trading Co. plc: First Quarter 2005 Unaudited Condensed Interim Financial Reports ( 10 May 05

Yahoo Business News (Australia): MALAYSIA BUSINESS BRIEFS: Shell Refining In Financing Deal ( 10 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Aramco Mulls Domestic IPO For $5 Bln Export Refinery: “ExxonMobil (XOM) and Royal Dutch/Shell (RD SC) already operate joint venture refineries in the kingdom, and Shell is among the first foreigners to enter the upstream sector, exploring for gas.” ( Posted 10 May 05

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Qatar Hopes For Big Payoff From `Green’ Diesel Investment: “It’s a beautiful product,” says Jim Jensen, a Massachusetts-based energy economist. “The kerosene smells like perfume.” In all, some $20 billion has been committed to build an unprecedented array of clean diesel plants in this Gulf shore industrial park. Those chipping in include oil titans Royal Dutch/Shell Group, ChevronTexaco Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp. “Shell is already selling the fuel in Thailand, The Netherlands, Greece and Germany, charging slightly more than its oil-based diesel. In Europe, Shell calls the fuel V-Power Diesel.” ( Posted 11 May 05

Financial Times: Light sweet temptation: “What next for BG?”: “A 44 per cent rise in profits mirrors the success of BP and Shell. Its two larger rivals, however, could not match a 7 per cent year-on-year increase in production.” ( 11 May 05

The Guardian (UK): Gas price fuels 44% BG profits rise: “While Shell and even ExxonMobil saw a decline in their first quarter output, BG’s production rose 7% on the same quarter last year to reach 43.7m barrels of oil equivalents.” ( 11 May 05

Daily Telegraph (UK): BG (aka Bid Gossip) is not likely to be gobbled up soon: “The thing about being a little fish in a big pond is that you either grow to fill it or get gobbled up by a bigger one. It’s an intriguing position for BG Group, the former exploration arm of British Gas that’s swimming with sharks such as BP and Shell. Nicknamed Bid Gossip by some for the persistent takeover rumours, it is also growing rapidly.” ( 11 May 05

The Guardian (UK): Rapid return to nuclear power ruled out: “Sir David King, the government’s chief scientist in charge of energy research and development, said speculation that nuclear power would make a comeback was premature.”: “He said if the industrial world burned all the coal and gas reserves without capturing the carbon produced, there would be massive climate change and “by 2100 major problems”. He said he was talking to the chief executives of Shell and BP about the problem and was encouraged.” ( 11 May 05

THE TIMES (UK): Big is beautiful in a world of scarce energy resources: “Together, BP and Shell have invested about $1 billion in solar cells, but it remains a fringe activity, an inefficient technology that loses money.” ( 11 May 05

THE TIMES (UK): Need to Know: Global Business Briefing: Natural Resources: “Royal Dutch/Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil group, has signed an exploration deal with Naftogaz of Ukraine to explore 30,000 sq km within the Dniepr-Donets basin” ( 11 May 05

AFX Asia (Focus): Hong Kong’s Towngas in JV deal with Shell (China) in Hangzhou: “In a statement, Towngas said it and partners Shell and Hangzhou Gas (Group) will set up a new joint venture which will construct a 117-kilometer pipeline and two natural gas city gate stations in Hangzhou.” ( 11 May 05 Iran Officials Say Shell Still After Key Oil Field Deal: “Only days after appearing to bow to intense U.S. pressure to withdraw from their reported talks with Iran on a petrochemicals deal, executives from Royal Dutch/Shell Group (RD,SC) are due in Tehran – this time to negotiate a role in one of the country’s largest oil developments…” ( Posted 11 May 05

Yahoo Business News: Iran Officials Say Shell Still After Key Oil Field Deal ( 11 May 05

London Evening Standard: Shell pressed to take new faces aboard: “F&C corporate governance chief Karina Litvack and director Richard Singleton… are encouraging companies ‘to write into contracts a degree of personal liability for fraudulent or negligent behaviour’.: “Investors were later shocked to read an email from former exploration boss Walter van de Vijver to former group chairman Sir Philip Watts in which he said: ‘I am becoming sick and tired about lying about the extent of our reserves issues.’ ( Posted 11 May 05

