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Shell’s involvement with treating UK workers like slaves?

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Shell Station, Timperly, Manchester

Shell’s involvement with treating workers like slaves?


Hi, I am a Shell customer and live basically 50 yards to my nearest garage. I use my Shell points card and only buy Shell diesel.

Everyday I pass the garage above going to my gym. The garage has a car wash which has not been used for to long. They now have maybe 3 or 4 people who hand car wash employed with the full Shell uniforms on.

I noticed some weeks ago these fellows washing cars and also noticed when they were not washing cars sat on the floor waiting for work to come in.

I find it so poor that these fellows are sat on the floor with no chairs, no cover, no hut absolutely nothing to fend off the rain and extreme cold. I was so shocked about this that I pulled in to the wash and spoke with the workers. There were three workers that day sat on the floor in full view of paying customers waiting. They were quite fortunate that day because it was not that cold but a week or two before that day I drove past and it was freezing and raining and they were sat there with hoods up waiting.

They told me they were not allowed to go into the garage as they get sent outside again which I find horrendous. To be honest it looked so so poor on Shell and really looked like Shell are not giving these workers there workers rights. 

Now I have made you aware of this shabby work ethic what are you going to do please?

I do not know if this is a franchise and do not want, if this is the case, the person who runs this garage to sack these workers because they will not provide the basic workers rights.

I work from home and my work involves social media. I have followers of maybe 100,000 and my contacts have many more. If these workers do get moved on because this franchise will not provide there rights then I will start a campaign about Shell’s involvement with basically treating these workers like slaves, which it looks like to me.

These are legal immigrants who want a better life and are honest and humble but probably have family’s to feed and would not rock the boat. I feel like you should know all this, but feel likeIi might be putting their jobs in jeopardy.

I took some pictures the other day and will attach one to this email.

Please do something positive for these fellow humans.

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