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Message from the Rossport Solidarity Camp: Shell Corrib Gas Project in Ireland: ‘More jailings ahead…

Message from the Rossport Solidarity Camp: Saturday 3 May 2008

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Here is a brief update on the current situation:

1. Shell AGM London & Holland Tues 20th May- get in touch if u can come.
The Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS at 10.00 am

2. Visitors are always needed and welcome to stay at the new camp house; email us or phone 0851141170 to say when u can come. The Chief is in court on Tues 20th May and support would be great.

3.Work started on new Shell road

The Shell road (from refinery-glengad): Road widening has begun on the rural single track road to turn it in to a construction route for Shell machinery etc. A solicitor has issued a letter to mayo to halt work and this will be followed up by trying to get an injunction should they fail to heed it. They are destroying large amounts of hedges despite having no Environmental Impact Statement etc.

4. Pipeline route gone in to ‘planning process’

Shell have announced the ‘new’ pipeline route,


It comes ashore at Glengad, over to Lawrence’s field (one u had to walk down to get to Glengad camp), across water into Rossport, then further back in to rossport commmonage, then between john monaghan’s and willy’s it cuts back into the water crossing to aughoose, then follows the road up to where pipes were stored, crosses road and on into the refinery site (opposite green netting fence where pipes were stored). As expected, Shell have applied for planning under the controversial Strategic Infrastructure Bill 2006 (which could be argued as a breach of the Aarhus convention on public participation as the appeals process is incredibly difficult.


There are 8 weeks to object, which must be done on certain grounds only, plus a fee of €50, it is being submitted under the infrastructure bill.

For more please see:

5. More jailings ahead…

Shell are also applying for Compulsory Acquisition Orders (which led to the jailing of the Rossport Five back in June 2005). I have no doubt that this will lead to serious confrontation on the ground with plenty of folk living locally saying they are prepared to go to jail.

6. Please sign the petition

7. If anyone can do fundraisers, all donations appreciated!

Our website is about to be updated, sorry for the delay…

Best wishes from the Rossport Solidarity Campers x

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