The Washington Times: Ukraine natural gas exploration with Shell: “London-based Shell Exploration and a Ukrainian gas company Tuesday announced an agreement to explore and produce natural gas.” ( Posted 11 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell To Work With Ukraine Naftogaz On Gas Exploration: ” A person close to Shell said the deal, the first of its kind in Ukraine for an international oil major, could help the Anglo-Dutch company gets a foothold into the country’s hydrocarbons reserves.” ( Posted 11 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Venezuela To Bill Oil Firms 4 Yrs Of Back Taxes: Official ( Posted 11 May 05

Thursday, 12 May 2005

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Forms $91M JV To Build Gas Pipeline In East China ( Posted 12 May 05Financial Times: Global interest in QP projects: “Oil majors struggling to replace their energy reserves have been competing hard to gain access to Qatar’s natural gas reserves, the third-largest in the world. Following a flurry of deals announced earlier this year, the country has now declared a moratorium on new projects.”: “Analysts said Shell would be the most affected. The Anglo-Dutch group has a stake in only one project and could ill-afford a reduction in its holdings after being forced to scale back its reserve figures last year. Shell declined to comment.” ( 12 May 05

Yahoo Biz: MALAYSIA PRESS: Shell Refining To Sign MYR532M Loan Pact: “Shell Refining, which operates an oil refinery south of Kuala Lumpur, has MYR577.6 million in outstanding unsecured term loans, the report says.” ( 12 May 05

New Straits Times (Malaysia): Shell Refining seeks new loan to repay debt ( 12 May 05

The Guardian (UK): Pass the butty: “There is an insular feel about Unilever redolent of another troubled Anglo-Dutch group, Shell, accentuated by the fact that Shell boss Jeroen van der Veer recently joined the Unilever board. This rather dull Dutchman has his own work cut out trying to turn around Shell, where he is chief executive, and that may be why he was not at the Unilever meeting. ( 12 May 05

Daily Telegraph (UK): The poorly travelled need not apply: “Oil firm Shell International has also seen overseas assignments become more fluid. For starters international business managers don’t have to be sitting down the corridor from their teams any more, says David Pappie, global manager of attraction and recruitment. They can be 5,000 miles away and only meet up twice a year but still be in constant contact through phone, email or video conferencing.” ( 12 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Forms $91M JV To Build Gas Pipeline In East China ( Posted 12 May 05

Friday, 13 May 2005

THE TIMES (UK): Need to Know: “Repsol YPF, the Spanish- Argentine oil and gas group, said that it was in talks with private equity companies over a joint bid for the liquefied petroleum gas unit of Royal Dutch/Shell…” ( 13 May 05

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell unit to prepay outstanding balance of RM1.4b loans ( 13 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Solar Gets 1.28 Mln Euro China Solar Power Contract ( Posted 13 May 05

Hong Kong Standard: Shell, PetroChina gas project revived: “The supermajor and PetroChina are close to signing a final agreement to jointly develop the Changbei gas field in northwest China’s Ordos Basin, Shell’s first onshore upstream development in the country, sources said.” ( 13 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Oil Firms Under The Gun In Revenue-Hungry Venezuela: “Chavez has accused oil firms of “robbing” the country for years, and has said the firms need to pay old debts or leave.” ( Posted 13 May 05

Saturday, 14 May 2005

Planet Porto Alegre (Brazil): Sakhalin’s treasures: “Shell wants the oil from the Russian Seas. Environmentalists denounce the risk of extinction regarding the Pacific Gray Whales”: “Although the oil is not important to the gray whales, it does attract other terrible “predators” like Royal Dutch/Shell” ( 14 May 05

