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Garda Superintendent Thomas Murphy: A clean pair of hands?

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By John Donovan

The claimed latest development announced today about the Corrib Gas Project Corruption Scandal is that a Superintendent Thomas Murphy has been appointed to investigate. We reported on this development nearly a month ago and published an email he sent to OSSL on 9 July.

Supt Murphy presented himself “as an independent person to the ongoing issues in Co Mayo” with clean hands.

I can only guess that he did not receive a share of the free booze received from Shell by hundreds of his fellow County Mayo Garda police officers.

With all due respect to Superintendent Murphy, he can hardly be described as “independent” given his location, his friendship with the officers under investigation (?) and the fact that they work for the same police force as him. Under the circumstances any claim of being independent and impartial is a joke.

However, if Superintendent Murphy decides to press ahead, the first person he should approach is Detective Chief Superintendent John Gilligan. He should ask Gilligan if he personally helped unload a delivery of alcohol at Bellmullet Garda station. (He did)

Superintendent Murphy may also wish to ask Gilligan and the other Garda who offloaded the free booze, who paid for it, who delivered it and who ended up drinking it?


The Garda says it has already carried out an internal investigation of OSSL allegations and found no evidence to support them. In other words the Garda investigated the Garda and the Garda conveniently cleared the Garda.

Shell has used precisely the same clever formula.

Shell says that it carried out an internal investigation and found no evidence to support the allegations. Shell investigated Shell and Shell conveniently cleared Shell.

This whitewashing process allows a scandal to be covered up. The end result is a sanitizing statement carefully and deliberately designed to deceive the public.

Both the Garda and Shell know that in fact the allegations are true.

This is why neither the Garda or Shell is able to simply state that no free alcohol sponsored by Shell has ever been given to Garda officers policing the Corrib protests. Instead they have to rely on legal slight of hand carefully formulated by clever lawyers.

I don’t think the Irish people are going to let the Garda or Shell get away with such blatant deception and evasion.

Lets have a straightforward categorical denial that the alleged events ever took place. Nothing else will suffice.

If this is not forthcoming immediately, then the Irish people should insist on a genuinely independent inquiry, not another staged investigation by the accused, the Garda, which is in the dock for allowing itself to be corrupted by Shell.


If Supt Murphy wants to clarify his involvement, any comment made by him will be published here on an unedited basis.

I am interested in what he has to say and I am sure readers will feel the same.


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