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Irish Police Ombudsman Office Bugged by Irish Police?

By John Donovan

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 16.11.57Printed below are extracts from a BBC News article published today about allegations that an unknown party has been bugging the Irish Police Ombudsman offices. One intriguing  suggestion is that it was done by the Irish Police Force. There is also a suggestion of a French connection. Or it could be a Royal Dutch operation, bearing in mind that Shell is intently interested in an on-going investigation by the Ombudsman Commission of allegations Shell has corrupted the Irish Police Force. Shell has a long track record of using corporate espionage to gather intelligence. The Corrib Gas Project is already delayed by several years and is billions over budget. Some “Shell to Sea” activists have demanded that the original deal with Shell, agreed with corrupt Irish politicians, should be renegotiated. So there is a lot at stake. 

A major scandal has been brewing in Ireland for over a year.

It involves allegations by a long term Shell supplier, OSSL, that Royal Dutch Shell engaged in massive corruption of the Irish Police Force known as the Garda, supplying hundreds of thirsty Garda officers with free booze as Christmas gifts. OSSL delivered the free booze, which was offloaded by Irish cops including a senior officer, Chief Superintendent John Gilligan. The Irish police have been accused of acting as “Shell’s Cops” brutalizing protestors against the highly controversial Corrib Gas Project consortium, in which Shell is the lead partner.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 16.30.10Members of the Irish news media have confirmed that Shell also supplied free booze as Christmas gifts to journalists reporting on the Corrib Project.

We brought these matters to the attention of the Irish Justice Minister Mr Alan Shatter and have corresponded with him on the subject.

Following two internal investigations by the Irish Police and two internal investigations by Shell, the Irish Police Ombudsman Commission was asked several months ago to investigate and the investigation is currently active.

Extracts from a BBC News article by Andy Martin published 21 Feb 2014

Dublin bugging scandal: Hi-tech surveillance and intrigue

Two weeks ago, the Sunday Times in Ireland broke a story claiming that the offices of the scrutiny body that monitors the Irish police force had been bugged. It has remained the main story in Ireland ever since. There are some elements of the story which appear undeniable. Sources close to this increasingly complex Dublin scandal are persuaded that there was a surveillance operation. Even government insiders are speculating privately about who may have been behind it, despite the justice minister publicly questioning whether it existed at all.

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