Sunday, 15 May 2005

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Diesel From Natural Gas Could Cut Smog: “gas-to-liquids (GTL)”: “In all, some $20 billion has been committed to build an unprecedented array of clean diesel plants in this Gulf shore industrial park. Those chipping in include oil titans Royal Dutch/Shell Group, ChevronTexaco Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp…”: “The largest GTL plant now producing is Shell’s plant in Bintulu, Malaysia, churning out 14,700 barrels per day.” ( 15 May 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: A Look at the Gas – To – Liquids Ventures: “ROYAL DUTCH/SHELL GROUP: Shell’s $6 billion Pearl GTL plant will house 24 GTL reactors churning out 70,000 barrels per day by 2009 and 140,000 a few years later.” ( 15 May 05

Scotland on Sunday: Shops say it will be business as usual: “Concerns about a major shutdown were sparked when it emerged McDonald’s and Shell garages will close on the weekend of July 2, when 200,000 protesters are expected for a Make Poverty History march.” ( 15 May 05

BruneiDirect.Com: Marine Cadet Does Country Proud: “In his opening remark, the guest of honour said, “Brunei Shell Carriers will continuously endeavour to produce more qualified and skilled locals in management and operations.” ( 15 May 05

Radio Netherlands: Oil giant goes on drilling despite bad press: “Despite massive attempts to change the way in which it is perceived, Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell is facing familiar problems once again. Having pumped money and effort into trying to shake off a negative image, the company is again attracting bad press.”: “In Argentina, too, Shell appears to have given the profit-goal priority over its reputation. ( Posted 15 May 05

Monday, 16 May 2005

London Evening Standard: ‘Green’ protesters target Shell: “FRIENDS of the Earth will launch its biggest protests of the summer annual general meeting season next month when it attacks Shell over a series of ‘broken promises’ to communities affected by the oil giant across the world.”: “This year it is focusing on just Shell…” ( 16 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Showa Shell’s Group Net Profit Soars Amid Rise in Oil Prices ( 16 May 05

Houston Chronicle: Motiva a case study in workplace regulation: “Only Shell and its refining companies came close to BP’s death toll for the decade. Shell Oil Products, predecessor Equilon Enterprises and sister company Motiva Enterprises together recorded 11 deaths.” ( Posted 16 May 05

Tuesday, 17 May 2005

SHELLNEWS.NET: KEN SARO-WIWA FOUNDATION: CALL FOR EDUCATORS: “The Ken Saro-Wiwa Foundation (KSWF) is looking for interested elementary and secondary teachers to participate in an education outreach program around the 10-year anniversary of the execution of Nigerian writer, human rights and environmental activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa.”:  “In 1995, Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight of his Ogoni (Nigerian community) colleagues were executed by the Nigerian Government following their campaign against the devastating environmental impacts of oil companies in their lands in the Niger Delta.” Posted 17 May 05

AFX Europe (Focus): Shell, PetroChina to invest 600 million usd developing Changbei natural gas field ( 17 May 05

Reuters: Shell and PetroChina to develop gas field: “PetroChina and Royal Dutch/Shell said on Tuesday they would go ahead with the joint development of the China’s Changbei natural gas field, with Shell as the operator.” ( 17 May 05

Business Standard (India): Shell to invest Rs 3,000cr at Hazira Port ( 17 May 05

Financial Times: Tesco rewards Leahy with a £2m bonus: “Last year Lord Browne of BP received £3.74m in cash, including a performance-related bonus of £2.28m. His oil major rival Jeroen van der Veer, chief executive of Shell, took home nearly £2m last year, including a bonus of about £1m.” ( 17 May 05

AME Info: (United Arab Emirates): Shell continues to promote entrepreneurial sprit by sponsoring the world’s largest gathering of entrepreneurs ( 17 May 05

Canada NewsWire (press release): Shell International and Ferrari renew partnership to 2010 ( 17 May 05

Wednesday, 18 May 2005

THE TIMES (UK): Business in Brief:  “Shell ended months of uncertainty by announcing plans to begin the £1.5 billion auction of its liquefied petroleum gas business in July.” ( 18 May 05

THE TIMES (UK): Need to know: Global Business Briefing: “Royal Dutch/Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil giant, and PetroChina will go ahead with the $600 million (£328 million) development of the Changbei natural gasfield.” ( 18 May 05

