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A Cry For Help! – Email from an impoverished Niger Deltan

A Cry For Help! – Email from an impoverished Niger Deltan

Dear John,

I have been reading articles in the website and would want to commend you for the great job you are doing, especially in exposing the dubious activities of SHELL in Nigeria.

I am sending this email about the dangerous practices of SHELL Nigeria, and her negative impact on the Nigerian Socio-Economic situation.

Shell Nigeria is like a Government of its own, they can do and undo, their activities can derail the Nigerian economy, they are aware of this, and so, they act with impunity.

The present MD of Shell Nigeria (Mutiu Sunmonu) has a serious hold in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry and has successfully planted his mentees in strategic Sectors. The MD of NLNG worked in SHELL, same applies to the MD of DPR and other strategic actors in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. This is tantamount to SHELL regulating SHELL, so, they can get away with all their negative practices.

It is also a very common fact that the present MD of SHELL Nigeria is very tribalistic and vindictive. Always favoring people from his geo-political zone while the people from the Niger Delta are marginalized.

Shell has also eaten so deeply into Government Agencies and Regulators, as can be seen during the wedding of Mutiu Sunmonu’s daughter in London. All the “who-is-who” in the Nigerian government were there, ranging from Senators, Ministers, Government officials, etc.

A case in hand: Flares out date has been shifted and there is no talk about it. SHELL is flaring millions of standard cubic feet of gas into the atmosphere daily, whereas, in other areas where they are operating, they have gas gathering facilities to collect, process and reuse the gas. But the case is the direct opposite in Nigeria. They have spilled crude oil into creeks, destroying aquatic lives, made fishermen in the Niger Delta lose their sources of livelihood and polluted drinking water.

The current structure of Shell Nigeria is so biased that people from a particular geo-political zone (the South West) in Nigeria are employed and their careers progressed, while those from the oil-producing areas (South South) are sacked or their careers stunted. E.g. In the divestment of OML42, more than 70% of the NECONDE 115 are from the Niger Delta Region – the region that produces the oil and gas that sustains the Nigerian economy.

The case of the NECONDE 115 Vs NECONDE and SHELL was adjourned. There are rumours that SHELL and NECONDE are trying to frustrate the NECONDE 115, hence, this adjournment so as to weaken the collective resolve of the NECONDE 115.

I will be sending more stuffs to you as they become available.


Boma Tam

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