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Why Shell is facing issues in Asia

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I’m a sub sub contractor making a living with a few men

Shell just terminated a main contractor on their projects. They lost money, time, reputation. Today I was told by my subcon who had a contract with Punj Lloyd that Shell terminated that contract and closed the site and thus my contract is now terminated. It’s not just me but hundreds of subcon and sub sub cons plus over thousand employees

Why Shell is having issues? Big ego and big I am god I do no wrong attitude. All the contractors and sub sub already inform Shell Punj Lloyd can’t make it but in order to cut cost they use Punj Lloyd and Soo many issues hide under the rug (of course now audit by Shell, Shell will say it’s above board- then why delay and quality bad?)

I am Shell I am right and I know more than contractor has just costs shell a multi million dollar project

Second in Asia, everyone is using connection. RMA is supplying men. Who is RMA? Ex Shell employee with friends still working in Shell? Using all the Singaporean quota to hire more foreigners to supply outside Shell jobs. Connections means you success

Bully. Today my subcon boss told me Shell told him, your claims your problems. But all the contractors remind shell that they sat down with all the contractors 2 months ago and say please continue to work on the job. Only because of the Shell company and the Shell boss, did the contractor return to work and today shell says that’s not their problem.

Bukom got how many fire not reported ? Why ? Shell is God 

Very good reputation

Then if complain come, Shell manager check own work and say no issue.

Inside got so many problems yet you don’t know your own ship sinking!


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