Thursday, 19 May 2005

Los Angeles’s Times: Shell Group Parent Cos. to Trade As 1 Stock: “The two parent companies of multinational oil giant Royal Dutch/Shell Group said Thursday they will trade as a single stock, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, from July 20.”: “The merger plans came in the wake of the company’s damaging downgrading of its oil reserves…” ( 19May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Royal Dutch/Shell to Be Unified, Ending Century-Old Dual Structure: Royal Dutch and Shell Transport will propose to their shareholders, who respectively own 60% and 40% of the company, to become subsidiaries of a new parent company, Royal Dutch Shell PLC: “Since January of last year, the company has restated its reserves five times and agreed in August to pay about $150 million in fines to U.S. and British regulators to settle charges that it misled investors.” ( 19 May 05

Reuters: Shell sees board unification completed on July 20: “…a move designed to improve corporate governance after a reserves downgrade scandal.” ( 19 May 05

Malaysia Star: Shell Refining posts record first quarter net profit ( 19 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell to Develop Chinese Gas Field With PetroChina: “The long-planned project between the Anglo-Dutch energy titan and China’s largest oil company involves producing natural gas from the Changbei field in northwest China for sale to provinces and cities to the east, said Shell’s executive director of gas and power, Linda Cook, in an interview in Beijing.” ( Posted 19 May 05

Friday, 20 May 2005

The Guardian (UK): Shell pays £63m in streamlining costs Shell has been forced to pay $115m (£63m) in advisers’ fees and taxes to move from a dual-company structure to a more traditional unified board following its reserves scandal. ( 20 May 05

The Independent (UK): Overhaul of Shell costs pounds 67m in fees: “Investment banks and other professional advisers have picked up $115m (pounds 63m) in fees from the corporate restructuring of the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell.” ( 20 May 05

Daily Telegraph (UK: Britons gain upper hand in Shell rejig: “The Anglo-Dutch company yesterday formally laid out its plans to unify its structure in the wake of the company’s annus horribilis last year when it admitted that it had exaggerated its proven reserves by 25pc ( 20 May 05

Reuters: Shell buybacks to target Dutch shares after merger: “The creation of a new merged firm, Royal Dutch Shell, is designed to improve corporate governance after a damaging reserves overbooking scandal last year…” ( Posted 20 May 05

Financial Times: Under which Shell a new chairman? ( 20 May 05

Financial Times: Timetable proposed for unified Shell ( Posted 20 May 05

Lloyds List: Royal Dutch Shell merger voting date fixed: “The Anglo-Dutch group is unifying its management and ownership to form Royal Dutch Shell following last year’s oil reserves scandal…” ( 20 May 05

Saturday, 21 May 2005

Daily Mail (UK): Shell may ditch retirement at 60: “Shell set out the change in its plan to combine its UK and Dutch arms into one company, Royal Dutch Shell, by July 20.” ( Posted 21 May 05 Shell Lube back in Bangladesh: “Shell Lubricants made a comeback re-launching its products in Dhaka on Thursday, four years after the Dutch oil giant left Bangladesh.” ( 21 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Oil Wells Refuse to Obey Chávez Commands: “…in Caracas the government is threatening foreign oil companies with contract cancellations and tax hikes”: ” On Tuesday, Reuters reported that Venezuelan tax authorities “held a second round of talks with seven foreign oil companies, including units of Chevron and Shell” on the matter.” ( Posted 21 May 05

Sunday, 22 May 2005

Mail & Guardian Online (South Africa): Nigeria seeks to double oil exports: “Several tens of millions of barrels in estimated reserves have lain untapped under Ogoniland since Shell quit the area following the controversial execution of minority rights activist Ken Saro-Wiwa in 1995.”: “Since the first oil started flowing from Shell’s Oil Well Number One in Oloibiri in 1956, Nigeria has earned more than $300-billion. In the same time, the proportion of its rapidly growing population living below the poverty line has more than doubled, to 75%, according to the World Bank.” ( 22 May 05

