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Help offered to Disinfect Shell’s Soiled Reputation

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Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 15.44.04By John Donovan

Because of our domain name, many people wrongly gain the impression that this is a Shell website.  

I can only guess they have not studied the site very carefully.

This misunderstanding generates emails meant for Shell every day (including job applications).

Yesterday we received an email from an irate American microbiologist (name and address supplied)

I am done purchasing gasoline from Shell Oil.

I will not support a company that drills in the Arctic, placing a fragile ecosystem at risk for monetary gain.

Instead of investing in Arctic drilling, invest in renewable energy sources.

Until then, I will not purchase Shell products.

Today we received another email meant for Shell from a company that seems to be under the impression that RDS needs urgent help with its reputation.


My Name is Peter and I work for Reputation Giant based in New York, USA. 

We help individuals and businesses remove  (1) embarrassing content, (2) misleading reviews and/or (3) negative press, from search results.  

If you’d like to fix your online reputation, I’d be happy to send you a proposal with our prices, strategy and timeline. Just send me the individual/business name + the specific links/reviews you’d like us to suppress and we’ll follow up with you immediately. 

I look forward to hearing from you.  

Sincerely yours,

Peter Wallace

Online Reputation Specialist

(I have no idea if he does actually work for Reputation Giant)


Take control of your online reputation.

Promote a positive professional image and squash negative results with Reputation Giant Business Services. Our comprehensive content strategies will squash negative content from review websites, forums, news sites and consumer sites.

I wonder if they have enough staff to deal with a client with a reputation as globally toxic as Shell? There is a huge and growing amount of negative stuff to squash, especially about Shell’s Arctic misadventures.

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