Financial Post (Canada): ‘Have running shoes, will travel’ is CEO’s business trip motto: “CLIVE MATHER: Age: 57 President and CEO Shell Canada Ltd., Calgary” ( Posted 22 May 05 (Syria): Shell Syria general manager Campbell Keir: “Shell has a policy worldwide to promote diversity.”: “We are working to encourage Arabic staff to join Shell in the Middle East through specialists and young graduates. We are also actively encouraging women to work in Shell,” ( 22 May 05

The Observer (UK): 2,000 more wind turbines in countryside: “Others speakers include Lord Oxburgh, chairman of oil company Shell, who admits the threat of climate change had made him ‘very worried for the planet’.” ( Sunday 22 May 05

Sunday Telegraph (UK): Mandarins on sale: “…Lord Kerr, a former head of the foreign office, is senior non-exec at Shell and is overseeing the search for the oil giant’s new chairman.” ( Sunday 22 May 05

Malaysia Star: World-class dialysis facility: “Shell Malaysia chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick and Petronas Sarawak general manager Ahmad Rahmad were also present. Shell had donated RM1.1mil to help build the centre while Petronas gave RM1mil.” ( 22 May 05

Monday, 23 May 2005

BBC Monitoring Service: Nigeria: “Protesters halt operations at Shell office in Warri: “Protesters numbering about 1,000 yesterday afternoon paralysed operations at the Warri office of the Anglo-Dutch oil giant, Shell Petroleum Development Company…”  ( Posted 23 May 05

Vanguard (Nigeria): Nigeria key to oil stability, —France * FG audits Shell-operated Bonga field: “The Federal Government has also commenced a technical and financial audit of the multi-billion dollars Bonga deepwater field development project operated by a Shell Nigeria subsidiary, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company…” ( 23 May 05

Rocky Mountain News: Diesel dreams burn brightly in tiny Qatar: “Shell’s $6 billion Pearl GTL plant will house 24 GTL reactors churning out 70,000 barrels per day by 2009 and 140,000 a few years later.” ( 23 May 05

THE HERALD (SCOTLAND): Craig Group secures £20m Shell North Sea contract ( 23 May 05

Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Financial Times: North Sea gas find for Shell: “Royal Dutch Shell said it had made a “significant discovery” of gas at its Onyx South West prospect in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.” ( 24 May 05

Lloyds List: Shell ready to reap rewards of gas find: “Shell’s success was welcomed by Norway’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy Thorhild Widvey, who said: ‘The new discovery in the Norwegian Sea is very encouraging. It will lead to renewed interest in the area.’ ( 24 May 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Shell Makes Natural Gas Find Off Norway: “The well was drilled by the Norwegian branch of Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies…” ( Posted 24 May 05

The Independent (UK): Shell discovers ‘Big Cat’ gas field off Norway coast: “Shell, the embattled oil giant, won some respite from its woes over dwindling reserves yesterday by announcing a significant gas discovery off the coast of Norway.” ( 24 May 05

THE TIMES (UK): Norwegian gas find for Shell: “The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate suggested that the gasfield, in which Shell has a 30 per cent interest, could contain reserves of 60 billion cubic metres.” ( 24 May 05

MosNews (Russia): Shell Says Progress Reached in Gazprom Asset Swap Talks: “International oil major Royal Dutch/Shell said on Monday, May 23, that progress has been made in its talks with Russia’s natural gas monopoly Gazprom regarding asset swap. The companies want to exchange stakes in Siberian and Far East deposits, Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer said.” ( 24 May 05

NEW YORK TIMES: Battle in the Sound: “The strength and unanimity of Long Island’s opposition to the project’s developers, Broadwater Energy, have been impressive…”: “…Broadwater is no small-bore enemy. It is a partnership of the TransCanada Corporation and Shell, two of North America’s largest energy companies.” ( Posted 14 May 05

Daily Telegraph (UK): Jurassic find gives Shell hope of brighter future: “Shell, which is restructuring itself after losing 25pc of its proved oil and gas reserves last year, yesterday announced one of its biggest finds of the year off the coast of Norway.” ( 24 May 05

Scarborough Today (UK): Oil giant Shell to sponsor Rotunda: “An eminent geologist himself, Lord Oxburgh said he was delighted to be making the announcement on behalf of Shell UK and to visit Scarborough again” ( 24 May 05

Wednesday, 25 May 2005

The Guardian (UK): Macho cash: “Followers of the bulge bracket corporate scene this year will have first seen Shell declared as the leader in February with £9.4bn…” ( 25 May 05

The Scotsman: Shell hails major gas strike off the coast of Norway: “SHELL, the Anglo-Dutch energy giant, appears to have made its biggest gas strike off Norway for more than a decade.” ( Posted 25 May 05 Niger Delta Communities Protest Against Shell ( Posted 25 May 05

Thursday, 26 May 2005

THE TIMES (UK): The great oil rush of 2005: “Cairn Energy is moving one step closer to unlocking the riches it discovered under a plot of Indian desert bought at a knock-down price from the hapless Shell.” ( Posted 26 May 05 Nearly 400 former Shell staff still await Malaysian Appeal Court hearing after winning their High Court Case against Shell: “Counsel for the plaintiffs, Datuk Dr Cyrus Das, brought to the courts attention the fact that the majority of the plaintiffs are well over the age of 60 and in weak and declining health. Posted 26 May 05

BBC Monitoring Service: Nigeria: Niger Delta communities said preparing to protest against oil giant: “This Day checks revealed that the operations of the Anglo-Dutch oil giant in the region might be jeopardized if the protests continue.” ( 26 May 05

AFX Europe (Focus): US FTC clears Shell decision to shut California refinery ( 26 May 05

H2Carsbiz (Denmark): U.S. President Bush Tours Shell Hydrogen Service Station: “… U.S. President Bush was given a tour of the Shell Benning Hydrogen Service Station in Washington D.C. The tour took place whilst President Bush is fighting in the fourth year to get his Energy Bill through the Senate.” ( 26 May 05

San Jose Mercury News: Bush pushing hydrogen fuel as alternative: “This is the beginning of fantastic technology,” Bush said at a Shell station in northeast Washington, the first retail hydrogen and gasoline fueling station in North America. “Hydrogen is the wave of the future. We’re too dependent on foreign sources of energy.” ( 26 May 05

Friday, 27 May 2005

The Guardian (UK): Businesses call for urgent action on climate change: “In a letter addressed to the prime minister, Tony Blair, HSBC, Shell, BP and others said there was a need to take urgent action now to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.” ( 27 May 05

Los Angeles Times: FTC Drops Probe of Shell Refinery Plans: “Shell Oil Co. wasn’t attempting to squeeze fuel supplies and boost pump prices in California when it announced plans in 2003 to close its Bakersfield refinery, federal antitrust authorities said Wednesday.” ( Posted 27 May 05

MSN News: FTC: Shell Not Trying to Boost Gas: “The Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday that it would end a yearlong antitrust investigation that found no evidence the oil company was involved in a price-gouging scheme in California…”  ( Posted 27 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: FTC Clears Shell In Refinery Closure: “The commission, in a statement on its Web site, said after a “thorough and exhaustive investigation” it found nothing to indicate that Shell was trying to exercise market power.” ( Posted 27 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Repsol Plans to Make Bid For Shell’s LPG Business ( Posted 27 May 05

San Jose Mercury News: Oil firms boost spending on personnel: “Major oil companies including San Ramon-based Chevron Corp. (CVX), BP Plc and Royal Dutch/Shell Group are spending more than ever for workers and equipment as surging energy consumption increases demand for geologists, drilling rigs and pipe.” ( 27 May 05

Saturday, 28 May 2005

Daily Telegraph (UK): Shell scrutinised again: “Shell put its environmental record under fresh scrutiny yesterday after conceding it would miss targets to end the controversial practice of burning off unwanted gas in Nigeria.” ( 28 May 05

Daily Mail (UK): Now Shell spells out swap deal: SHELL shareholders have some reading to do as the oil group sends out documents on welding its two companies Royal Dutch Petroleum and Shell Transport into a single, £120bn giant called Royal Dutch Shell…”: “The huge move is sparked by last year’s reserve scandal.” ( 28 May 05

Financial Times: Shell admits second downgrade more serious: “The second cut overshadowed the historic proposal to merge Shell’s Dutch and British holding companies in response to investor criticism about the reserves scandal.” ( 28 May 05

The Guardian (UK): We’ll miss our target to stop ‘flaring’ in Nigeria, admits Shell: “Flaring is considered a major contributor to greenhouse gases and global warming.” “The company suffered a severe dent to its reputation last year after making several downgrades to the levels of its oil and gas reserves” ( 28 May 05

Houston Chronicle: Shell has fewer spills, deaths among workers: But oil giant says it fell short of emissions goal; bribery cases rose: “Shell staff or intermediaries paid or accepted 16 bribes last year, contravening company policy, the report said. That was double the number in 2003, and four times the reported number for 2002.” ( 28 May 05

THE TIMES (UK): Shell delays target to end gas flaring in Nigeria by a year: “The practice has been a blot on Shell’s copybook in Nigeria and the conflagration, visible on satellite images, is a big source of greenhouse gases.” ( 28 May 05

THE TIMES (UK): Constitution is in a mess, the Briton who wrote it says: “That is the verdict of Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, one of the main authors of the tome”: “Lord Kerr now advises Shell on its constitution, to unite its arms, Shell Transport and Trading, and Royal Dutch Shell. “I’m a constitution-writer”, he says. He adds, smiling, but in what must be a rueful assessment of his draftsmanship for Europe, that the Shell constitution “is the one that’s going to work. The one that’s actually going to happen.” ( Posted 28 May 05

The Guardian (UK): We don’t like … … no rollover relief: “Potential problems loom for savers who have stashed share certificates in oil giant Shell under their bed, in a safe deposit box or electronic nominee account.” ( 28 May 05

Daily Telegraph (UK): The week that was: “Shell, which is restructuring itself after losing 25pc of its proved oil and gas reserves last year, has announced one of its biggest finds of the year off the coast of Norway.” ( 28 May 05

Irish Times: Shell link to ‘independent’ consultants for gas pipeline: “Independent” consultants hired by Minister for the Marine Noel Dempsey to review the safety of the Corrib gas onshore pipeline are part-owned by the project’s major shareholder, Shell.” ( 28 May 05

The Guardian (UK): Fast forward: Sally Martin, 39, Shell’s UK and Ireland distribution manager, offers career advice to recent recruit Vickie Knight ( 28 May 05

Sunday, 29 May 2005

New York Times: Experts: Some see the beginning of the end of the road for oil: “They predict that this year, maybe next _ almost certainly by the end of the decade _ the world’s oil production, having grown exuberantly for more than a century, will peak and begin to decline. And then it really will be all downhill. The price of oil will increase drastically. Major oil-consuming countries will experience crippling inflation, unemployment and economic instability. Princeton University geologist Kenneth S. Deffeyes predicts “a permanent state of oil shortage.” ( 29 May 05

Sunday Telegraph (UK): Shell’s auction of its LPG business could raise £1.6bn: “Shell launched the disposal programme after having to cut its proven oil and gas reserves. The scandal led to the departure of Sir Philip Watts, the chairman, and a shake-up of its management structure.”: “Shareholders will next month vote on the merger of its two operating units, Shell Transport & Trading, the UK subsidiary, and Royal Dutch Petroleum, the Dutch arm. The merger will create one of the largest companies in the FTSE100 with a market value of £115bn.” ( 29 May 05

The Scotsman: Shell and North Sea: “LESS charitable views on Royal Dutch/Shell in the darkest days of last year had a lot in common with those of the North Sea. Like the company, the North Sea smacked of terminal decline, its glory days left behind some time in the 1980s, its talent moving on to new pastures.”: “So it must be gratifying for Shell’s North Sea explorers to strike a blow against both preconceptions. Last week it revealed that it had stumbled upon what looks like Norway’s biggest gas find in five years with its Onyx West well. It’s good news for Shell’s turnaround.” ( 29 May 05

Gulf Times (Qatar): Keep your promise, Nigerian villages tell Shell: “Shell is Nigeria’s biggest oil firm. Community protests cost it 5.2mn barrels in production last year and – along with continuing attacks by oil thieves and ethnic warlords – contributed to last year’s record highs on the world oil market.” ( Posted 29 May 05

Monday, 30 May 2005

Irish Times: Mayo TDs call for Shell to build offshore terminal: “Fine Gael TD Michael Ring and Independent TD Dr Jerry Cowley were responding to an Irish Times report that a British consultancy firm, hired by Minister for the Marine Noel Dempsey to conduct an independent safety review of the onshore pipeline, is part-owned by the project’s major shareholder, Shell.” ( 30 May 05

The Chronicle Herald (Canada): Shell ponders stake in Panuke: “Interest in Shell Canada being a potential buyer of the Deep Panuke field – which has been on hold for almost two years by EnCana – was sparked by a recent Shell presentation to investors. Ian Kilgour, Shell vice-president of exploration and production, discussed “potential synergies with future development of the Panuke field.” ( 30 May 05

Gulf Times (Qatar): Shell reports fewer oil spills, but more bribes: “…Showa Shell Sekiyu KK, was fined last year for rigging jet fuel prices, a case that’s under appeal. Shell was also fined twice in Ivory Coast for anti- competitive behaviour.” ( 30 May 05 Rising Star: Chevron bringing back Texaco brand, symbol: “To get their merger cleared by antitrust authorities, ChevronTexaco sold exclusive rights to the Texaco brand for three years to a group led by the Shell division of Royal Dutch/Shell Group.” ( Posted 30 May 05

Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Daily Telegraph (UK): Huge tax bills for Royal Dutch investors from Shell merger ( 31 May 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell to Start Talks With Nigeria, Ogoni Activists: ”Apart from helping Shell’s business, the talks, if successful, would be a public-relations coup for the oil company. Shell has been accused of human-rights abuses and faces lawsuits in connection with Mr. Saro-Wiwa’s death.” ( 31 May 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Call for Shell to alter its plan to unify ( 31 May 05

THE TIMES (UK): Shell accused over tax on UK investors: “SHELL yesterday faced accusations of unfairly inflicting heavy bills for capital gains tax on some British investors who hold shares in the Dutch arm of the oil giant.” ( May 31, 2005

Lloyds List: Many new producers preparing ground to get in on the act: “Leading the way in turning Russia into a force in the international LNG business, is the Shell-led Sakhalin II project, which will have a total capacity of 9.6m tonnes based on two trains of 4.8m tonnes each. ( 31 May 05

Convenience Store News: Shell Stations Cater to Entertainment-Starved Customers ( 31 May 05

Canada NewsWire: Flying J and Shell Canada open first co-branded travel plaza in Alberta ( 31 May 05

India (India): Shell India wins Golden Peacock Award: “Vikram Singh Mehta, Chairman, Shell Group of Companies, India, said, “We are honoured by the Award and gratified that the eco-friendly technology and practices deployed in our retail business are welcomed by society. This award is a recognition of sustainable development, which is at the heart of ‘the way we do business’ in Shell.” ( 31 May 05

Lloyds List: Two newbuilds boosts Shell’s fleet to 20: “The newbuilds will be used in Shell Trading’s global product shipping business, which transports 14m barrels of crude and oil products per day.” ( 31 May 05

Lloyds List: Liquid gold Qatar leads the way with huge export projects: “The Shell project takes committed LNG capacity up to 77m tonnes a year by 2010’2011, of which no less than 57m tonnes will be built at Ras Laffan Industrial City during the next five years.  By that time, a staggering $68bn will have been invested in Qatar’s LNG industry.” ( 31 May 05

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